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KDJ Indicator Explained and Free Download

Started by PocketOption, Apr 20, 2022, 01:11 pm

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KDJ Indicator Explained and Free Download

Welcome to the portal once again, let me have this opportunity to introduce you to the one and only KDJ indicator. This particular indicator is a technical indicator used mostly in stock trading, it is used to predict current stock trends and patterns. You will hear most stock pundits calling it a random index due to it’s practicality for mapping short term stocks.

On this short article we will cover some of the most popular questions that traders are asking; How does the KDJ Indicator work? How do you calculate the values of the KDJ Indicator? Is KDJ Indicator a good indicator?

How does the KDJ Indicator Work?

According to Vasiliy Chernukha, in an article that he published on IQ option the KDJ indicator consist of three lines, the K-line, the D-line and J-line hence it’s name “KDJ”. The K and D line are very similar to those you will see when using the stochastic oscillator. while the J line always represents the divergence formed by the K and D line. Analysts currently using this tool often see the divergence as an emerging trading opportunity. 

Check the image below to see how exactly the KDJ looks when installed in meta trader 4.

Image adapted from MQL5

How do you calculate the Values of the KDJ indicator?

The KDJ is calculated based on the highest price, the lowest price and the closing price. Of which the K value, the D value and J value is respectively formed at a point on the coordinate of the index. Thus an infinite number of these points are connected for the appearance of lines when you look at the indicator.

The main goal of the KDJ index is to obtain the immature state of the stochastic index value by calculating the proportional value between the highest price, the lowest price and the closing price that has appeared in a specific period. To dig a little bit deeper on how these values are verifies please look into China Postdoctoral Fund Project (No. 2015M572730).

Is KDJ indicator a Good Indicator?

I would like to be very honest in this regard because telling if the indicator is good or bad is outside the scope of this portal. Our job is to make sure that if you are our frequent visitor and you would like to have it, it is our job to make sure it is available. But that is not to throw you around, take a look at what YouTube guys are saying at Cat Meuw Trading Channel;

Video By Cat Meuw Trading Channel

Also Check some of it’s features

  • Its a completely practical/ manual tool
  • It is similar to the well known stochastic oscillator
  • It is use on multiple markets such as Futures, stocks, and now in Forex.

Wanna try this tool? Click the button below to download it for MT4. Remember to keep us motivated by leaving questions on the comment box.

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