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LUNC Coin – Price Predictions and Forecasts

Started by PocketOption, Nov 15, 2022, 05:36 am

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LUNC Coin - Price Predictions and Forecasts

LUNC Coin - price predictions and forecasts

LUNC Coin – Price Predictions and Forecasts

LUNC coin has come into the limelight during the last couple of months. The coin captured the attention of the entire crypto market to the point of potentially overshadowing Bitcoin, Ethereum, and their market evolution. Its popularity and performance also have a lot to do with the activity of its community gathered around the project. Its price stability is also one of the reasons investors show increasing interest in LUNC. 

If you are one of those aiming to invest in LUNC coin, given all the buzz but still have doubts, some clarifications are on their way. Keep reading our article to find out:

● What is LUNC coin?

● Terra Luna Classic – LUNC coin price statistics

● LUNC coin price historical data for the last couple of months

● LUNC Coin price predictions and forecasts

● Can LUNC coin reach $1? 

● Is LUNC coin a good investment

● How to buy LUNC coins?

What is LUNC coin?

LUNC, or Luna classic, represents the native coin created on the old Terraforms Lab chain. The coin was rebranded and is now popular under Terra Classic. 

LUNC launch took place on May 28, 2022, after the genesis block development on the new blockchain after the fork. As a guarantee of value stability, stablecoin UST (TerraUSD) is tied to LUNC. Therefore we can say it is a price-stable asset.

Created on the Terra platform, LUNC or Terra Classic Luna is a reserve currency with three functions. These are mining transactions via staking, maintaining price stability, and enabling impetus for terra chain validators. 

Terra protocol works on a PoS blockchain (Proof of Stake PoS). When miners mine transactions, they have to stake their LUNC coins. 

The compensation for validators is in the form of rewards such as gas fees, staking rewards, or seigniorage rewards. With these mining rewards, demand is always stable, no matter the overall economic conditions. More about Terra rewarding systems you can find in Terra whitepapers.

Stability and mass adoption are the main objectives that Terra aims to achieve. The team behind Terra has worked smartly on terra coin promotion. They gathered several companies into Terra Alliance, the consortium with the goal of broadening the Terra payment network. The consortium boasts the following companies: Pomelo, TMON, Carousel, and Qoo10. 

Terra Luna Classic – LUNC coin price statistics


Before tackling LUNC coin price predictions, let's see the most recent real-time data. 

The price of Terra Luna Classic was quite volatile during the previous several months. We have gathered real-time data for LUNA coin price so you can better understandits price stability and other financial stats. To follow LUNC coin price live, visit some crypto data websites such as Coinmarketcap or Coingecko.

● Terra Luna Classic Price $0.00024583

● 7d Low / 7d High $0.00022983 / $0.00025515

● The 24-hour trading volume of $312,944,956

● Market Cap $1,698,509,808

● All-Time High $119.18 -100.0% April 5, 2022 (7 months)

● All-Time Low $0.000000999967 24576.3% May 13, 2022 (6 months)

● Circulating supply of 6.9 Trillion LUNC coins 

● Total supply of 6.91 Trillion

According to Coinmarketcap, there are nearly 12000 wallet addresses active for Terra Luna classic. From July to October, the number of holders rose by 12.76%. The top ten holders keep 12.47 percent of the LUNC total supply. The top 100 holders possess 34.57%.

If the LUNC is trading right now against $0.00024583, it even exceeded $0.0003 at the start of October 2022. This sharp movement is because of introducing a 1.2% burning tax for each exchange, including LUNC. The tax covers all on-chain transactions and all off-chain activities, such as switching from a hot wallet to a cold wallet as of September 12.

LUNC coin price historical data in the last couple of months

The last price resistance exploded on the night of September 7 to 8, when the LUNC price was at around $0.00044, leading to an increase in assets of more than 45% in less than 24 hours.

LUNC coin currently sits at $0.00024583, and there are hopes for a new pump.

Despite everything, the situation is so exceptional that it is just as unpredictable! According to analysts, the asset could thus attempt to reach the next resistance at $0.00065 and stabilize around it.

