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NFT Vs. DeFi: NFT Activity On Ethereum Rises While Bitcoin Demand On DeFi Falls

Started by Bitcoin, Feb 26, 2022, 03:05 am

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NFT Vs. DeFi: NFT Activity On Ethereum Rises While Bitcoin Demand On DeFi Falls

NFT activity is an important element in the Ethereum blockchain, accounting for most network transfers.

Demand for Bitcoin in the Ethereum ecosystem has decreased dramatically since the beginning of the year.

The surge in demand for NFTs and DeFi applications is helping Ethereum supporters to muffle the noise of Bitcoin maximalists who have long insisted that only the original cryptocurrency mattered most.

Since the creation of the Ethereum blockchain, the case for Ether eclipsing Bitcoin has been a recurring subject in crypto.

Bitcoin maximalists claim that it is still the ultimate type of digital money, stressing that the first cryptocurrency has a valuation of about $810 billion, which is more than twice Ether's $310 billion.

NFT Activity Vs DeFi’s

The crypto market is diverse. Under the domain of blockchain technology are two popular applications: NFT and DeFi.

Both applications provide huge opportunities in the crypto market. NFTs offer a value proposition while DeFi delivers a platform for financial services and transactions. The engagement in both has risen sharply.

The primary distinction between NFT and DeFi is that NFT refers to individual digital assets, whereas DeFi refers to the internet-based financial system.

NFT holds a unit of data that is unique and non-interchangeable, whereas DeFi runs on smart contracts on blockchain on its platform and eliminates intermediaries.

Total crypto market cap at $1.691 trillion in the daily chart | Source:

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NFTs Boost ETH Market

Despite the broad slump in the crypto market, non-fungible tokens have been trading at all-time highs in recent months. Furthermore, starting July 2021, NFT network transfers have overtaken Stablecoins and all ERC-20 tokens.

NFT adoption began to accelerate near the end of last year, with platforms such as OpenSea, the leading NFT marketplace, experiencing record trade volumes.

LooksRare, which debuted on Ethereum in early January, had more than $2 billion in trade activity in its first 30 days.

The Ethereum community has taken up that role to a much greater extent, and that type of blockchain development is currently experiencing a bullish phase in cryptocurrencies.

NFT Seen Climbing Higher

Many observers predicted that Ether would continue to rise as the demand for NFT rises. Market data suggests that the market will rise exponentially in the coming months.

In 2017, the Ethereum blockchain of smart contracts served as the foundation for DeFi. Maker DAO was the first well-known DeFi platform.

DeFi is thought to account for two-thirds of the cryptocurrency market. The increasing interest in the DeFi platform resulted in an increase in Ethereum developers and a decrease in Bitcoin developers.

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Ethereum Beats Bitcoin

Meanwhile, according to latest data, Ethereum has surpassed Bitcoin in two metrics: On-chain transactions and transaction fees produced.

These are two significant indicators since they represent the increased and widespread use of Ethereum in the cryptocurrency sector.

Ethereum is also gaining ground in other indicators, such as active addresses on each blockchain and aggregated trade volume on exchanges.

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Source: NFT Vs. DeFi: NFT Activity On Ethereum Rises While Bitcoin Demand On DeFi Falls