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Elon Musk Slams Crypto Spam Bots, Causes Some Twitter Staff to Resign

Started by Bitcoin, Sep 15, 2022, 03:06 pm

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Elon Musk Slams Crypto Spam Bots, Causes Some Twitter Staff to Resign

No. You connect our platform to the trading accounts you already have on crypto trading bot exchanges. All your balances are always on the exchange side, so you have always full control of your funds, and you can ask for withdrawal on your exchange whenever you want.

Update to this review 9/6/2021: The app is working way better, although a little slow loading data the data is more accurate and isn't lagging behind several days. Also they added a web interface. Updated from 3 stars to 5. This is a two part review, one for the service and one for the app. TL;DR To put it mildly, the service rocks and works really well. The app sucks. The service performs automated trades and does a good job of buying coins low and rebalancing to sell high. I have been making between 2%-10% daily. The hedging feature seems to work well, and recently they even fixed a few bugs with this. So all in all, great way to make a passive income. The service is worth 5 stars easy. The app on the other hand, constantly reports wrong data. The amounts from the trades are always wrong, and not even sure why they bothered to show it. The balance is not real time, and even having a chat with support they will just tell you to look at your Binance account. If I could use this service without the app, I wouldn't have installed it. I would rate it two stars because it doesn't crash. I would also like to point out that some people have not had good experiences with support. For me, they were responsive and answered my questions (although they seemed to give me stock responses, but that is the norm across the helpdesk industry). I don't want to put down others experiences, but my experience has been decent. So I have given my rating 3 stars as an average of these two reviews. It's a great service, it works well and is a great way to make a passive income. The only issue is you do have to pay in crypto, but not that big of a deal. The app needs serious work,  kucoin trading bot and might have been better with a web interface instead.

El usuario compra el Bot de su preferencia. Vincula el Bot a su cuenta de trading. Establece el mercado o el activo financiero con el que se trabajará. Establece una serie de normativas en el Bot, para que este sepa que movimientos debe buscar para comprar y en que movimientos de mercado debe vender. El Bot se encargará de estudiar el mercado, buscando los movimientos idóneos para comprar y vender, según las especificaciones del propietario. Comprará y venderá,  kucoin trading bot según los datos que más se asemejen a las pautas que se les ha indicado.

The bot can trade multiple markets at once. This is also documented in my Medium articles. The bot will execute buys using the full "quote currency" balance it has access too and it will sell the full "base currency" balance it has access too. In order to ring-fence your non-bot funds you should create another "Portfolio" in Coinbase Pro and assign API keys to it. That way you limit exposure. You can so something similar with Binance using sub-accounts but I believe you need to be a certain level to do this.

When using our system you are integrated with major cryptocurrency exchanges from day one. The list of connectors that are built, maintained and updated with every change in API is growing and includes exchanges like Coinbase Pro, Bitmex, Binance or Bitbay.

I use a trading software called Bitsgap that connects with your exchange. It allows you to connect via API to your cryptocurrency exchange of choice. Essentially, you give Bitsgap permission to conduct trades from inside of your exchange.

I hold crypto over the long term because I believe that it is going to be worth a lot more in the future. I'm always looking for new ways to make passive income. In my opinion, trading your time for money for the rest of your life should never be the goal.

In order to trade live you need to authenticate with the Coinbase Pro or Binance APIs. This is all documented in my Medium articles. In summary you will need to include a config.json file in your project root which contains your API keys. If the file does not exist it will only work in test/demo mode.

They are all similar but have different interfaces and fees. Some of them even have different coins that you can access and buy. A lot of people who invest in crypto buy and hold. With this method, you get to benefit from buying and  kucoin trading bot holding. Even better,  Kucoin you get to make money as coins go up and down, based on the bot profit.

KuCoin es un exchange de bitcoin (BTC) y criptomonedas operativa desde el año 2017 que ofrece servicios que lo diferencian del resto, como lo son los bots de trading. Integra, además, una amplia gama de productos y servicios en el ámbito de las criptomonedas,  Kucoin siendo así uno de los mejores exchange este 2022.

The way you trade multiple markets at once is create multiple Coinbase Pro portfolios for each each bot instance. You will then clone this project for additional bots with the relevant Portfolio keys (config.json).

Source: Elon Musk Slams Crypto Spam Bots, Causes Some Twitter Staff to Resign

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