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Mecha Morphing Announces its Upcoming IDO Launch With Polkastarter

Started by Bitcoin, Mar 22, 2022, 10:16 am

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Mecha Morphing Announces its Upcoming IDO Launch With Polkastarter

Mecha-Morphing, a next-generation combat strategy game, is thrilled to announce its IDO launch with Polkastarter on March 29th. The public raise will be for $400,000 with a personal allocation of $250 max per person.

Recently, the team successfully closed $3.5M in a strategic private funding round led by YGG SEA and IVC. More than 20 institutions including SHIMA Capital, Sfermion, Good Game Guild, Innovion, and AC Capital, participated in the seed funding round.

Mecha Morphing is a Play to Earn, high-quality ARPG game that utilizes blockchain technology in the form of digital currency and NFTs. Mecha Morphing not only offers games with mind-blowing graphics but also enhances the options for playability.

The global gaming market is expected to reach an estimate of $268 billion by 2025, up from $178 billion in 2021. It’s no longer news that blockchain’s application in gaming is reshaping the gaming world and making games more immersive than ever.

The development of blockchain technology has unlocked various opportunities for gamers and crypto enthusiasts around the world to earn and manage their assets. In fact, the gaming industry has become an entire market with real trade relations. However, many blockchain games in operation today aren’t customized for high usage games, thus unsuitable for providing high playability and a unique economic model.

Mecha Morphing proposes a new decentralized gaming infrastructure that’s welcoming for every user segment. Mecha Morphing intends to meet the increasingly high-quality requirements of players for blockchain games and to solve the issues found in many blockchain games today.

Redefining Play-to-Earn

At its core, Mecha Morphing is a fully decentralized ARPG game that is powered by the players in its metaverse. Mecha Morphing is a futuristic evolving metaverse where players engage in blockchain and NFT based games and earn rewards while having fun. The metaverse has 5 unique character classes including Melee, Range Attack, Tank, Assistance, and Superhero.

The Mecha Morphing team is a group of highly experienced creators who are enthusiastic about the future of Play-to-Earn and blockchain. In the Mecha Morphing metaverse, players earn income by engaging and contributing to the ecosystem. They can earn tokens by engaging in battles, forging weapons and armor, looting land, mining resources, trading items on the in-game marketplace, and completing tasks. Plus, the more a player participates and engages in the game, the more they can earn. Notably, without weapon NFTs, players cannot join the battles and drops are directly connected to their performance in battles. Players can obtain these weapons by purchasing mystery boxes or drops from battles and tournaments.

Currently, the gaming project has five game modes for players to earn such as PVE, PVP Loot Mode, PVP Arena, Forging, and Bounty; more world and mini-games will be added as the metaverse evolves.

In the Player versus Environment (PVE) system, players will be allocated 100 stamina points each day. For each character that’s brought into battle, ten stamina is deducted. Players are allowed to use these stamina points any way they wish to participate in battles.

For each level, the character, weapon, and mecha will be locked and unable to go to the NFT marketplace before exiting the level. More so, in PVE, a successful AI-generated battle enables gamers to earn drops based on their performance.

In the PVP Loot Mode, players who own LAND NFT will be able to enjoy resources that the land produces over time. These resources can be utilized to forge or sell on the marketplace to earn quickly. However, owning land comes with its own risks.  Other players can join forces to loot the land in a strategic battle. If they succeed, they share the resources produced on that plot for a certain amount of time. If they fail, the attackers must pay an inconvenience fee to the landowner.

The PVP Arena is where skill-based battles take place for tournaments or duels. Here, players can challenge each other in combat and show off their skills. Aside from the warriors that partake in the battles, other players in the metaverse can spectate, as well as support their favourite warrior by placing bets on the battle within the Arena. A percentage of the total bet will be used as the prize for winning warriors.

The bounty system is the smart contract between players. This enables players to write out specific tasks they want to be done for a certain prize. Any player willing to take up these tasks must complete them before receiving the prize in the smart contract.

In the forging system, players utilize the workshop to forge and upgrade their mecha and weapons. The more a player’s forging skills, the more chances for better stats.


Mecha Morphing adopts a dual token system that includes $MMC and $MAPE.

$MMC((ERC-20) is the in-game utility token of the Mecha Morphing ecosystem. With the utility token, players can carry out numerous tasks during gameplay such as repairing armor, refilling their health, buying NFTs in the marketplace and more.

$MMC token can be obtained through successful PVE and PVP combat, land production and trading of NFTs on the marketplace.

On the other hand, $MAPE(ERC-20) is the governance token. Token holders will have voting rights on proposals and share game revenue in the game. The more $MAPE users hold, the more power they wield in the metaverse. To earn a $MAPE token, users can join the platform’s create-to-earn process or stake a significant amount or stake a reasonable amount of $MMC to earn $MAPE.

Mecha Morphing will be reopening its whitelist to give community members a chance to partake in the project with the updated information. New whitelisters will join the pool of initial whitelisted members and the team will select an additional 300 members for KYC before the IDO date.

About Polkastarter

Polkastarter is a platform that connects young projects with early community members through initial decentralized offerings.

About Mecha Morphing

Mecha-Morphing is a next-generation violence aesthetic combat strategy game that utilizes blockchain technology to deliver a fun, novel solution for gamers, developers, and everyone in the metaverse.



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