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Top 7 Crypto trading bots Kucoin for Money, Happiness & Love!

Started by admin, Jun 01, 2022, 03:59 am

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Top 7 Crypto trading bots Kucoin for Money, Happiness & Love!
(Last updated 4/12/2021) Today we will look at automated Crypto trading bots Kucoin and which is best for different levels of users. Hence which auto traders are very easy to use? Which offers you a myriad of options/features? Thus let us find the right automated trading bots for you.
Firstly, we will focus on Crypto trading bots Kucoin that are the most used in cryptocurrency trading. Secondly, they use them with various exchanges and popular signal groups. Secondly, I myself have used almost all of these cryptocurrency trading bots extensively. Lastly, can give you good feedback on the pro & cons of each.
Automated Crypto trading bots Kucoin: Beginner, Advanced & Pro Traders.
There are three types of cryptocurrency trading bots however we will examine here. The Beginner, just starting out in crypto and platforms. The Advanced has a good working knowledge of crypto. The Pro , likely trades every day and makes a living from trading crypto.
Beginner - Just starting out in crypto Advanced - Has good working knowledge of crypto and platforms. Pro - Trades every day and makes a living from trading crypto.
Automated Crypto trading bots Kucoin come in many flavors. Which flavor will you like? This is what we hope to find out. For example, there are two main types of Cryptocurrency Trading Bots.
Trading Signal Groups connected to Crypto trading bots Kucoin with 3rd party or direct in-house solution. Platform/Exchanges a more of the all in one solution often not connected to any one signal provider or trading group.
So we have a choice between the two depending on your level of expertise and what they offer. Further, take a group Telegram or discord with 3rd party solutions. Signal providers like these will walk you through the whole Crypto Automated Trading end to end. The other using platform/exchange may lack the personal touch of the first. Subsequently, they do often offer more simplicity and are far less cumbersome to a newbie starting out. Now let us check out the different options!
3 Commas Crypto Trading Bot.
#1 3Commas: Simple and Powerful.
Meanwhile, 3Commas is more of a closed-ended platform IMO, they do have copy trading. Thus such in terms are not as appealing for the signal providers. Hence this is why you might not see many using this solution independently. If you are a beginner/advanced user this is a good solution to get started using a Crypto Trading Bot. This works really well with Binance automatic Crypto trading bots Kucoin & Binance futures leveraged trades.
3Commas Trading Interface.
This is more of a Signal Platform rather than a 3rd party product that signal providers would use. It does offer many features included though, you just might miss real signal providers using this solution though. If you don't have the talent to use a Crypto Trading Bot, then you can't say much. Many telegram signal providers find the 3Commas trading BOT, not to their liking, hence why Cornix is the choice for many.
Originally 3commas was mainly thought to new users to make a crypto portfolio or to use primarily in different crypto portfolio strategies. Now, most crypto signals on telegram and many crypto signals providers use them in their crypto trading bot programs.
3 Commas Crypto Trading Bot Pricing.
The pricing on 3Commas is pretty straightforward depending on features. You have 4 different levels of which to choose from.
3Commas Crypto Trading Bot FREE Plan.
First, we start with the FREE offering. 3Commas offers you far more than you would expect a crypto trading bot of this type. Limited to one exchange per account keep in mind. You get access to the Scalping trader terminal. This is great if you are into short-term scalping. Next, you get the One SmartTrade, One DCA crypto trading bot, One Grid crypto trading bot, One Options crypto trading bot. Last under the Free plan you get an option for one speciality Crypto trading bots Kucoin for the exchange of your choosing.
3Commas Crypto Trading Bot Starter Plan.
Now you get everything as you had in the free plan, then add several new features. This particular plan is great for those who are just learning to trade with the 3Commas crypto trading bot. Allowing you 5 accounts per exchange, so you can try different strategies. Next up you get the SmartTrade (Spot, Margin & Futures) trading enabled. These special order structures can give you great flexibility in your trading entry/exit strategies. After that, you also get concurrent take profit and stop loss (OCO orders) one cancels all. Last, on this plan, you get paper trading enabled. This will allow you a risk-free way to try your trading ideas without risking any of your hard-earned money.
3Commas Crypto Trading Bot Advanced Plan.
