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Started by BTCCasino, Feb 07, 2021, 04:37 pm

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If you still haven't heard about -let us give you a short introduction.
What is
BetFury is a social i-Gaming crypto platform with the first BTC Dividends pool in the i-gaming market that combines crypto and entertainment industries power!
BetFury managed to grow out from gaming startup to a large platform with the best gaming opportunities: BFG Staking, easy login system, Dividends pool in BTC, TRX, USDT, BTT, 1000+ Games, Rank VIP system, Jackpots, Cashback up to 25%, friendly 24/7 support.
The platform provides not only the i-Gaming experience but also profitable investment attractiveness! By Staking BFG tokens everyone can receive a part of the platform's profit from the Dividends pool. Enjoy the i-Gaming experience you deserve! You Play -- We Pay!

How can I earn BTC for free?
Only days ago Betfury released it's so called "Secret Project". It is a BTC Faucet of a kind, but also much more. Every 20 minutes, as a registered user on, you will be able to earn 25 Satoshi, by doing nothing. You can then freely play with those, withdrawal them or do anything else you would like.

How to start earning with
Register on
Confirm your email address
Log into your account at
Go to
Claim your free BTC

How does it work?
The Free Box is constantly replenishing with Bitcoins. Once 20 min pass, coins can be withdrawn. Press "Withdraw", pass a Captcha and get BTC on your game balance. That's it!
Come back every 20min for a new free roll and earn up to 1800 Satoshi of Daily Payouts. ( Source)
That's it -- simple isn't it? But that is not all! Betfury has been around for 10 months now and the platform and it's team has build up a solid product and a big community behind it. Furthermore they have paid hundreds of thousands of $ in dividends, jackpots and big wins. If you are searching for a fun, but fair gaming/gambling experience, you certainly will be happy with Betfury.
Let's get back to the Boxes. We already mentioned how you can earn free BTC with them, but if you are an investor you will like what other options you have:

It is almost self explanatory -- there are 3 further Boxes you can buy for BTC. Each one of them will generate you profits for 1 month.
Ruby Box: Price 0.001 BTC, Monthly Profit: 111%
Emerald Box: Price 0.01 BTC, Monthly Profit 109%
Sapphire Box: Price 0.05 BTC, Monthly Profit 110%

What else can I do/play on
The answer to this question is simple -- a lot! has a huge gaming section including the following:
7 In-House Games
15 Table Games
800+ Slots from many providers
Live Casino
With dividends pools in four different cryptocurrencies, steady dividends and 24/7 friendly and very responsive support team, Betfury is certainly heading to become one of the biggest i-Gaming platform on the blockchain.


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Betfury Dice Hack! (Easy Win Strategy)


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Making over $2000 in bitcoin a month with Betfury!


Making $3700 in bitcoin a month with Betfury, 1 million bfg tokens! Strategies for growing income.