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Brayzin launched its hot token BRZN. WODH is also available

Started by PocketOption, Mar 19, 2022, 04:41 am

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Brayzin launched its hot token BRZN. WODH is also available

Brayzin launched its hot token BRZN. WODH is also available

Brayzin launched its hot token BRZN. WODH is also available


Brayzin is a new hot token of the Brayzin platform. Its creators aim to offer Defi users innovative and exciting games. Brayzin Token holders will become owners of the majority of stocks. Thus, they will be able to profit from their tokens. The team will allocate 80% of all proceeds made by the games into the Brayzin liquidity pool. It will also enable users to burn tokens. These actions will ensure that the BRZN token will sustainably increase in value.

The company launched the initial coin offering sale on March 15, 2022. It will end on April 30, 2022. The price is 0.04 USD per BRZN currently. The total supply of tokens is 150000000, but only some percentage will be available for sale at the first stage. The platform accepts ETH, BTC, BNB, and USDT in exchange.

Brayzin offers users a mobile game that provides them passive income for their time. Brayzin Project entails the release of Brayzin Heist, which is a free-to-play, match 3 puzzle game. Players will get BRZN tokens as a reward for completing milestone levels within the game. Moreover, the deeper that players go into our game, the more tokens they will get. The company wants to incentivize players to complete as many milestone levels as possible.

According to the team, BRZN is the first token with a value linked to the number of players in the game network (both android and IOS). Besides, the team members believe that the most popular app games in the world are simple to use. That’s why they decided on match 3 puzzle games (like Candy Crush). Thus far, no one has attempted to tokenize the rewards in such games, and that is what the team wants to do.


How will this platform work? 

The company will monetize its app by using a combination of serving ads during natural breaks in the game between levels. It will also offer in-app purchases to gamers and add 80% of all generated revenue into the Brayzin liquidity pool. The latter will stay locked for 100 years.

Once the team allocates all liquidity pool tokens into the Brayzin liquidity pool, it will use 80% of all in-app-generated revenue to repurchase tokens for burning. That will push the price of the token upwards. Such a cycle will continually happen each month, making Brayzin one of the few projects whose token is continually backed by a growing cash reserve.

According to the Brayzin team, the simple and addictive nature of its match 3 puzzle game will enable the platform to gain an audience of hundreds of millions of players. That will cause massive demand for its token and, in turn, massive revenue, which will fuel its liquidity and token repurchase program.

Another major unique feature of this project is that the company won’t require further funding after the initial ICO sale. 20% of all revenue received will go towards operating expenses, including the project’s future development and marketing.

This project is pretty straightforward. The team plans to build a match 3 puzzle game on both Android and IOS. It will also integrate the Brayzin wallet into the game. Users won’t need to contend with complex new technology enhancements or untested real-world scenarios. Instead, the company offers a simple tokenized business model that will ensure success for all ICO participants and all players who play this game.


Brayzin launched its hot token BRZN. WODH is also available


Worlds of DR HEMS also offers its trending native token 

Worlds of DR HEMS is another exciting game that has its own token. The team-based this game on an algorithm that advances as the conditions change from time to time. However, the core structure will generally remain the same. WODH is a production and war game built on blockchain. It consists of two main parts.

According to the team, the first part of the game is production mode. While producing, players will be able to win both HEMS and WODH Tokens. They will even have a small chance to earn NFT cards to progress to the second part of the game. These NFTs are special as they will be like a ticket to Dark Planet. Users can access the game via an avatar, which is actually a coordinate card belonging to a planet where production is available. They will get one or two tools and one seed for every production. Gamers win WODH and HEMS tokens based on the Avatar they use. The characteristics of the planet, tools, and seeds are also important, though.

Furthermore, each planet and Avatar have its own characteristics within the game. Finding the right combination will increase the amount of tokens produced. Players will be able to buy or sell the NFT cards they want to use from the Atomic Hub Market.

After users get their Avatar, Tool, and Seed, they will just need to choose a planet and a specific land on this planet. They will increase the amount of production by using the best tools for the planet and seeds. However, every planet will have its own leading Avatar and the best seeds to be used there. But that information is secret. Thus, experienced gamers will need to solve this mystery if they want to achieve more success.


What makes this game interesting? 

WODH is a good choice if you have a green thumb and like growing things. The amount of production can vary depending on the combination of the cards used, though. In order to learn the most efficient combination, the player has to increase their experience and be in contact with other players.

The second part of the game takes place on the Dark Planet. It will be like a Battle Mode, with monsters, warriors, and more. Users will need to find the tickets in the first part of the game to advance to the second stage.

Besides the HEMS tokens earned after each production, players with some luck will also find these tickets. They will just need the time. The platform will also offer luck NFTs like Black Hole and Sun NFT cards. A user who has all the tickets will get the Stargate Pass by crafting all these tickets to Dark Planet.


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