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Forex Affiliate - This Is How You’ll Make More Money - Affpaying

Started by PocketOption, Dec 15, 2022, 03:23 am

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Forex Affiliate - This Is How You'll Make More Money - Affpaying

Forex Affiliate - This Is How You'll Make More Money.

Make more FTD's while cutting on development expanse.

Forex traffic is a very rewarding niche. Those who succeed can make $1300 and more per First Time Depositor (FTD), so you don't really need to make a lot of traffic to get to the $30,000 or even hundreds of thousands of $ in revenues per month .

In an industry where every lead counts, and every FTD worth so much, you need all the help you can get. This is where TrafficBee gets into action.

This is how TrafficBee makes you money!

An affiliate focused lead distribution platform , perfect for Forex affiliates, allowing you to:

Increase revenues by.

✅ Sending leads to 1 or more brands, at the same time or by weights -

Thus testing and optimising the best FTD result and increasing your revenues.

✅ Receive live updates on your leads sale status -

helping you to track the brand's call centre calls status and results live, and push them to work more on follow ups, potentials etc. Instant feedback.

✅ Import leads via CSV and send them as "live" leads to brands -

If you have a stream of leads from an offline source, leads that was sent to the error bucket because of a typo error, or leads you want to reuse, you can import them and automatically send them on a timeframe, making it feel like a "live lead".

Increase profits (Cut costs) by.

✅ API Integration to brands and networks -

we connect you to the brand. You don't need to pay a developer to do so. Just point us to the brand you're working on, and we're on it!

✅ Easily connect HTML & WordPress landing pages with no code -

saves you a lot of money on developers, and time spent stuck waiting for them to connect you. Time is money!

✅ Built in drag & drop landing page builder -

Don't have a landing page? No problem! Just use our own built in landing page builder. It's easy to use, no hosting needed and ready to collect your leads and send them to brands.


In the near future we will launch our own tracker with Postback URLs, our built in follow up email marketing system and more features that will increase your profits even more!

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