As with the other two plans, you get all of those features included, but now we add several more. Increasing here is for those with multiple cryptocurrency exchanges and crypto trading accounts. You are now allowed up to 10 accounts per exchange. Next is a big feature, Unlimited Single Pair DCA trading bots for spot crypto exchanges.
3Commas Crypto Trading Bot Pro Plan.
Finally, we have the pro plan which again includes everything as before but now with near-unlimited features. So you get unlimited accounts per exchange. Again with the unlimited theme you get unlimited multi/Single pair DCA trading bots. Unlimited Bitmex, Binance Futures, Bybit, or FTX futures crypto trading bot. For the Grid trading fans, they also include here the unlimited grid Crypto trading bots Kucoin. Lastly, in the pro plan, we have unlimited options Crypto trading bots Kucoin, for those into cryptocurrency optionality trading.
3Commas Social Trading.
3Commas does have a few nice features more for portfolio rebalancing than anything else. They also have the most complete list of exchanges you can use with them, vs any other Crypto Automated Trading Bot solution.
3Commas Portfolio management.
The above is where 3Commas shines. They have the best rebalancing and portfolio management you can get in crypto. Maybe the social/copy trading is not their strong point but this certainly is. So if you are a Beginner/Advanced user than 3Commas is a good choice to start out with. At least before moving on to more professional solutions for signals and auto trading.
Shrimpy Crypto Auto Trading Bot.
#2 Shrimpy smart easy to use.
Shimpy is one easy to use a crypto automated trading bot, but note it is the little guy of the group. Basically too much like 3Commas with many of the same features on a closed platform. Not really a great solution to find talented traders/signal providers. But if you want an easy to use a tool for portfolio management this is one to consider.
Shrimpy Portfolio Mangement.
Supporting over 16 exchanges and having powerful portfolio management features. Imo for a new user this is a perfect place to start. Again very basic but easy to use and smart.
Pricing is a bit high for what they offer imo but the ease of use and extended set of features is much appreciated. Thus, the platform needs to be more rounded out. Users are very demanding these days and the bus is not stopping long for those who collect dust.
Shrimpy Pricing = Too High.
Again if we examine what you get for what you pay... It just is over priced compared to other options which we think are more rounded out like the 3Commas crypto trading bot.
The copy trader is again lacking talented signal providers like you would find on Telegram/Discord. This is a big issue with platforms like this and 3Commas. The costs/features just don't jive with the signal providers I guess. Still it is an engaging and easy to use solution.
Shrimpy Backtest Feature.
One of the stronger features of the Shrimpy platform is the backtesting feature. It lets you run seamlessly profit variations on the what if I did this or that, as well as different cost options of exchanges. This can be very helpful in knowing future profitability.
One strong point of Shrimpy is the easy-to-use backtesting feature. You can find this on other platforms to some degree. This feels and acts more natural vs their competitors. This is a strong point for them along with the rebalancing feature. Not strong for signal providers but strong for the end user. So if you are a beginner/advanced user, then this might be for you!
#3 Cornix: Automated trading done right.
Cornix is the most common/popular solution for signal providers you will find on Telegram. Meanwhile, the Cornix interface is intertwined with Telegram extensively. If you are a member of any of the various trading groups. Ones on Smart Options, you may know them very well.
Cornix Telegram Crypto Auto Trading bot interface.
Likewise, Cornix is a pure 3rd party solution that connects to various signal providers. Below are the various supported exchanges you can use with.
Bitmex Binance & Binance Futures Deribit Bybit Huobi Bittrex Kucoin.
Crypto Automated Trading Bot: Views & Features.
A new world...
Cornix has grown with the above advancements in how they view and handle data now. To wit they have TradingView alerts and pinescripts integration. The ability to manage multiple exchanges from one place. Complex take profit, stoploss and trailing orders. As a Binance automatic trader Cornix works great! Cornix's tight integration with various signal providers in the Telegram community. Thus it has given them an edge over all others in this space.
This solution is a more tweaked integrated one for advanced/pro users in our opinion. Consequently, you will need the help of the group you signup. This is in order to take full advantage of the Cornix Crypto Automated Trading Bot. It will appear at first very confusing to setup/use for most. Simply put, make sure to get help when you first set up the Cornix APIs.
#4 Beta Mode of Zignaly.
