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60 Seconds Binary Options Trading Strategy - Suck or Not?

Started by PocketOption, Dec 02, 2022, 09:18 am

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60 Seconds Binary Options Trading Strategy - Suck or Not?

Full Review of Keith Jones 60 Second Profit Strategy.
Keith Jones 60 Second Profit Strategy - Roll the dice and hope.
I spent my entire morning yesterday thinking about this strategy and wondering if people actually use it. You can find it here: It is developed by an ex-trader called Keith Jones. According to him, he worked for 8 years in the financial sector as a stock broker on Canary Warf for 7 years and Wall Street for 1 year. Pretty experienced trader....if what he says it's true. The 60 Second Profit strategy consists in opening a sequence of binary trades on EUR/USD pair following a series of 5 predefined steps. In step one, we must check the "Popularity" column and always go with the highest percentage. So if traders insight favors Put, then we will trade only Put in all our following steps. Step two requires us to open a trade with $5 investment, using a 60 second expiry time. If we lost our first trade, we proceed to step three which requires us to open a trade using $10.....I'm sorry, but I started laughing again for the 10 th time today and I find it very hard to continue describing this "technique". Those of you who read my other reviews know that I can't stand a scammer and I do my best to expose them, but also that I have the greatest consideration for an honest broker. Well, guys, I don't whether Keith's strategy could be considered as a scam, but I can defiantly say his strategy utterly sucks.
Why "60 Second Profit Strategy" sucks?
By step five you risk $100/trade hoping that a sleazy Martingale system will help you make your money back and then some. Yes, that's all this strategy is, a Martingale system and he has the nerve to tell me that my fourth trade (step five is actually trade four because step one is checking traders insight) has a 100% winning probability. Wait...on what do you base this affirmation? It is a rhetorical question anyway, because all real traders know 100% probability of success is a utopia. Why would it be 100% safe trade? Price can go for more than four one minute candles in one direction and his strategy requires us to place four trades (assuming we lose trade 1, go to trade 2 and so on). Given that we have 60 second expiry time, trade four coincides with the fourth M1 candle and it's 100% sure to win...pfff, just look at a M1 EUR/USD chart and see how many M1 candles you can count in a row and in a single direction. I just found 10 without looking too much. He further states that he used to do this on a larger scale for financial institutions...if that's true, then maybe "techniques" like this one triggered the 2008 crisis. Another thing I can't help but notice is what a cheap publicity stunt his strategy is. Throughout the entire explanation, he uses a certain broker and he says that's the only broker that offers 60 second expiry time and urges you to open an account with them. I'm going to refrain from saying what broker he is referring to, but we know there are several brokers that offer this kind of options.
Why "60 Second Profit Strategy" doesn't suck?
I'm speechless fact, the only reason that this strategy doesn't suck is because it made me laugh so hard. Other than that, I can't think of any other reason. Oh, wait, I have one: the whole structure of the webpage and the wording in it shows us exactly what to avoid. Whenever you see something similar, walk away. away!
My opinion on this strategy was already formed when I read the first two sentences on his site: "Have you ever wondered what it would be like to earn a wage every 60 seconds? Well, wonder no more." This kind of talk is a clear indication for me that some kind of scam is going to be next. Even more, in his videos, he states that when Forex came out, it involved a substantial risk of loss, but this doesn't because you just start with a $5 trade but he forgets to mention that if I get to the fourth trade I have a $100 risk. I'm going to be sick if I hear one more guy or broker saying there's no risk. Believe me people, there is risk; a very high risk, but the secret is to manage it properly and only then trading will be profitable. To wrap it up, just stay away from this strategy and any similar ones and never trust anyone that says there is no risk in the financial market.
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