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Colizeum’s trending ZEUM token will be available soon

Started by PocketOption, Mar 08, 2022, 05:19 am

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Colizeum's trending ZEUM token will be available soon

Colizeum's trending ZEUM token will be available soon

Colizeum's trending ZEUM token will be available soon

Colizeum is an exciting virtual Play to Earn environment. It will launch its hot native token ZEUM soon. Like Steam, it hosts various games and other applications. However, Colizeum aims to achieve even more than simply hosting games. The platform will offer its users connectivity to the blockchain-based infrastructure. The team will provide a Play-to-Earn system, Prediction Markets, Attention Marketplace, and Tokenized Tournaments, along with all as a service, all on-chain and transparent, all with one-click deployment. It has designed this platform to empower influencers and game developers. The latter will fully benefit from the value they generate without intermediaries and opaque payout schemes.

The company plans to empower game developers to build and benefit from blockchain games. It also aims to enable building simpler games thanks to the use of Colizeum SDK.

Morevoer, Colizeum is gamer centric. It derives its inspiration from the flourishing global gaming communities. Having community as its key value, the company offers gamers new ways of benefiting from their gaming skills, community, and reach.


How will this platform work? 

According to the team, Colizeum Software Development Kit (SDK) will allow regular game developers to build simpler blockchain games than ever. It will remove the complexity and cost of hiring blockchain developer teams and simultaneously allow game developers to build amazing game experiences. Furthermore, Colizeum SDK plans to support Unity 3d game engine and other popular game engines in the future.

The company also offers the Play to Earn model, which is at the center of the Colizeum ecosystem. It will connect all game developers and players into one platform. Colizeum will revolutionize how developers benefit from their games while allowing players to earn at the same time.

Developers usually compete for player attention. That builds healthy competition between them, resulting in increased quality and higher value in the long term. However, Colizeum will also allow players and the community to reward developers directly just by playing their games. The team plans to cap developer earnings by the amount of $ZEUM tokens staked. It means that with each new player total developer stake increases.

Furthermore, each new player ultimately drives demand for $ZEUM, keeping them locked in Colizeum. The team also noted that Player Card is an NFT asset that is the ultimate key for players to unlock the platform's services. It will allow players to earn Secondary Token tokens while playing games.


How can gamers use the Player Cards?

Player Cards will have specific properties and different rarities. The latter will have an impact on games. It will offer exclusive content, special perks, and access to exclusive communities inside the network. Users can obtain Player Cards from Card Packs which are NFTs.

Each season, the team will release only a limited amount of Card Packs to avoid hyperinflation and ensure obtained cards remain rare and valuable. Card Packs will offer a way to make collaborations, feature special games, and offer collectible editions.

To open the Card Pack, customers will have to use $ZEUM tokens. Ecosystem Development Fund will get some percentage of ZEUM. The company will use this fund for Colizeum platform's future development and improvements.

At the time of Card Pack opening, a player will receive a unique Player Card with random attributes. Users can earn Secondary token tokens by playing Colizeum games. On the other hand, they can purchase seasonal Card Packs with such coins. However, the company doesn't plan to sell Secondary tokens to players directly. It also won't provide liquidity for Secondary tokens.

Game developers will need to register at Colizeum Game Marketplace. It is free by default. However, the platform asks for a higher $ZEUM stake if the user wants to get a more prominent place for game advertising.

The team plans to launch the ZEUM token on March 8, 2022. The sale will end on March 9, 2022. 2,666,666 ZEUM will be available for purchase for the price of $0.075000 during the initial coin offering. The company plans to raise $200,000 with the sale.


What about the Drunk robots? 


What about the Drunk robots? 

Drunk Robots is a play-to-earn game. The team has built it on top of the Binance Smart Chain. The game's setting takes place in the not-so-distant future. Crazy robots occupy a city called Los Machines. The Player's main mission is to survive and seize the city absorbed by those drunk junky robots. The latter are only interested in METAL beer and violence.

To increase their street credibility, users have to collect the robots, guns, and other street garbage. Furthermore, they will have to rob stores and banks, participate in drunk races, join dance battles, and defeat their rivals. Players can create their own gang or join the one. While more powerful mobs will rule the city, players can also own small land and farm. After all, even drunk mad robots want to have their own hideout. They can brew some METAL there to keep themselves alive.

The Drunk Robots team noted that the game would use its native token $METAL. Users will need these tokens for shopping, energy recovery, missions, and so on. The platform will also pay some rewards for successfully completing game activities and farming in $METAL.


Do the Drunk Robots offer more advantages? 

Moreover, the company will use the PvP model. This player vs. player mode will enable users to fight against other players. There will also be a rating system and seasons. The leaderboard is divided into divisions. At the end of the season, players will receive rewards according to the rank of their division and their place in it.  

There are also expeditions. They are forays into the city in search of valuable resources. During the expedition, the player will meet various enemies on the way. Depending on the characteristics of their robot, they will have the opportunity to get rewards such as $MTL or items (equipment, customization, weapons, or consumable items).

Every robot raids in search of valuables left by humans in Los Machines. As a reward for this activity, users can receive a container that may include items, such as weapons or equipment.

The company plans to launch METAL tokens on March 10, 2022. The sale will end on March 11, 2022. 5,000,000 METALs will be available for the price of $0.010000.


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