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Trading Tutorial – how to trade Forex without a broker?

Started by PocketOption, Apr 29, 2022, 04:31 am

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Trading Tutorial - how to trade Forex without a broker?

Trading Tutorial - how to trade Forex without a broker?

Trading Tutorial – how to trade Forex without a broker?

Have you ever wondered how to trade Forex without a broker? Is such a thing possible nowadays in the ever-evolving world of foreign exchange? More and more individual traders are asking these kinds of questions to fully understand how to execute a forex trade without a broker.

Beginners in Forex trading, who have just stepped into this industry, are asking themselves how to trade Forex without a broker mostly because they wish to cut down on the costs of having an emissary. In most cases, when traders buy currency at a bank or currency exchange and then sell it at a higher price, they manage to make a profit.

However, that is not always the case with currency assets. In order to be a severe trader of forex assets, it is essential to make use of a broker. Before we move on to the question that interests the majority of traders, such as “How to trade forex without a broker?” let’s find out what a forex broker represents in the first place, shall we?

What is a Forex broker exactly?

Suppose you are a severe investor whose primary goal is to make significant profits in the Forex market. In order to diversify your risks and succeed in your professional desires, it’s essential that you hire a broker who is successfully dealing in Forex. It’s an absolute must if you are up to trading forex online.

A Forex broker represents an official entity such as a financial service company that acts as an intermediary between traders, buyers and sellers, and even the market of Forex itself. In other words, it’s a financial service firm that enables traders with safe access to trading platforms for buying and selling currency.

Forex brokers are also called currency trading brokers and retail brokers. It’s also exciting to note that private individuals aren’t permitted to execute trades to do with currency all by themselves. As a serious trader, it’s crucial to understand that each trading operation needs to be registered via Forex or a broker. These forex brokers have licenses, and they run broking systems as per particular legal regulations.

Explanation of how does Forex brokers work

The first step is a brokerage company that contracts with liquidity providers such as ECN systems or large financial banks. In order to keep its money and client money apart, the broker opens segregated bank accounts.

The client has to make a broker service agreement with his chosen broker so that he can have his personal space registered. A trading account is ten open in the client’s name. The following step is for the client to top its account and sends the broker a request for purchasing and selling currencies using a dedicated trading terminal.

Keep in mind that these “tops” are called “orders” as well, and they can go through in numerous different ways:

  • A broker redirects an order to a liquidity provider that acts as a counterparty and then executes the order.

  • The trader’s order gets transmitted to the ECN system and executed at the best possible price.

  • The broker executes the trader’s order by matching it with an opposite order.

Is it possible to trade without a Forex broker?


Suppose you’ve carefully read all this information about what a Forex broker is and what is its prominent role. In that case, you’ll understand that it’s not quite possible to trade without a legitimate broker. Keep in mind that trading without the aid of a broker isn’t advisable for traders who are only willing to invest a couple of hundred dollars.

Trading without a legitimate broker is only for those who like playing enormous and investing severe money. They can do it directly without someone who will vouch for them because they are financially robust themselves.

Besides a good and proven forex trading strategy, forex traders who are thinking of investing a lot of money should get to know how to trade without a broker using significant currencies such as EUR/USD or USD/JPY, for example.

However, even though trading isn’t possible without classic forex brokers, there are specific ways traders could trade without directly using a broker.

How to trade Forex without a broker?

If you are actively thinking about how to execute a trade without a broker, despite knowing that such a thing isn’t quite possible, here are the ways you can try to do it. We’ll present you with the two most common ways of trading without a broker.

#1 Investment in currencies without opening a broker account

Here are the possible options for investing in currencies without needing to open a brokerage account:

  1. Buy currency at an exchange office or a bank and then sell it once the exchange rate has grown. Find banks that provide good liquidity to Forex brokers. You become somewhat of a Forex participant by exchanging foreign currency for cash in a bank, and banks are equivalent to “brokers.”

  1. Trust management means that you, as a trader, trust your manager to control your money either to buy or sell currency through a bank’s mobile app or to use individual investment accounts.

#2 Non-Dealing Deal trading straight-through processing

Forex offers two types of order processing such as:

  1. The instant execution model guarantees that the trader’s order will be executed at the stipulated price. Nonetheless, it’s not 100% sure that the order will be executed. A trader could send an order at the price they see on the platform.

  1. The market execution model guarantees that the trader’s order will be 100% executed. Nonetheless, it does not guarantee that the best execution price will be possible. In this case, a broker directly participates in the Instant Execution scheme.

Trading without a broker – what are the pros and cons?

Trading without a broker - what are the pros and cons?

Once you’ve learned how to trade Forex without a broker, it’s apparent that you’d like to know its advantages and disadvantages. We will present you with both sides of the coin.

Pros of trading without a broker

One of the most frequent questions among traders is the main advantages of trading without a broker? Traders who are wondering how to trade Forex without a broker will be delighted to know the following pros of trading without a broker:

#1 No brokerage risks related to incompetent use of margin

Even though margin trading is an excellent thing of trading via a broker, beginner traders could become hostage to this “advantage”. That is because an inability to control leverage or mere inattention could result in an instant deposit loss.

#2 Avoidance of brokerage frauds

The internet is full of fraudulent brokerage companies that manipulate deposits, price charts, and client trades. Even though undisguised frauds are less present with brokers nowadays, there’s always a chance that you may encounter one.

Cons of trading without a broker

There are certain disadvantages of trading without a broker because a broker provides immediate access to global financial markets, risk diversification, etc.

#1 Immediate access to global financial markets

Forex brokers can provide their customers with significant currency pairs, CFDs on shares and stock indexes, cryptocurrencies, cross rates, live account and demo account options, and other valuable instruments.

Traders are able to buy and sell any forex assets in a matter of seconds. However, an average trade execution time period on Forex is up to 100 ms. That means that traders have up to 10 trades executed in under one second.

#2 Risk diversification

A broker will allow numerous trading strategies for each trading style. These strategies include everything, from making a swing trade today trades, long-term strategies, etc. If one trade turns out to be loss-making, the other should be profit-yielding.

Experts’ opinion on trading without a Forex broker

trading without a Forex broker

What still seems to be confusing to traders, besides knowing how to trade Forex without a broker, is – is it a good idea or not? Ultimately, intelligent traders will always seek opinions from experts who can boast of their rich trading experience on the Forex market.

The Foreign exchange market is highly volatile with, sometimes, extreme price movement situations; hence, it’s highly recommended to deal with a Forex broker, especially as a beginner.

Beginners should start trading with a broker.

Beginners should open an account with a trusted broker to gain the necessary knowledge, experience, and trading techniques that will make them earn significantly more profits in the future. Certainly, ff starting small, your only choice is to deal with a quality Forex broker that will enable you to enter financial markets and make your trading experience much more straightforward.

However, if you are an expert in Forex trading and have a lot more knowledge, experience, and ultimately, funds you’re ready to invest, you might be ready for an adventure of your own. Just make sure you have gone through various potential scenarios several times to be ready for everything.


In conclusion, it’s essential to know your trading goals and how experienced you are to avoid trading without a broker. Being a successful trader includes days, weeks, and even months of practicing, trading, winning, and losing money until you can call yourself a professional who might be ready to start trading without a broker.

Just think twice before you finally do it. Good luck!

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