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TradingView Bot.

Started by admin, Jun 01, 2022, 05:01 am

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TradingView Bot.
Our TradingView Crypto Trading Bot X7 can trade any TradingView Alert for you on autopilot!
TradingView is a great charting tool for every trader- plus the opportunity to use hundreds of free indicators and pine scripts make it even better. Using our Trading View Bot X7 in combination with the TradingView Carting Platform allows you to fully automate your Crypto Trading. We at TradingBot Solutions can take any TradingView Alert Signal and trade for either the LONG or SHORT term.
We made it very simple for you to use our Bot in combination with TradingView. Whenever you set up a new TradingView Bot and specify your parameters, all you need to do is copy and paste the alert text given to you into your TradingView alert box. Yes, it is really that simple! From then on our TradingView Bot will execute trades for you on your favorite exchange either virtually or in real life.
Our TradingView Crypto Trading Bot in Action!
Hi and welcome to TradingBot Solutions. In this video, I want to talk about our TradingView Bot, and I will show you how you can use different strategies to automate your crypto trading using our Bot.
At TBS, we are focusing on crypto trading, and we started to develop the Bot for TradingView. Our TradingView Bot will allow you to automate all your crypto trading strategy. The Bot works with every Indicator that you find on TradingView if the trading indicator can fire alerts.
So if you didn't sign up till now, please go ahead and visit Press on any of the green buttons, and you will be able to sign up 100% for free.
With our free Crypto Trading Bot, you can Paper Trade so you can Virtually Trade. You don't have to use any real money to start. And as soon as you see that your crypto trading strategy is working, it's straightforward to switch from, a Paper Trading, strategy to a Real Trading strategy.
So let's open up TradingView, and I will show you how everything works. First of all, we are going to check the backend of our TradingView Bot. After login, and come to the dashboard, you have three option:
1) to register for our next Webinar. I can strongly suggest that because we will always publish our new releases and our new features in our webinars.
2) You can create a new Trading Bot with this second option, and we will do that in a minute.
3) You can visit the Help Center.
4) Or you can chat with somebody from our team.
This is the main things that it can do in the dashboard. Then, of course, you can set up new Bots and so on the left side, see all the incoming signals and see the statistics. My account is a brand new account that is set up for training purposes.
If you register new, I would recommend that he go to the settings on the top right and then you set up your time zone first. If you don't have the same time zone in your TradingBot Solutions, account as you have in your Exchange, then your numbers will be, off. It's not that the numbers will be off, but it's much easier to see if all is working as expected if the time zones match up.
For example, this alert here. This signal came in at 11:31 if you have the same time zone in TradingView in you Trading Bot and on your Exchange, it's straightforward for you to follow up with the trades and see what's is going on. Here you can see we have all the time zones in there and we made it very easy for you to change them.
So for example, if you are located in the, US you have all US time zones available here. If you're in Europe, look for the European time zones, wherever you are, you find your time zones very quickly.
Let's go back up here. In this new and fresh account, you see we already give you Virtual Trading Bots, so you already have got a Virtual BINANCE Bot, a Virtual BitMex Bot, a Virtual BitMex TestNet Bot a virtual Bittrex Bot, a Virtual Coinbase Bot, and a Virtual Poloniex Bot. Like this, we allow you to Paper Trade on all supported Exchanges. You don't have to set up any connectors to Paper Trading in your account. In my account, I already set up tow additional API connectors to the BitMex TestNetset - so I can see on the BitMex Testnet how long and Short Trades are coming in.
So like I mentioned, we developed the Bot for mainly for trading view. We will have very soon options to connect other signal providers, and also we will provide our own signals to you very soon. At the moment TradingView is our primary signal source - we decided to do that because you can put whatever Indicator on your TradingView charts and sent an alert to our Bot and we will automatically trade this signal for you. Additionally, we will also make sure your stop-losses is set up properly. You can also leverage TradeTrade on BitMex and Poloniex or is on the test net. And we can also simulate leverage trading with our Virtual Trading Bots. In this video, I want to show you five indicators that we can apply on to your TradingView Charts. So let's go ahead if I go on any chart. In this case, I picked XBT (XBTUSD) the expected chart, which is the chart for Bitmax trading, Bitcoin to US dollars.
