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Petoshi ICO: Gamifying Twitter with Virtual Pets and Crypto

Started by PocketOption, Jun 12, 2024, 08:03 am

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Petoshi ICO: Gamifying Twitter with Virtual Pets and Crypto

Petoshi ICO: Gamifying Twitter with Virtual Pets and Crypto

Petoshi ICO: Gamifying Twitter with Virtual Pets and Crypto

Quick Overview

  • Petoshi: A Chrome extension DApp gamifying Twitter by allowing users to adopt and interact with virtual pets, earning cryptocurrency rewards.

  • Virtual pets, farming rewards, feed mechanism, and social interaction, enhancing user engagement and community spirit.

  • PET token ICO on Blast blockchain, with upcoming listings on BitMart,, and MEXC on June 13, 2024.

  • Raised $2,800,000 across six funding rounds, with the final public sale aiming to raise $100,000.

  • Plans to expand to YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, introduce new features like pet customization and mini-games, and enhance DeFi integration.

In the dynamic world of DeFi, innovation and creativity are key drivers of success. Enter Petoshi ICO, an imaginative and engaging decentralised application (DApp) that has taken the crypto community by storm. Seamlessly integrating with Twitter, Petoshi transforms mundane social media interactions into a playful, rewarding adventure. Moreover, its unique approach promises to catapult this project to greater heights.

Petoshi: Gamifying Twitter with Virtual Pets and Crypto

Petoshi is not just another DApp; it’s a revolutionary Chrome extension that gamifies your Twitter experience. By adopting virtual pets, users can farm and feed their digital companions while earning cryptocurrency rewards. This blend of gamification and DeFi turns everyday Twitter activities into a lucrative and enjoyable venture. With the backing of a detailed whitepaper and an active presence on social media, Petoshi has garnered significant attention and anticipation within the crypto sphere.

Petoshi Features: Virtual Pets, Farming Rewards, Community

This project also boasts a myriad of innovative features designed to keep users engaged and rewarded. The primary attractions include:

  • Virtual Pets: Users can adopt virtual pets that grow and evolve based on their activity on Twitter. These pets add a fun, interactive layer to the Twitter experience.

  • Farming Rewards: Active engagement with the extension, such as liking, retweeting, and posting, translates into cryptocurrency rewards distributed through DeFi protocols.

  • Feed Mechanism: To ensure their pets thrive, users must feed them regularly. Neglecting this responsibility could result in stunted growth and reduced rewards.

  • Social Interaction: Petoshi fosters a community spirit, encouraging users to share their experiences, trade pets, and collaborate on various in-app activities.

PET Tokenomics: Blast Blockchain, Listings on June 13, 2024

At the heart of Petoshi lies its native token, PET. As the lifeblood of the ecosystem, PET fuels transactions, rewards, and the overall functionality of the platform. Here’s a breakdown of the tokenomics:

  • Token Name: PET

  • Blockchain: Blast

  • Current Rank: #634 in DeFi

  • Upcoming Listings: BitMart,, and MEXC on June 13, 2024

The structured approach to token distribution and the robust DeFi integration underscore Petoshi’s commitment to creating a sustainable and rewarding ecosystem for its users.

Petoshi Funding: $2.8M from IDO and Private Rounds

Petoshi’s journey through the fundraising landscape is both impressive and promising. Here’s a snapshot of its funding rounds:

  • Public Sale (IDO on GameFi): Currently active, running from June 11 to June 12, 2024. This round aims to raise $100,000 by offering 100,000 PET tokens at $1 each.

  • Public Sale (IDO on Petoshi) Round 2: Concluded on April 23, 2024, raising $2,000,000 by selling 1,430,000 PET tokens at $1.4 each.

  • Public Sale (IDO on Petoshi) Round 1: Completed on April 20, 2024, raising $800,800 with 616,000 PET tokens priced at $1.3.

  • Series B and Series A: These private rounds have ended, though specific details remain undisclosed.

In total, Petoshi has successfully raised $2,800,000 across six funding rounds, establishing a solid financial foundation for its ambitious plans.

Token Generation Event: PET Listings on Major Exchanges

Token Generation Event: PET Listings on Major Exchanges

The Token Generation Event (TGE) is a critical milestone for any cryptocurrency project, and Petoshi ICO is no exception. Scheduled for June 13, 2024, the TGE will coincide with the token’s listing on prominent exchanges such as BitMart,, and MEXC. This event marks the official distribution of PET tokens to investors and early adopters, setting the stage for broader market adoption.

PET Token Launch: Major Listings and Market Integration

Petoshi’s upcoming token launch on June 13, 2024, seems poised to be a significant event in the DeFi space. With listings on major exchanges like BitMart,, and MEXC, the project is positioned to gain substantial visibility and liquidity. This launch will not only enhance token accessibility but also potentially drive up its market value as more users flock to the platform.

Future Plans: YouTube, TikTok, Instagram Integration

Petoshi is not resting on its laurels. The team has an ambitious roadmap that includes expanding to other social media platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Additionally, future updates will introduce new features like pet customisation and mini-games, further enriching the user experience. Enhanced integration with additional DeFi protocols will also be a priority, offering users more rewarding and diverse financial opportunities.

Petoshi ICO exemplifies how innovation in DeFi can transform everyday activities into rewarding experiences. By merging the fun of virtual pets with the financial incentives of cryptocurrency, Petoshi offers a unique and engaging platform for social media users. As it prepares for its token launch and subsequent exchange listings, the excitement within the community is palpable. With its innovative features and forward-thinking roadmap, Petoshi is well on its way to becoming a standout project in the DeFi space.

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