Zignaly is one group I am not so hot on as their trading solution is still really in beta development. This is not worth anything beyond using a demo account with. As we have seen and heard multiple instances of the service not filling orders of subscribers. To be fair this is still only a beta product and not really complete yet. Unfortunately, the team at Zignaly has no real time line for completion. Also they not seem fully interested at the moment to finish this platform.
Crypto Auto Trading Bot Order Screen for Zignaly.
As you can see the above order screen which again I will note only works with Binance and Kucoin. Moreover it has some really nice features. Conversely I find it super easy to use and think they did a great job on it. I do hope they expand the brokers and become active again. They have the starting shell of a great platform for crypto users.
Crypto Auto Trading Bot Copy Traders.
Zignaly Copy Traders.
A few other nice features of Zignaly is the Signal Provider and Copy Trader service. Now the difference between the two? I don't really see any but they include both in their platform. Again this makes it look cluttered and reeks of it being part of a previous incomplete build. They may wish to consolidate this in the future as it adds confusion for users of the platform. I will focus on the copy trader section here as I think that is what users will find useful. The copy traders section you can find many different traders of which to copy signals from.
Zignaly Signal Providers.
here you can see the screen of their signal providers. It really makes their platform confusing for users vs the copy traders? What is the difference of the two? Well they say 3rd party and such but really this makes them look unprofessional.
Zignaly Adjust Leverage.
In addition here we can see the leverage adjustment for Zignaly, again very easy to use and understand. Subsequently, it is too bad they are still in beta mode on Zignaly imo and have a long way to go. If they keep this easy to use interface for users they might be very popular in the future. The platform is for beginners/advanced user in our view.
Haas Bot Crypto Automated Trading Bot.
#5 HAAS BOT the nerd solution.
This is one of the most advanced Crypto trading bots Kucoin you can use on the market. Yet again it is missing the talent of Signal providers you can find on Telegram/Discord. Another closed-ended platform that offers great features and in this case, very advanced ones.
Haas Bot Dashboard.
The advanced features and Crypto trading bots Kucoin of HaasBot is amazing, not sure if they like to be called HaasBot or HaasOnline. Though everybody knows them as HaasBot. So that is what we use, bad english but what to expect from a company using german syntax lol.
HaasBot Crypto Cuto Trading Bot.
This is the purest form of Crypto Auto Trading Bot creation tool you can find. Exploring the boundaries of mathematical thought visually they have done a great job. Outside the realm of 99% of crypto traders imo.
Haas Bot Logic Chart.
I would recommend traders take their time with Hassbot, it has many great features. But only for those willing to dive in! This is not for the beginner/advanced trader at all. This is solely for the Pro/SuperNerd Trader. If you are one of the very few that wants to dive into the mechanics of trading/signal creation. Well then you will find no better tool imo than HaasBot or HaasOnline 😉
Etoro Crypto Auto Trading Bot.
#6 Newbie city - Etoro.
Etoro is the all in one wonder-bread wonder of the world, Etorr00o! Absolutely for the newbie/mass crypto trader and degenerate gambler imo. It will suck up large amounts of crypto degenerates more than anything. Super over priced fee structure designed to milk newbie traders. To be fair they have everything but the kitchen sink included.
Pure cheese designed for degenerates. No real crypto trader/signal provider would use a closed ended platform like this for many reasons. The number one reason is cost, the spread/fees and market makers on the platform. All of them there to trade against you, and take your crypto.
Over 80% of their traders are losing money with Etorro.
Etoro Copy Traders.
The list of signal providers leads to a system of gaming much like ZuluTrade. People don't get paid as much as they get played on these platforms. As they all hype the leaders who are all HIGH RISK. Which leads to a merry-go-round of big ups followed by bigger downs. Again I would stick with providers in the best Bitmex signals or crypto signals telegram. Lastly, as their Binance automatic Crypto trading bots Kucoin have far better results IMO.
Etoro Trader profile.
Due to certain regulations such as those in the U.S. Etoro has to admit that over 80% of their users are losing money with the platform. This is not a very good sign, but then again I am sure their lawyers have watered that down as well. Yup, this tells me it is a cesspool of degenerate gamblers that wish to reside here.