The first Indicator I want to show you is the TD indicator. So the Tom Demark indicator, and we applying this Indicator now to our TradingView charts. Of course, it's crucial to pick the right chart and the right timeframe, and of course the right Exchange, after you've done this, you apply your Indicator. And from that time on, you will be able - for most of the indicators to set up an alert. In the case of the TD indicator, I will not show everything in very detailed. There is another video; I made exclusively about trading the TD Indicator.
In the case of the TD indicator, I will run two strategies. This is the reason I have set up a long BitMex and a short BitMex TestNet account. So we will be able to send trading alerts of buy and sell signals to two different BitMex TestNet accounts.
With this trading strategy, we will be able to trade SHORT on one account and LONG on the other crypto exchange account. So if you Trade short and longer, if you try to trade short and long on the same Exchange, you Trade will minimize or add to your current open position. To take advantage of long and short trading, using TradingView and our Trading Bot, we recommend to set up two Exchange accounts. It doesn't matter if it's a TestNet account or real BitMex accounts. You can also long and short Trade on Poloniex. And we even support leverage trading up to 100% depending on, on the Exchange of course. So if I go back to the XBTUSD chart, you can see I get the numbers because I have the TD indicator and the strategy we do in this case we want to buy.
The first strategy we set up is a short trading strategy. I want to buy on a red two, and I want to sell on a red 8. The way to do that, it's straightforward. I had an alert here and made sure I have got the right Indicator. I'm here in the pull-down, so it's the TD indicator. It's called TI in this case, and then I go ahead and say, okay, the red 2 is the setup 2 to here. You have to know that of course for every Indicator this Indicator is quite complicated to set up, I have the read 2, and I select then great then, and then I set the value to 0. Now every time the red two will be closed in this case because I will also click this option here once per bar close, then the signal will automatically get sent to your Bot.
You also have to make sure that send email to SMS is checked here, and that you did put in our email address into the TradingView settings, into the field with gives you the option for the "email to SMS" you will find this setting in your TradingView profile page.
I'm going back to the Short Bot now I want to open a short trade. So I copy this line out here, and it says open short. I go back to my TradingView alert box, I copied it in the alert into the alert box, and I click create. This is all I need to do and from this time on, whenever a green 2 or 8 or a red 2 or 8, gets completed, your alert will arrive in our signals section.
Let's see; I'm not sure if we have any signals here in this new account. Yeah, we have three signals here, and all the signals here have been skipped, this is because we didn't have any open trades, but you see that the alerts are coming in.
You can use any indicator on any timeframe and not just TradingView as a single source. Whatever tool you are using to create and send indicators to our Bot we can trade these alerts for you on autopilot. But let's focus on this video and the regular TradingView indicators at the moment.
What we can do now, I set up the short buying signal, and it will just do the same here. Just show it to you very fast -- Td indicator. I would say I want to sell on a red eight, which is the setup eight here. Now I say greater than 0, once per bar close and then just created, I'm not going to do that now.
We'll make sure it's closing the Trade. And you can use as many, indicators or as many signals on alerts as you want. You could, set up a combined stretchy where you say, okay, if it goes down you buy on a green two, you could say, okay, if it gets to a 5, if I want to buy again, just put here on a five another buying signal and so on. So you can combine that very good. Especially in the case of an RSI signal strategy, It's effortless to add to your position or to skits to stop out something or, yeah, to do some steps in between. So I will show it to you in a second, so this is all you have to do. What we set up now and we set up a short trade which will buy at the buy short at the red too and sell at the red eight.
This Trade would have been quite profitable here. As you see, all you need to do is to set up a TradingView indicator; if you don't know, already you can go ahead here and find a lot of free indicators. This is one of the reasons we decided to focus for now mainly on our TradingView integration. All these indicators are free here. There's the public library, and it's a vast library, and also if you search on the Internet, you will find a lot of indicators that you can apply. All of them are free, or most of them are free. You can put them on your chart, you can send alerts, and you can trade everything.
