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Samsung Hopes To Gather Audience For Its Galaxy S22 Launch On The Metaverse – Will It Sell?

Started by Bitcoin, Feb 09, 2022, 02:34 pm

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Samsung Hopes To Gather Audience For Its Galaxy S22 Launch On The Metaverse - Will It Sell?

It’s only been a few days since February started, yet we’ve already had our first big mobile reveal of the year, with Samsung poised to unveil their new line-up of devices at the much-awaited Galaxy Unpacked event.

In the absence of a live news conference, we’ll have to make do with another virtual launch event for the Galaxy S22 phones. Owners the gadget may be able to earn an NFT by watching the show, as Samsung will be using the metaverse for the first time this year.

The Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2022 event begins tonight, February 9, 2022, at 8.30 p.m. IST. The event will unveil three premium smartphones: the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus, and the top-tier Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. The live feed of the Unpacked event will be available on a variety of platforms, including the metaverse.

The debut of the Samsung Galaxy S22 will take place virtually. People who want to watch the event live may do so on Samsung’s official YouTube account. They may also watch the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra debut live on the company's official website.

Samsung Galaxy On Decentraland

Samsung will showcase the Galaxy S22 in its freshly built Decentraland virtual environment. Participation entails attaching your cryptocurrency wallet; however, this is optional. Still, Samsung may offer unique treats for individuals who connect their wallets.

Participants must first link up with Decentraland to view 837X. Your avatar will be dumped directly outside the virtual 837X building when connecting to the internet. You may then enter the doors to tour the flagship New York City Center, acquire NFTs and other stuff.

Once Galaxy Unpacked 2022 begins, participants may use their keyboard and mouse to traverse Decentraland and examine Samsung’s newest offers. There’s also a character builder that allows you to personalize the appearance of your Decentraland avatar.

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What To Expect From Unpacked

Within 837X, Samsung will organize a treasure hunt. A character in the digital realm will instruct gamers on how to carry out the mission. You will have to search the facility for 10 recyclable good cartons. These were combined to create “something amazing.” You’d be mistaken if you assumed the Galaxy S22 metaverse experience would get you a real-world discount on the phone.

When you complete the quest, you will get a seed that you must plant in the Sustainability Forest. Again, this is a computer environment in Samsung’s metaverse, not an actual location. That seed will provide you with a unique NFT badge, and here is where things get interesting.

Return to the Samsung metaverse on February 14 -- yes, Valentine’s Day -- to complete the quest and get your NFT badge, which will demonstrate your love for the forest. According to a press release, Samsung will provide other surprises along the road. Expect a second Easter Egg search with a new special NFT badge.

Samsung’s software development team has flawlessly merged the Galaxy S22 Unpacked debut with the tech giant's environmental efforts, Valentine’s Day, NFTs and yes, the metaverse.

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