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As Freedom Convoy Gets Stronger, Canada Broadens 'Terrorist Financing' Rules

Started by Bitcoin, Feb 16, 2022, 11:32 am

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As Freedom Convoy Gets Stronger, Canada Broadens 'Terrorist Financing' Rules

With Canada's "Freedom Convoy" of truckers successfully blocking commerce, officials are taking stronger measures to censor bitcoin donations.

The below is a direct excerpt of Marty's Bent Issue #1163: "If at first you don't succeed label peaceful protestors 'terrorists' and forcibly take their money." Sign up for the newsletter here.

Well that escalated quickly. We've been covering the Freedom Convoy in Canada over the last few weeks. When we first wrote about the subject, GoFundMe had shutdown a campaign dedicated to the cause after being pressured by the Canadian government. In light of this bitcoiners sprung into action to spin up a Tallycoin campaign so that organizers could receive funds directly to wallets that they controlled, eliminating the potential for a trusted third party to freeze and seize the funds. Over the course of last week, that particular campaign gained a lot of traction and attention from the press as many from around the world sent billions of satoshis. Highlighting bitcoin's value prop in relation to the traditional monetary and payment systems that dominate today.

Fast forward to today, the Freedom Convoy is going strong and only getting stronger as truckers and those who have joined them have successfully blocked critical commerce routes to send a message to those in power within the Canadian government a message; the protesters are dead serious about getting their rights back. They are digging their feet in and forcing the issue while using peaceful means of non-violent protest that sends a message.

The actions taken by the Canadian government to invoke their Emergencies Act, which hasn't been invoked in many decades, to give banks full discretion to freeze and seize funds held in bank accounts and target bitcoin crowdfunding campaigns collecting funds as well is nothing short of egregious Authoritarianism. This move is especially rich coming from a Prime Minister who was asking his countrymen to #ThankATrucker less than two years ago.

The fact that Justin Trudeau was pandering to the working class truckers in March of 2020 during the beginning of the pandemic and has now openly declared war on them is indicative of Trudeau's character, which is completely parasitic and opportunistic. In March of 2020 it seems Trudeau was able to recognize how integral the trucking industry was to a well functioning economy. Right now, with the luxury of hindsight, it seems pretty obvious that this gesture was nothing more than political opportunism. After two years of lockdowns and an egregious overreach of government power into the realm of bodily autonomy in the form of mandated experimental vaccines, truckers and many other Canadians alike have decided "enough is enough" and are taking matters into their own hands by using their position as a vital part of the Canadian economy to send a message; "if you want the economy to run smoothly you better ensure that we are able to live free and make decisions for ourselves."

This message does not sit well with Justin Trudeau. He is dead set on making sure that everyone is double jabbed and sufficiently boosted even though the virus seems to be endemic and the dominant variant of the day produces less symptoms than the common cold. Those who do not want to go along with this because they are able to see that the vaccine is harming many people, they already have natural immunity, they are simply willing to take the risk of getting the virus and toughing it out, or have been fully vaccinated and boosted but don't think it should be mandated are being made to be enemies of the state.

Taking the leap to labeling those who help raise funds for a peaceful protest as engaging in "terrorist financing" is some of the most chilling Orwellian rhetoric your Uncle Marty has come across in his lifetime. Especially considering it comes from a Western Democracy that claims to be a bastion of freedom.

The creepy nature of Trudeau's steadfast insistency in regards to mandates makes it hard to believe he isn't trending into tyrant territory. Though, this shouldn't be surprising considering he was a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and has been one of the biggest proponents of Build Back Better™, a Communist movement being pushed hard on the masses by the WEF itself. Trudeau doesn't really serve the Canadian people and he never has. He serves the unelected supranational power brokers from Davos who want nothing more than to granularly control the global economy and every single man, woman and child breathing on this planet.

The stakes for Freedom in the Digital Age have never been higher. Those who are dead set on cattle herding the masses into a digital panopticon are putting the pedal to the metal and attempting to brute force their game plan on the Common Man as quickly as possible. It is imperative that anyone who wants to live free in Canada keeps the pressure up. Do not let these fear mongering tactics deter you from your end goal, living a life of dignity that is free from control of psychotic government officials. The times may seem dark, but they are lashing out like this because your efforts are proving to be extremely effective. You are now locked in a war of attrition with an enemy who is looking more like a tyrannical coward on the global stage day in and day out. It is only a matter of time before you get the freedom you so desperately desire.

And in terms of the emergency orders that were just issued; there is nothing they can do to prevent you from receiving and sending bitcoin in a peer-to-peer fashion if you are holding your keys and running your own nodes. They can tell the banks to freeze your funds. They can tell Tallycoin to deny their front-end services to particular campaigns. But the only way they can stop you from signing your private key to broadcast a bitcoin transaction to the network of globally distributed nodes is if they find you and physically stop you from doing so. If enough Canadians hold their private keys, that effort becomes a logistical impossibility. They may get some of you and try to send a message, but they will never be able to get all of you.

Viva la revolution!

Source: As Freedom Convoy Gets Stronger, Canada Broadens 'Terrorist Financing' Rules