Lets now set up a short strategy, but why don't you also make sure you're making profits if you trade long. So, in this case, we made some money here because we bought on a ret two. We sold the position on a red eight, but then we say to our Bot, now let's go to the long strategy. I click on my long pots, and I go to my trading bots. Again I, click on the long strategy and what I do know is I copy out the long strategy here and an I go back in here and say, okay, now I also want to buy if it is a green 2. I just picked the green two and say great then. I choose a value of 0, and once per bar close.
You could also say once per minute, whatever you want. You can combine man indicators and signals; you could say, okay, I bought it on a green to the long Trade and I go back and a copy out the closing signal here. I go back; I put the closing signal now on the green eight, which is also very easy to do. You go ahead, put it on a green aide, say greater. Then you see again here 0 and once per bar close copy in the selling signal, and I also created an additional signal. What we do in this case is we also use different indicators so you can even combine various indicators on TradingView to send alerts. So I also use the TI indicator this, and I say, okay if there is a color flip and I do the same greater then value 0. Then I do once per bar. So as soon a color flip appears, and the color flips it now closes the Trade. If we bought here and there will be a color, flip it immediately sells and then I would also copy in the selling signal here. So this protects me, which means that if the color flips before it's getting an eight than it sells my Trade. So like in this case, where would it be useful here in this case? Let's say we wanted to make a short trade, so we bought on a red two. We bought here, but then there was a red three, and then there was a color flip. So we sold here, depending of course on what your strategy is and if you have a stop loss and so on.
Don't forget; you can also leverage Trade using our TradingView bots. So this is great. Let's go to a different strategy. This is a Fibonacci line strategy, which works great. This is the middle lines here; this is 0. So what I can do now is I can say if the line is crossed here, for example, I ad an alert to the Fibonacci line to the crossing, six would be here crossing up six is here. This is the six up. So if I would say I want to open a short trade. If it's going up through that line, I can't just say Fibonacci line six up, which is this one. And I could say crossing dawn. So if it goes up here and then starts to cross down, you could open a short trade. You would go ahead and copy you're short in here. So you would set up a new trading bot for TradingView, and then your Bot will automatically start to trade on autopilot for you. Then you can say, okay, if it reaches a, for example, line seven, you want to buy some more.
And then you create on the same level at the six down one more alert and immediately buy and sell your long Trade at the sixth up. Like this, you can combine these two signals. You set up two alerts; this single alert will open a short trade and also close a long Trade. This is very easy to do. You would go ahead and use a comma to do that. Let me show it to you. So now I would like to open long Trade. This is the other way around. So the long Trade, I would, of course, open here on a six down, right? And I would make a comma here, and we want to close the short position in the same alert box. We can do that. That's not a problem. Just us a comma and copy in the short closing position.
I've got the opening long, and the short closing position now in one alert so this alert will close my short position, and open my long position at once.
Then I go ahead and do the same here. Let me pause that. Oh, let me delete it. Or you shouldn't delete it of course. But I don't want to mess up all my alerts. So, in this case, it will just go ahead as a Fibonacci level. Then six up you would say go back to your alert for the, um, for the long it would mean that you want to close the long.
Three more indicators I want to show you now using or TradingView Bot. This is a funny indicate that liked this one. This Indicator looks at the shapes of the candles, and you can see if the catalyst is a Bullish Harami. If it's a Bullish Harami candle, you can buy.
If it's a Bearish Harami candle, you can sell same here. Bullish Harami and we will sell Bearish Harami Candle buy.
So let's see how that worked out. I can also say, okay, you want to buy it on a Bearish Harami selling and Bearish Harami and a Bearish Engulfing Candle for example. It's straightforward to do that. So again, you go to TradingView, you use our Tradingview Crypto Trading Bot to Trade, and you set up a new trading alert using this Indicator on your chart.
This Indicator is called. I think this is one of our own indicators that we made. So you can shoot me an email or send a request to the support. We are happy to share this Indicator with you. So you could say, okay, if it's a Bullish Harami, you put in your buying signal here, it's a Bearish Harami.
