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XinFin’s Double Triumph With XDCNFT and XDC

Started by Bitcoin, Apr 30, 2022, 12:54 pm

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XinFin's Double Triumph With XDCNFT and XDC

When it comes to the crypto industry, in order to excel with one product, the firm must be able to launch up multiple products and projects. Yet, the core of the firm has to be the same throughout. This has been one of the best strategies, especially in the crypto and crypto related industry.

Out of the possibilities if one succeeds so will the other together. Similarly, taking the ideology to serious extents, indeed XinFin, a prominent Delegated Proof of Stake Consensus network (XDPoS) hybrid chain platform attains much praise for its recent project, the XDCNFT.

The XDCNFT is actually a Non Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace launched by the BlocksWorkz tech firm. However, the core lies in the fact that the XDCNFT marketplace uses XinFin’s blockchain technology, the XRC20 network.

🚨XDCNFT Marketplace Is Now LIVE and Open! Congrats to #BlocksWorkz Team !!! $BLKZ is the native token. #XDCNFT is built on #XDC Network. The best alternative to #opensea #NFT Marketplace ⚡ – Use XDCPay App & pay with #BLKZ or $XDC coins at #xdcnft :

— euromandriver 🪙 Best Invest XDC (@BestInvest_XDC) April 28, 2022

Besides being launched in the start of 2022, the XDCNFT's performance has been quite promising so far. With new features, continuous addition of new NFTs and NFT partnerships XDCNFT maintains a strong lean surge.

In addition, taking into consideration various other explicit features of XDCNFT like the zero installation fees and 1% transaction fees, all add up to the current success of XDCNFT evidently.

XDC's Surge through XDCNFT

The XDCNFT actually accepts only two tokens for the purchase of any NFTs. These are the XDC, XinFin's natrive token and the BLKZ, BlockWorks native token.

And so, all users of XDCNFT are confined to must have any one of these two tokens to either buy or sell their desired NFTs. Accordingly, with the increase in the users of XDCNFT, so does the usage and holders of XDC and BLKZ rises.

In such a scenario, XDC will be having a much greater positive impact comparatively than the BLKZ. This is due to the fact that XDC is more widely in circulation and current usage than BLKZ. Therefore, many tend to go to buy the XDC over the BLKZ.

In addition, with increase in the number of transactions of XDC and also upon the XRC20 network, this directly evaluates a higher market price for the XDC token vividly.

Currently, XDC is being traded for the price of $0.05628 with the graphs spiking up by 5.07%, taking into consideration the past 24 hours.

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