Thus, on September 5, the LUNC pump started again. The crypto broke through the resistance at $0.00035 to temporarily climb as high as $0.00044. A considerable gain in a few hours with massive trading volumes.

Then after about 24 hours, there was again a fairly substantial dump, a normal market correction once again. Investors obviously want to make a profit. 

In October, LUNC coin had an increase of more than 100% f with a trading volume of 100.41%, equivalent to 3,440,973,828 dollars in 24 hours. Simply insane amounts in such a short time, showing how active the community is when it comes to Luna Classic.

LUNC was able to prove that it was not a simple "pump & dump" on the part of the whales. Even better, the support at $0.00025 was able to prove strong enough to hold and allow the crypto to recover in value.

LUNC Coin price predictions 


If you look for the LUNC coin price forecasts, you certainly wish to know what it will be with next month, next year, and also the next couple of years. Also, you might wonder if it's the right moment to invest in LUNC and if it is showing bearish or bullish signals. So let's dive into the price analysis results for Terra Classic.

According to LUNA coin price forecasts gathered for many crypto data websites, LUNC could reach $0.000239 in November 2022.

Terra Classic LUNC Price Prediction for 2023 – 2027

In 2023 it may reach a maximum of $0.000689 with an average value of $0.000615. The minimum price should be around $0.000541.

According to tech analysis, LUNC will see amazing growth since it's plausible the coin will expand its utility in many sectors. 

In 2023 LUNC can get to a maximum price of $0.000677, and In 2024 the price can amount to $0.000935.

In 2025 it is expected for the LUNC coin to reach new highs of $0.001181. 

With a growing community and coin adoption worldwide, LUNC can claim a price of $0.001426 by 2026. In 2027 Terra Classic can reach $0.001673 since LUNC coin adoption will probably continue to rise.

Can LUNC coin reach $1? 

With this consequent increase, the crypto sphere has its eyes glued to LUNC coin performances. It must be said that LUNC is used to being talked about for good and bad. Indeed, last May, the Terra network collapsed, causing colossal losses for many investors.

However, it is clear that the community has decided otherwise and that many investors and developers are doing everything possible to bring LUNC back to the golden age it once knew.

Although LUNC coin is showing great performances so far, many think it cannot reach USD parity. The total supply of these coins is six trillion which makes it quite impossible to go up to $1 with its currency stats.

Is LUNC coin a good investment


You should not take our word for granted or as financial advice. The Crypto market and exchange rates are extremely volatile, and many uncertainties are on their way. 

However, LUNC coin staking is evidently on the rise! Staking returns may also explain the excitement around the LUNC token. Staking the LUNC token offers users returns of up to 37% APY. 

On August 27, 2.6% of LUNC tokens were staked. In just a few days, this number has increased significantly. It is now close to 8%. It's a sign of the return of user confidence. 

Due to its good fundamentals and the fact that many investors are prone to invest their money in LUNC, investing in LUNC could be profitable.

According to analysts, LUNC coin has good potential for the next couple of years. The coin will be accepted in many business sectors.

Finally, LUNC has a strong community supporting the project. Their Twitter account has more than one million users. 

How to buy LUNC coins?

If you want to buy LUNC coins, there are many cryptocurrency exchanges you can do it. The most active for this particular coin is BingX. Besides, you can buy and trade LUNA on Binace or TokoCrypto, Kucoin, and Huobi. Popular pairs for trading, which include fiat currency, are LUNC/USD, LUNC/GBP, LUNC/AUD, and LUNC/INR.

How to buy a LUNC coin? We will show it to you using the example of the Binance marketplace. On the other exchanges, the process is very similar.

So, to buy a LUNC coin, you first need to have an account open. To do so, just fill out the form on their website and enter the necessary details. 

You can do it by mail, phone, or using the app. Then, choose your payment method. Transfer your fiat money to your Binance account and use it to purchase the LUNC coin. 

Also, you can buy coins from other members of the platform using the P2P method. 

For more detailed info regarding the whole project and upcoming events we suggest you join Terra channels on Discord, Twitter, Telegraph and Medium. Their Twitter has more than million followers and is a great source of every day info from Terra ecosystem, LUNC coin, and much more.

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