Let's say I want to buy if there is a Bullish Harami and a Bullish Engulfing. So you set up this to buying levels then I want to sell if it's a Bearish Harami or also on a Bearish Engulfing. Yeah, you see you are free to set up your TradingViw Bots - free to apply every Indicator on you TradingView chart. TradingView will help you to send the alerts on autopilot to our Trading View Bot. We traded for you without emotions and on autopilot. You don't have to take care of it. In the other videos, you will see that in our setting.
If you trader BitMex Poloniex or BitMex Testnet, you can set a stop loss so you can also set a stop loss and even a trailing stop loss. It's not active now because the Bot is already in use. But if we go back to our bots, and I say a new trading Bot, and we create a new TradingView Bot, you will see that is very easy, and we can protect you from losing a lot of money because we will set or move your stop loss on autopilot for you.
Here you see, we could say we want to take profits, so your TradingView automatically close your Trade at this profit level.
If there is a 10% profit, we could say closing stop-loss, we could set a closing stop loss (SL) of 15% and trailing a stop loss. You can even define the Trailing Stoploss (TSL) trigger. So if the price moves 5%, if the price climbs 5%, then our Bot can activate a trailing stop loss automatically.
If the price moves up another 5%, it will always move up your stop loss on autopilot for you again. So it's a big chance to make the most out of your Trade.
Another straightforward strategy, but also a fascinating strategy is the RSI strategy. If you automate your RSI strategy using our TradingView Bot, it's straightforward because you can apply the RSI indicator to your chart and start to trade on autopilot within one minute or less!
Then you will see the Relative Strength Index (RSI). You Click on it, and you will see it's getting applied here on to your trading charts. I already have 3 RSI lines, three lines to sell or to start a short trade and three lines to buy or end my short Trade.
The shorter the timeframe, they're more often you need to modify the signals for this Indicator, but let's say here if I want to buy if I look back and see the RSI went down a lot to test this level, so this would be an excellent buying opportunity. Now you can say, the next time the price moves down here so if the RSI level is crossing up again from that level I want to buy, you leave that like it is here.
You see once per bar close; I would recommend that. And then you put in your alert here and click on create, and he will see you getting a new RSI line no on your RSI indicator. From this time on, our TradingView Bot will automatically, every time the level gets hit - automatically start a long Trade for you.
If you set it up or close your short TradeTrade or whatever you want to do. And the beautiful thing about that is that you can set up, as you see here more than one line so you can make sure that you get everything. If it moves down here, it buys one time. If it moves down also here it bought three times already because it moved through this, it runs through that it bought here, bought here. You can limit the number of the buys in your setup. If I go to the bottom, you can see maximum numbers of active trades for this Bot is, for example, 3.
So you Trading Bot is just allowed to buy three times and not by all the time if it goes up and down throw the RSI alert levels. Let's say we bought three times here, so we bought one time here, one time here, one time here, then it moves up. So it sells one time here, and the second times here, so I still have one open position.
The RSI level then went down again. It probably wants below the level here. So we still have 3 open positions.
Most of the time, I set up the RSI strategy with the TradingView Bot setting "one close for one open." That means if, let's go back to the chart to the RSI chart. So if I have three open trades the first sell signal that comes in will close my first open Trade here, my second here, and my 3d here.
I also have the option to set this to "one close for all previous positions." That means one incoming closing signal will close all open trades.
The last I want to talk about is the MACD indicators. It almost works the same as the RSI levels. You can go ahead, click right and make a new alert level here, add an alert, copy and paste in whatever you want to do here. Copy and paste your signal. And then, of course, make sure you modify the levers. So these levels are not very good anymore.
Let's go to a different timeframe. Now you can say here if it goes down, let's say you want to buy it here you add an alert and copy in your signal from our TradingView Bot. One time the level for the buying signal would be here. Of course, you need to set up a new TradingView Bot in your TBS account. If it goes down here, add a new alert. Modify your settings here. Buy here, and sell here. So this would be the sell. Copy in the signals from your TradingView Bot. And you could sell up here because it went one time I up and that's the way how you can do it.
I hope that it was useful. Don't forget to sign up for our next Webinar. If you click here, sign up for a free live Webinar, then you will see the next date when the following webinars are coming up.
We will most of the time give you a special offer on our webinars. So if you're lucky, you're getting a much better price than most of the users.