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Cardano to Reach $58 by 2030 According to Finder’s Poll

Started by Bitcoin, Feb 19, 2022, 12:47 pm

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Cardano to Reach $58 by 2030 According to Finder's Poll


The case of Cardano and its price potential has been examined by Finder in its latest panel poll. According to the opinion of the analysts consulted, cardano’s price will reach $58 by 2030. The panel also predicted that the smart contracts-enabled, peer-reviewed currency will finish this year with a price of $2.72.

Cardano to Jump 168% by the End of 2022

Cardano’s future is bright according to the latest analyst poll made by Finder, a comparison website and money app. In its latest Cardano-centric report, a panel of analysts predicted that the smart contracts-enabled cryptocurrency will reach a price of $58 by 2030. The poll also predicted that cardano would finish this year with a price of $2.72, jumping more than 160%.

One of the biggest proponents of Cardano on the panel, chief product officer at Permission, Vanessa Harris, believes that the currency could reach the $3 dollar mark this year. She explained her opinion, stating:

[Cardano is] one of the few smart contract platforms that have placed security, correctness [and] decentralization at their core, backed by formal methods and peer-reviewed research.

While Cardano has been criticized for the slowness of its advancement when it comes to including new features and functions into its codebase, Harris believes this will aid the currency in being adopted by nation-states and non-governmental organizations due to its resilience.

However, not all of the consulted experts were equally bullish. Among the bearish ones are Balthazar’s CEO John Stefanidis and investor Veronica Mihai. Stefanidis sees cardano’s price dropping in 2022 due to “lack of execution and poor technology.” Mihai also thinks that cardano’s price will go lower in the next ten years. She declared:

Unless they achieve great tech advances and a significant user base, it may suffer the same fate as most POS coins.

Cardano’s Journey so Far

While Cardano was launched back in 2017, the cryptocurrency just recently started integrating smart contracts into its code. The smart contracts hard fork, called Alonzo, was applied last year and hoped to bring important defi apps to the ecosystem. However, some think the currency has failed, comparatively, to amass significant TVL behind the defi platforms available.

This is one factor the panel sees as relevant when it comes to the price dip of cardano after the Alonzo hard fork. 33% of the panelists stated this was a factor when it comes to price action so far. Others also attributed this to general market volatility and also to still being early in the post-update stages.

What do you think about Cardano’s price prediction for the coming years? Tell us in the comments section below.

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