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SKAFLIC’s Hot Token, FLIC, Is now Available. Don’s Miss It

Started by PocketOption, Jan 24, 2023, 07:49 am

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SKAFLIC's Hot Token, FLIC, Is now Available. Don's Miss It

SKAFLIC's Hot Token, FLIC, Is now Available. Don's Miss It

SKAFLIC's Hot Token, FLIC, Is now Available. Don's Miss It


Skaflic is a new project that attracted Defi investors' attention. The company launched its trending native utility token, FLIC, on January 15, 2023. The sale will end on February 15, 2023. 1 FLIC is trading for 0.01 USD during the initial coin offering. However, its price will likely increase after the ICO sale ends. The total supply of tokens is 10,000,000,000, but only some percentage is available for purchase.

Skaflic is the first market worldwide that offers customers to buy and sell equity for E-commerce shares through cryptos. The team founded this company in March 2022. Dubai's Department of Economic Development is behind the project. The latter aims to create an innovative marketplace that utilizes blockchain technology and creates a new market for selling and buying equity in electronic stores. Moreover, users will be able to make purchases through digital currencies.

The team designed the platform in such a way as to make it easy for customers to browse catalogs of equities, trade, and monitor their accounts. The company wants to provide a new concept of investing that will guarantee capital preservation and simultaneously offer investors a greater number of growth opportunities.

The Skaflic platform uses a blockchain-based algorithm and smart contract to sort filters and available catalog stores for listing and sale. Afterward, the platform will offer this data to investors through initial coin offerings (ICOs). The company uses this approach to maximize its customers’ earnings and investment potential.

In addition, Skaflic will provide marvelous growth opportunities for online business owners and investors around the globe. The company aims to do that through various digital platforms. The team will offer a secure, transparent, and user-friendly platform with many advantages.


What Problems Do The Investors Face With The Current E-Commerce market?

Electronic commerce has grown exponentially over recent years. According to Mary Meeker's report, e-commerce sales hit almost $450 billion in 2018, with a surge of 16% over the year since 2017. Due to such a success, many traditional stores contemplate doing a digital makeover. Besides, over the last few years, the coronavirus pandemic has compelled brick-and-mortar merchants to refocus on e-commerce. That process wasn't easy, but it also showed traders new ways to sell their goods.

In 2020, most stores shifted to e-commerce channels, like social media, web, and mobile devices. That move was out of necessity as stores closed and people had to shop online from home due to pandemic lockdowns.

Even though the pandemic is already in the past, online purchases still remain a big part of commerce. Research from ESET, a multinational cybersecurity organization, showed that 70% of U.S. citizens shop online more than before the coronavirus outbreak. As client buying behaviors typically continue evolving in new directions, investing in e-commerce is a correct move once they are established. Many investors have already recognized its potential and started investing in online platforms.

While the pandemic hastened the process, giants like Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba prepared for this rapid retail development for years. As a result, they greatly profited after people started using online shops instead of traditional ones.

Despite the fast development in the electronic commerce world, there still remain two problems that hinder this industry, though. Classic stores haven't addressed these obstacles yet. The first one is financing by selling a share of the equity to those parties which have achieved success. And the second one is ensuring survival and continuity, along with capital preservation.


How Does Skaflic Intend To Solve These Problems?

Nowadays, cryptocurrency-based derivatives dominate the crypto market. At the same time, the number of crypto-tradable products available in online shops is virtually nonexistent. Skaflic developed a revolutionary concept of trading store stocks with cryptocurrencies. The company proposes to create on-chain store assets that will replicate the performance of physical assets. As a result, the range of online stores available on blockchain electronic store trading platforms will be able to increase rapidly.

Traditional retail marketplaces usually provide funding through the sale of a portion of the stock to those investors who have already achieved success. They hope to ensure survival, continuity, and capital preservation by employing such a policy.

However, the resulting systems are unsustainable, benefiting primarily the wealthy.

On the other hand, Skaflic's solutions will address the first problem by creating the first-of-its-kind market worldwide to trade equity for stores; and the second problem by applying a new concept of investment that will guarantee the preservation of capital while also providing multiple growth opportunities.

This platform is a totally new market that enables one to buy and sell equity for electronic stores through cryptos in its trading platform. According to the team, the SKAFLIC trading platform will be a network-based marketplace. It will use blockchain technology, which is separate from the traditional retail system.


How Will This Platform Work?

Skaflic aims to facilitate the real-time availability of trading information. In addition, it wants to ensure seamless negotiation between traders. Aiming to achieve that goal, the team has equipped the SKAFLIC trading platform with a combination of additional features. That includes premium research information, news feeds, real-time quotes, and charting tools in addition to the standard features.

Furthermore, the company specifically designed the platform to meet the unique requirements of electronic store stock markets. This platform does so by trading stocks against or for cryptos. The SKAFLIC systems will provide a more comprehensive number of options for both executing and managing transactions. The company uses cutting-edge blockchain-based algorithms to offer its customers a new concept of investing. The latter ensures capital preservation while increasing the number of growth possibilities available to users.

In addition, the platform's smart contract capabilities allow the company to supply its users with the finest available options and trading pairings (stores), thus, enabling them to optimize their returns to the greatest extent feasible.

The team stated that the SKAFLIC platform's advanced algorithm would evaluate and studies listed stores carefully before offering them in ICO to investors. The company highly values security and aims to offer its users the best service possible.


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