I would avoid this platform for all but the newbie trader. It is a good place to start and play with different coin/copy traders. Yet not worth putting on any real coin. This is strictly for the beginner user. Honestly, with their overcharging of fees, I think including them here is kind of silly. Still, they are an option, just not a good one.
#7Cryptohopper technical popper.
As for the Cryptohopper Cryptocurrency Trading Bot you can state them offering a good mix of signal providers. Also trading strategies and technical templates along with a fully rounded out educational section. I have to give credit to Cryptohopper with the good mix they achieve for their platform. A few big problems though and we will point them out here.
Education Section of Cryptohopper.
Now a few points above and below to make about Cryptohopper. Firstly, is they have a good education section for both crypto and technical indicators. Secondly, much of it is FREE and that is great for newbies to use and educate themselves on trading.
Cryptohopper Technical Indicators.
If you want to learn about different indicators and strategies with Cryptohopper you have that ability. They have 3 key sections a newbie and even advanced user would find interesting to use.
Thus this makes it fun and easy to learn about technical analysis. Nothing beats good education in trading, Finally, the more you know the better.
Cryptohopper Signal Providers.
Firstly, you have templates, strategies and then, last signals. you can subscribe to in Cryptohopper. This is fully rounded out and very useful imo. This is where they go wrong though and all transparency goes out the window.
If traders lack the understanding of their risk/reward trading of any of those they may wish to follow, well there is not point then. Hence they should add better metrics for cryptocurrency traders to follow.
Crypto trading bots Kucoin: What We Expect to Come.
Looking into the future of this space is no easy task. We can see a big push for copy trading services. Outside of that it is pretty much a niche space in crypto. We have a new entry we are all watching with UpBots. Outside of that the space is also kind of quiet.
As great as many things you can find in Cryptohopper. Hence why statistics are lacking and almost seems as if they are purposefully trying to hide provider results. Very disappointing here for this Crypto Auto Trading Bot.
stats don't match up on Cryptohopper.
I won't state which group this is but the more you dive into the Cryptohopper stats. Thus, the more one would be confused with signal providers, thus limiting this 3rd party solution to beginner/advanced users. If they wish to really move up. They would need to make their providers more transparent. I myself would not use such as it seems they are fakers. To be fair everything else is great!
Coinigy - Honorable mention "Comeback story"
The strength of Coinigy is their all in one great UX for both trading & portfolio management. They make having multiple wallets/exchanges/trading records a snap!
Focused on 3 main areas of strength for their endusers.
Trading Exchanges Integrated app store.
What you get with Coinigy.
Arbitrage Scanner This tool is designed to find gaps in the prices between several exchanges. When the SIA hype was on. It has shown to us two exchanges with a considerable arbitrage in the price of this coin. If you had bought on the exchange with the low price. Then transferred the coins to another. The one with the higher price, you could have made some instant profits. However, it is difficult to make gains with arbitrage trading. As the transaction times are often long between exchanges. The prices can move fast, and also exchanges like to lock wallets if opportunities like this happen. Crypto Ticker as Chrome Extension SMS Price Alerts A neat Google Sheets integration, for spreadsheet powered traders Newswire Module Marketwatch for Portfolio & market trends.
There are several features in addition added:
A Chart Scanner, which searches for technical setups across the pairings A Social Scanner , which scans social networks for current trading sentiments A Block Explorer.
All of the above can be tested on their 30 day trial. This includes a sweet bonus for you! there is a lovely bonus for newbies, which is why we suggest subscribing to the free 30-day trial. Once you signup you will get a cute video course by email that teaches you the basics of technical analysis. Examples: (RSI, Fibonacci, Moving Averages, etc.) for free - very neat and handy.
This is the best for last today, with UpBots Crypto trading bots Kucoin. They actually have the best chance of making this fractured non-transparent mish-mush of junk changed into something more professional. They sure are shooting for the stars. If we look below at their offering and what they stat vs their competition.
UpBots vs Competition Chart.
Right away we can see some stark differences! Firstly, this very well makes UpBots the #1 choice for Crypto trading bots Kucoin. Secondly, while it is too early to tell this upstart UpBots looks to be a GAME CHANGER. They are looking to disrupt and honestly vs the competition I have seen. They can totally destroy everybody else if their solution offers just 1/3rd of what they are aiming for.
