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Japan PPI (May) +0.7% m/m (expected +0.4) and +2.4% y/y (expected +2.0%)

Started by forex4you, Jun 12, 2024, 08:03 am

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Japan PPI (May) +0.7% m/m (expected +0.4) and +2.4% y/y (expected +2.0%)

The data shows a big jump for PPI both m/m and y/y. If it translates into higher consumer level inflation the Bank of Japan will be happy.

USD/JPY has dipped down to circa 157.08 as I am updating.


The Producer Price Index (PPI) in Japan is also known as the Corporate Goods Price Index (CGPI)

  • its a measure of the average change over time in the selling prices received by domestic producers for their output
  • is calculated by the Bank of Japan

Unlike the Consumer Price Index (CPI), which measures the price change that consumers see for a basket of goods and services, the CGPI focuses on the change in the prices of goods sold by companies.

The PPI reflects some of cost pressures faced by producers

  • its based on a basket of goods that represents the range of products produced within the Japanese economy, including items such as:
    • raw materials like metals and chemicals
    • semi-finished goods
    • and finished products
    • different weights are assigned to each category within the index based on its contribution to the overall economy.
  • it does not account for the quality improvements in goods and services over time, which might lead to overestimation of inflation
    • additionally, it reflects only the prices of domestically produced goods, leaving out the impact of imported goods

The PPI can be used as a guide to inflationary pressures in the economy:

  • If producers are facing higher costs, they may pass these on to consumers, leading to higher consumer prices.

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Source: Japan PPI (May) +0.7% m/m (expected +0.4) and +2.4% y/y (expected +2.0%)
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