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Extract recovery key from Android phone

Started by Bitcoin, Mar 18, 2022, 03:38 am

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Extract recovery key from Android phone

This is one of those extremely rare moments that usually doesn't happen and when it does, it's hard to find a way to fix it. but we are here to solve the impossible right? :D

Jokes aside, there is this app from
It doesn't open for some weird reason
The pic of the app error

There is no recovery key on hand, no google account or anything to proceed to reinstall the app and get back the bitcoins safely.

What I am thinking is:
*) there must be a database or something, that the recovery key is stored there locally and we can access it.

The problem is:
*) I don't know where, and the phone can't be rooted (SM-G965U1) without wiping it! (or can it? :/ )

any suggestions or thoughts?

*) what I am also considering is to take a backup of everything like cloning the phone, and then use that in android studio to explore or even reinstalling the app and paste everything back to see if the app will open or not. but less likely it would work.
*) the final purpose is to find a way, to repair the app without touching its database, to be able to get back into the app without loosing the bitcoin.

P.S: this is for a client, and IDK why on God's earth the client didn't write down the seed or having a backup or even adding a google account whatsoever... not a single action on securing the funds and maybe the client deserves to lose it. so, I apologize in advance, and if you have any idea or thoughts, please do share, thanks a ton.

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