UpBots is a collaboration of the founders of one of the Signal Groups on SmartOptions. Since this being created by real crypto traders and not some marketers looking only to get paid. Well it has the best chance at success imo. Bits and pieces we have been shown really will disrupt the whole crypto signals and trading space. So if you are interested in UpBots we don't blame you. We wrote about them a while ago and all the cool Cryptocurrency Trading Bot Things they are going to do called "Coming Soon, Defi's Imagination!"
Crypto trading bots Kucoin: Final Thoughts...
Honestly Cornix, Cryptohopper, Zignaly I am so not impressed. It is amazing at the low quality of all of these different platforms including the support. Also just how mixed up and confused they seem. I am hoping for some real change and growth here as the signal copier services just plain suck. The Crypto Trading Bot side of things is just as bad. Too many marketers looking just to take advantage of the crypto trading crowd they pretend to serve. I want to see real solutions supported by traders in the future and not just by programmers & marketers. 3commas is in our opinion the best option out there. The platform works with most of the exchanges and all the features you need to be successful in trading.
° Relatively inexpensive platforms in the space. ° Many add-on bonus features with little additional cost.
° Inconsistent usability and accessibility. Many of these options will only work some of the time and some will never inform you when they are down. ° Poorly designed by marketers more interested in making money off newbies than creating real products to trade with. ° Majority of this sector is uneducated on programming or real fintech exchange products and come across as juvenile attempts at finished products.
This space is REKT and needs some new improved groups to move it forward. The current state of products are pretty much a joke sad to say. Most of them only work a portion of the time.
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Good day! I could have sworn I've been to this website before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it's new to me. Anyways, I'm definitely glad I found it and I'll be bookmarking and checking back often!
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You have brought up a very fantastic points, appreciate it for the post.
I tried Cryptohopper for month or two. Terrible service. I subscribed for Hero plan (the most expensive one, cca $100/month regular price) in order to subscribe to their marketplace member/provider Crypto Whale - where I purchased the best bot named Killer Whale Ultimate, cca $80 regular price per year. At that time (Mart - April 2021) the market was hot, BTC was around USD60,000. I started the bot and within 24 hours the bot bought almost all 50 available coins on Kraken. It made maybe 20 - 30 sales at 1% - 4% profit, but there were 40 -50 positions left in red up to 15%. I tried the same thing a few days later and the red was spread all the way down to -20% (or -25%, can't remember). I realized the bot doesn't do any reward/loss calculation before entering the trade and doesn't sell at loss to prevent even further loses. I chat to their moderator on Discord and he practically laughed at me telling me exactly this (I have all chat transcripts, if needed): "I don't want to sell at loss". I complained that catting loses is a major part of trading strategy and in this case their product (trading bot) is not suitable for its purpose and that I want refund. They refused. Then I chat to Cryptohopper customer service, explained everything and got shocking response "Template (bot) providers don't have to build in stop loss feature into bots". The fact is that you can set stop loss manually but since you don't know if bot's sell-at-profit price will be at 1% or 4% - there is no point of setting this manually - the bot has to make that decision itself for each individual trade. So, I asked for refund. For first few weeks it was denied, then granted, then no refund was issued for a week. When I emailed back it took another few weeks to get credit. Why would I need credit for unusable service? There is much more to tell abut my experience with Killer Whale and Cryptohopper that would take a whole weekend to write it all. In short: avoid using their service and learn Python and make your bot yourself.
Did you guys see the that Dogecoin is at an all time high? I guess Mark Cuban had a lot to say about it on the CNBC. I wonder if it will ever be worth as much as BTC? Would you guys recommend buying Dogecoin? It seems like a good investment.
I guess Dogecoin has made a major rally this week? I guess Mark Cuban had a lot to say about it on the CNBC. Do you guys think it will ever be worth as much as Bitcoin? I sure wish I would have bought some a while ago.
I guess Dogecoin has made a major rally this week? Mark Cuban was talking about it CNBC. I wonder if it will ever be worth as much as BTC? Did you guys buy any Dogecoin?
It is not "do you?". It is "When to buy and when to sell?" Before you buy you have to have a plan about at what point to sell. It could be as simple as "in 20 years" or "at 20% profit", or" when 50 day EMA crosses down 200 day EMA. Once you have a selling plan, then you post the question. Good luck in your crypto adventure!