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Simple Steps You Can Take To Help Further Bitcoin

Started by Bitcoin, Feb 15, 2022, 06:30 am

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Simple Steps You Can Take To Help Further Bitcoin

Bitcoiner Brian Harrington talked about how you can limit your exposure to fiat, bring Bitcoin into your community and plan for the future.

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Hyperbitcoinization is happening in real time. For fiat, the end is nigh, and no one explains this better than Brian Harrington.

For him, Bitcoin is a lifestyle. Every day, the actions he takes center around furthering Bitcoin. Harrington and I discussed many interesting topics in this episode of "Meet The Plebs," but none are as fascinating to him as the "get on zero" movement. Described as maximally limiting your exposure to fiat usage and holdings, Harrington talked about how this movement is a part of making hyperbitcoinization the reality of today.

We also discussed planning for the future, stress and many other interesting topics. Be sure to check out the written interview below, and the podcast as well.

How were you first introduced to Bitcoin?

I have one email from my dad from 2014 that has the word "Bitcoin" in it and he was talking to me about a trading bot that he was trying to run on Mt Gox. In January 2015, we then both made our Coinbase accounts together.

What are some considerations bitcoiners should begin thinking about as they plan for long-term wealth (retirement, taxes, etc.)?

I think Bitcoiners should begin thinking now about what they want to do with their influence that is going to come from being long-term wealthy. We have a huge opportunity to really put a dent in changing the world for the better. It's impossible for bitcoin to 10x and 100x from here without Bitcoiners also 10xing and 100xing.

What strategies can Bitcoiners use to lessen the stress of planning for their future?

Different stacks for different things. Bitcoin is going to eat checking accounts, savings accounts and retirement accounts. Bitcoin is the new base money. Hold different stacks of it in different places for different goals. If you still have fiat or stonks sitting in a retirement account, seriously take a look at Choice App, you can transfer and rollover from wherever your retirement currently is and get it into bitcoin.

What does "get on zero" mean, and why is it important?

#GetOnZero means stop holding fiat for any longer than you have to. Fiat doesn't work at all for saving over long time frames and the timeframe that it does hold purchasing power to goods and services is shortening and shortening. #GetOnZero is working the muscles for using bitcoin as your day-to-day base money.

All the tools are available to use bitcoin as your base money, you can get paid with it and pay your bills from that stack, so it's time to look at the math on if that makes sense. When you look at the daily average increase of BTC and you look at the daily average decrease of fiat, it becomes clear that you will end the year wealthier by using BTC fully as your base money.

Why is Bitcoin-oriented community action important (meetups, etc.)?

Advancing Bitcoin in your community is important because that's where you live. Those are the physical humans creating goods and services around you and the physical humans that can make where you live a thriving place. The more people close to you operating on a Bitcoin standard, the better.

What's the primary change for the world you want to see come out of the adoption of Bitcoin?

The number one change I want to see for the world is ending time theft through money debasement in this generation. I don't want our kids to experience time theft.

What are you most looking forward to in the Bitcoin space?

#GetOnZero is the newest, freshest thing happening and my favorite thing happening right now. All the tools are available to use bitcoin as your base money. We can all do our part to reduce our fiat footprint and drain our productivity from the old world.

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