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Everything you need within a single ADV Business account.

Started by admin, Nov 13, 2020, 07:44 am

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Everything you need within a single ADV Business account.
Easy online signup and fast KYB verification.
Developer manuals for trouble-free integration.
No need to log in, use our API to pull data and send funds.
Robust account security and 2FA.
Secure your account with 2-factor authentication, payment passwords, SMS codes and more.
Industry-leading security features including background monitoring.
2FA tokens conveniently send passwords to messengers.
Merchant tools and automation.
Setup our API easily and start receiving and sending payments ASAP for no extra costs.
Detailed manual for your tech team ensures smooth integration.
Fully automated processing of incoming and outgoing payments.
Receive payments from ADV-accounts.
anyone with an ADV-account can pay you instantly no additional KYC required fast automated payments in just a couple clicks.
Visa Mastercard Mir acquiring for crypto exchanges.
charge cards in USD, EUR, RUB, UAH, KZT, TRY directly without unnecessary conversion receive fiat to your ADV account or send fiat or crypto anywhere fast KYC via a simple selfie photo, once per card only.
Mass API payouts.
send funds to Visa MC cards in USD, EUR, RUB, UAH, KZT, TRY instant payouts to ADV-accounts and in crypto other methods available including ADV-accounts.
receive payments in BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, BCH, ZEC, USDT get fiat in your ADV account and hedge against volatility instantly use balance for fiat or crypto payouts.
The payment platform known worldwide.
AdvCash has a strong presence in the EU, the n-speaking market, in Latin America, Asia and Africa.
Implement ADV solutions to take advantage of an increasingly popular payment tool used all over the world.
We understand crypto.
No need to explain crypto to get what you need.
AdvCash builds solutions for flexible, fast-moving crypto and fiat businesses.
We strive to offer the best exchange rates and make the tools as crypto-friendly as possible.
The platform you can rely on.
Millions of accounts in 150 countries.
Tens of millions transactions processed.
Near-instant KYC and KYB approval.
24 7 online chat and ticket support in English and n.
Minimal fees and new features regularly.
Your account, your funds.
Whether you accumulate funds to your ADV account or the system sends them elsewhere right away, you are the one in control.
Use bank transfers, crypto, USDT, transfers to ADV-accounts, Visa MC card payouts and more.
deposits via Visa MC, crypto, SEPA, SWIFT and more withdrawals to Visa MC, SEPA, ADV, crypto, USDT and more use balance for manual and API payments searchable account statements with CSV XLS exports.
Putting you at the center.
High costs and complicated small print should stay in the past.
Sign up today, stay in full control of your account and funds, cancel anytime.
No need to worry about fees, commitments and unfriendly practices.
no setup or maintenance fees no holds or rolling reserves no chargebacks no obligations or cancellation fee.