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ANON and CTOK tokens are in the spotlight. Why’s that?

Started by PocketOption, Feb 07, 2022, 06:08 pm

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ANON and CTOK tokens are in the spotlight. Why's that?

ANON and CTOK tokens are in the spotlight. Why's that? 

ANON and CTOK tokens are in the spotlight. Why’s that? 


Anonverse is a Multi-element decentralized autonomous application platform that has attracted investors’ attention due to its exciting features. It is one of the first global platforms that integrate fully decentralized non-custodial protocol, GameFi, DAO, and security solutions. Furthermore, Anonverse offers anonymous, private transactions, Compete2Earn, security audit, Play2Earn, and Launchpad. The company’s native token ANON is very HOT, and it’s listed on 6,821,417 watchlists worldwide. The team plans to launch its ICO sale on February 12, 2022. The initial coin offering will end on February 15, 2022.

The company also created V.Cash, which is a fully decentralized non-custodial protocol allowing private transactions in the Defi space. On the other hand, V.DAO is a community of blockchain citizens. These users are building a blockchain technology exchange community. They also fund public blockchain products.

Crypto War.V is another product of this project. In this tower defense game, players can take the role of a cybersecurity expert and fight against hackers, as well as other blockchain threats.

Squad customization, simulation, and base/tower building are some of the game’s advantages. Most importantly, players will have to defend the blockchain. According to the team, the fundamental concept of gaming is undergoing fast evolution – from an expensive hobby to a great source of income. Crypto War.V intends to enter the race as one of the few innovative platforms promoting the new concept of compete-to-earn. It will offer users a new way to approach high-end gaming as a lucrative, income-generating activity.

Furthermore, the project’s V.Launchpad is the first fully Influencer backed Multi-Chain Launchpad around the globe. It will provide people a fair chance to invest in tier 1 projects backed by the biggest crypto leaders in the world.


Is Anonverse safe and secure? 

The Anonverse ecosystem will provide end-to-end security solutions for blockchains, as well as decentralized applications and other mission-critical software applications. Its team comes from Anonymous Army. As a result, the team composition fully reflects the spirit of decentralization. Smart contract developers and other professionals are the team members. These people intend to solve such Defi problems that no other companies have managed to overcome thus far.

Besides, Anonverse fully intends to use all the advantages of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The latter is an entity with no central leadership. The community makes decisions instead, but it also obeys the blockchain rules.

DAO is an internet-native organization, and its members collectively own and manage them. Furthermore, they have built-in treasuries that are only accessible with the approval of their members. The community votes on various proposals during a specified period to determine the course of action for the organization.

However, DAOs aren’t perfect. One of the problems is that they often have no practical application. Even though cryptos are becoming more and more popular, in the DAO community, things are different. For example, DAO community platforms tell inspirational stories, but they don’t provide actual products for community members to use. Anonverse aims to change that, though. The company will also work to overcome other problems that plague such platforms.


What about a $ANON token? 

$ANON is the governance token, and as such, the team will use it to decentralize Anonverse into a DAO (V.DAO) ecosystem. V.DAO plans to become the best place to build and fund the digital infrastructure collectively. With its ecosystem partners, the company will help create the biggest and boldest experiments in open source.

Anonverse’s goal is to build a community for blockchain technology exchanges and caring about public products; design and launch experiments; support and collectively govern them.

The token holders will help guide Anonverse’s direction as it moves from a partially centralized Web2.5 platform to a completely decentralized protocol. The company’s first step will be turning over governance of Anonverse Grants to community stewards.

ANON and CTOK tokens are in the spotlight. Why's that? 

Codyfight will also launch its high-ranked native token soon

Codyfight is an exciting multiplayer AI coding game that is web-based. It uses a turn-based strategy, which is quite diverting.

In the game, the user controls a battle-ready robot. Each player can own multiple, uniquely named robots with individual rankings. They can control these robots via API (AI player) or via the website (human player).

The platform will reward gamers with crypto tokens for winning matches and other various activities. The company aims to revolutionize gaming in the sense that not only humans can play. Codyfight will enable anyone to develop AI bots by using any programming language and controlling their robots. Each robot will combine two main parts: NFT Skin and CKey.

The team explained that every player would receive one robot with one default NFT skin and CKey for free. This will be an exclusive NFT gift from the company. However, the platform will grant each additional CKey (meaning additional robot) via subscription. The users can purchase Skins in the NFT skin shop or from other players in the marketplace. In addition, they will be able to acquire skins as special rewards for outstanding in-game achievements.

According to the company, each skin has limited durability. It can wear off or get demolished during matches. If the user wants to repair it, they have to pay a cost depending on the damage. The Robot Forge is the place where robots are fixed and created.

Furthermore, the platform features multiple matchmaking modes, including custom (friends vs. friends), random (against any random player), and competitive arena (rank-based matchmaking).


What are the Codyfight’s advantages? 

Typically, players have to continuously play if they want to advance in-game in the traditional setting. However, Codyfight will provide users with an opportunity to avoid this by deploying smart AI bots. These bots play autonomously. Thanks to that, developers who play the game will be able to benefit from their expertise by selling or renting the robots to investors. On the other hand, investors will be able to buy the source code or an already deployed and running bot.

Well-performing players can scale multiple robot farms to maximize their rewards. The company also focuses a lot of attention on the community. Its active members will profit from organizing tournaments for other players.

Codyfight plans to launch its native token CTOK in February. This token is ERC20. The total amount of CTOKs is 127,000,001. The team aims to raise 2,540,000 with its initial coin offering.


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