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Olymp Trade Account Guide - Open Account OlympTrade.

Started by Olimptrade, Apr 16, 2020, 07:40 am

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Olymp Trade Account Guide - Open Account OlympTrade.
Olymp Trade account guide - learn how to open an OlympTrade account to trade fixed time trades, cryptocurrencies and forex currencies: you can open a demo account or a real (live) Olymp Trade  Trade trading account in one minute. Open a live account with Olymp Trade and start trading Fixed Time Trades, FOREX and Cryptocurrency on one platform.
Open a free Olymp Trade  Trade demo account, on the balance of $10,000 - Link.
Open an Olymp Trade trading account - Link.
Open account from China - Link Open account from Indonesia - Link Open account from Philippines - Link Open account from Vietnam - Link Open account from India - Link Open account from Thailand - Link Open account from Arab countries - Link Open account from Spanish-speaking countries - Link Create account from Brazil - Link.
* Note: if the Olymp Trade  Trade built-in registration form (Olymp Trade ) does not appear, CLICK HERE to open it in a new window.
OLYMP TRADE offers almost instant registration (e-mail confirmation). You can create an account , open a demo, real or VIP account in one minute. Open an account at Olymp Trade. Go to the OlympTrade website or app, fill out the registration form, which will require your name, email address, phone number, preferred currency (dollar or euro) and a protected word that you do not use elsewhere. You must make a deposit to this live account before you start trading fixed time trades or forex currency pairs.
Types of Accounts Available on Olymp Trade.
Demo Account . This account is provided for free, and each account will be assigned 10,000 virtual units. Interested individuals can simply sign up for an account on the website.
Standard Account . A minimum of $ 10 or its currency equivalent is required to enjoy this account. Under this account, investors can trade at a minimum of $1, and a maximum trade worth $2,000. The maximum possible profit that one can get is 80-percent* of the investment made. When it comes to the withdrawal of funds, the minimum amount that can be withdrawn is $10 with no set limit for the withdrawal. Withdrawals can take an average of 1 day, with a maximum waiting time of 3 days.
VIP Account . To take advantage of this account, interested investors must deposit $2,000/or its currency equivalent. For this account, the minimum deposit required here is $2,000, and when it comes to trading, the minimum is set at $ 1 and the maximum is set at $ 5,000. Aside from faster withdrawals, VIP members can count on a number of perks. If you sign up for this account, you get the assistance of a VIP consultant and you are given access to leading financial analysts and other trading tools.
Olymp Trade customers can open currency positions, fixed time trades and cryptocurrency positions in demo mode. Experienced traders have the opportunity to switch to VIP status with a deposit of 2000 USD and gain access to higher transaction profitability, exclusive strategies, a personal manager and other privileges. Open an Olymp Trade account today.
General Risk Warning: Olymp Trade is an online derivatives trading platform. Trading in derivative financial instruments brings a high level of investment income, but is also associated with the possibility of losing your investment. Before bidding, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the terms of trade presented on the Olymp Trade  website.
*If your deal wins, you get a profit of XX% of your investment.
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OLYMP TRADE Broker Review.
💻 Demo Account: ⚖ Allows Hedging: 🔪 Allows Scalping: 🏢 Headquarters: Seychelles 📅 Founded: 📈 Trading Platform(s): 📜 Regulating Authority(s): 💰 Minimum Deposit: 10 📣 Maximum Leverage:
Visit OLYMP TRADE Risk Warning: Your capital may be at risk.
Our Review of OLYMP TRADE.
Company Overview.
Olymp Trade is a universal online trading platform where you can trade currency pairs, commodities, stock indices, companies' shares and cryptocurrencies. The company has repeatedly won various awards for the high level of quality of service since 2014, when it was founded.
Account Types + Opening [eg Demo, VIP, etc]
Unlike other trading apps that have different levels of membership, Olymptrade only has one standard account type which requires a minimum deposit of 350 RUB (approximately $10. Signing up is easy, and can be done with a FaceBook or Google Plus account.
Where OlympTrade does have a definite bright spot, however, is that it allows users to open a free demo account. Although this may be common for most apps, it's actually very uncommon in the world of mobile trading apps. It is usually the case that traders can only switch to a free "practice" account only after they have already had a real account.
In the demo mode users are given 10,000 RUB worth of virtual currency where they can practice making trades on the financial markets before deciding to start trading for real.
Unlike other platforms where there are many different trading options, OlympTrade is limited to Call/Put options where users wager on whether or not a certain asset (currencies, stocks, gold etc. ) will appreciate or depreciate over a set period of time.
Also, traders are able to cancel trades before they go through and are refunded sixty percent of the amount deposited.
Commissions and Fees.
Payouts on successful trades with OlympTrade value 80% of the amount earned. Another bonus is that there are no broker fees associated with making a deposit or a withdraw.
Trading Platform Review & Mobile Apps.
OlympTrade works across all devices with an iOS, Android, and desktop version. It is rather limited when compared with other mobile trading apps in terms of extra features and the asset index. However, it's a good option for beginning traders who are just starting out. The minimum deposit of $10 means there is minimum risk, and the fact that there's a demo version with $10,000 RUB worth of practice money is really great for novices.
Deposits and Withdrawals.
Deposits and withdraws can be made via Netteler, Visa, or Master Card.
Regulators & Safety: Are they a reliable, legitimate broker or a scam?
It's understandable to be skeptical of a broker owned by two companies from small island nations that's based in , but there really is no reason to worry. OlympTrade iS certified by the internationally binding Financial Market Relations Regulation Center in  with tax identification number RU 0395 AA Vv0074.


