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Quick Buy vs Pro Trading, explained

Started by Bitcoin, Feb 26, 2022, 03:05 am

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Quick Buy vs Pro Trading, explained

There are two main options to buy crypto on Okcoin: Quick Buy and Pro Trading. Here's how to make the most of both, in simple terms. 🤓

We make it easy to buy crypto at Okcoin, no matter how complex your order. Whether you want to automate your dollar cost average strategy or choose the price you want to buy and sell at with limit orders, we provide all the tools necessary with Quick Buy and Pro Trading.

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Should you use Quick Buy or Pro Trading?

They might seem similar, but Quick Buy and Pro Trading are two separate, powerful tools for crypto order management. Each comes with the benefits suited to your needs.

Here are the main benefits of Quick Buy:

  • Immediate and fast purchase
  • No need to understand different types of trade orders
  • Simple and clean interface
  • Fees are fixed and easy to understand
  • Can purchase directly with your bank account or debit card
  • Recurring buys available

 And here are the main benefits of Pro Trading:

  • Lowest fees for the entire crypto markets
  • Fees decrease with more trade volume
  • Many different order types for any trade strategy
  • Choose the price you want to buy or sell with limit orders
  • Buy at the average price over a long period of time with TWAP
  • Trade with crypto pairs rather than just USD

Quick Buy

Quick Buy is our easiest, no hassle way to purchase crypto. With just a few clicks, you can use your bank or debit card to buy crypto. We save you several steps of first depositing your dollars and then placing complex trade orders. Just choose how much you want to buy and connect your bank or debit card funding method.

The best thing about Quick Buy is that you can set up recurring orders for your crypto purchases. Select a fixed time period (daily, weekly, monthly) to automatically buy crypto. Once you set up your recurring order, you never have to worry again about sticking to a schedule, we do all the work for you. Fees for using Quick Buy are fixed at 1% no matter what size of order you place.

Quick Buy is easy to access on the web and the basic mobile app. After logging in, just look for the Buy Crypto button to get started.

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Pro Trading

 If you want to place more complex orders, then Pro Trading is just for you. Our powerful interface makes it easy to place and manage all types of orders, such as market, limit, TWAP, Iceberg, and more. Pro Trading helps you achieve peak performance for your orders, no matter the type or size.

One of the best ways to capitalize on volatile markets is to place limit orders well below the current price. These bids might just be hit during big market sell offs, giving you an edge when prices rebound.

You can also trade like Michael Saylor and Jack Dorsey with TWAP orders. These allow you to break up your purchase into many smaller market orders that are executed over a long period of time, meaning that you get the average price for your purchase. Big companies and institutions use TWAP orders to spread out the price impact of their purchase. Pro Trading makes it easy to follow the same strategy.

In addition, Pro Trading offers access to charts and a detailed order history. Plan your orders out in advance and then use your trade history to track the performance.

Another big feature to be found in Pro Trading is our crypto to crypto pairs. Normally, when you use Quick Buy, all crypto is paired against USD. However with Pro Trading, we offer special crypto to crypto pairs like ETH/BTC, STX/BTC and MIA/STX.

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