Olymp Trade Review.
Founded in : 2014.
Headquarters : St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
Regulation : ‎ IFC.
Platforms : Olymp Trade WebTrader.
Leverage : 1:500 on FX Trading.
Minimum Deposit : USD$10.
Olymp Trade is a well-known online trading platform, which was established in 2014. There are many different assets, including binary options which are a rare trading asset in brokers that have helped keep Olymp Trade afloat and surrounded by loyal clientele.
The first asset would be the safety measures and precautions of the platform towards other clients; it is considered a financial organization that keeps the interests of their clients in mind. Olymp Trade is part of an international organization, the Financial Commission, which regulates that any illegal acts are reimbursed up to $20,000 of real money that is sourced from the Compensation Fund.
The second asset is the minimum amount that is required to start investments and open a live account. In order to start trading with Olymp Trade, the minimum amount is ten dollars, so anyone can join the financial technology company and start trading. Technical support is available 24/7 with a multi-lingual team of specialists, available by email, phone and chat, which are always ready to respond quickly and efficiently.
The third asset is that clients have an ease of access to educational resources and training materials. Any members of Olymp Trade have the option to utilize any of those materials and resources. Olymp Trade is available for traders from all countries except: Australia, Canada, USA, Japan, UK, EU (all countries), and Israel.
Pros Cons No deposit or withdrawal fee Only one trading platform available Free Demo Account available Not available for trading in all countries (EU, UK, and USA included) Member of the Financial Commission Long withdrawal process Customer service available 24\7.
What Olymp Trade Offers.
What Olymp Trade Offers 36 Currency Pairs 9 Cryptocurrencies 6 Commodities 13 Stocks 10 Indices 5 ETFs Binary Option.
Safety and Regulations of Olymp Trade.
Olymp Trade is a certified and validated brokerage firm that is part of the International Financial Commission. The Financial Commission is an international finance organization that allows a 20,000EUR guarantee for traders, full access to their resources, and legal assistance if needed.
Pros Cons Regulated by the Financial Commission Does not have a banking license Provides 20,000EUR for compensation Legal assistance is available Investor protection available.
Olymp Trade is a certified brokerage firm by one of the best and strictest financial organization in the world, the Financial Commission. The Financial Commission is a financial organization that acts as a mediator and regulator, in the case of any issue with a trader. Any member with the IFC must provide an annual report and act with full transparency towards the IFC and their traders.
In order to keep their traders safe, Olymp Trade focuses on the financial compensation 0f 20,000EUR if any misconduct occurred to the trader. The trading service provider also provides annual report to the IFC on their yearly trades, as well as allows traders full legal assistance from the IFC, if any issue may arise.
Trading Accounts of Olymp Trade.
How to Open an IQ Account.
STEP ONE: Fill in your name, email address, password, and your preferred base currency.
STEP TWO: You will be activated as a Demo Account holder for 60 minutes, where you will have to deposit funds to your trading account to go live.
STEP TWO: You will be activated as a Demo Account holder for 60 minutes, where.
STEP THREE: You can start trading now!
STEP THREE: You can start trading now!
The account that is available for clients who are advanced in trading is the VIP Account, which is targeted by elite and expert traders. In order for an account to be live and utilized, traders must deposit two thousand dollars, or its currency equivalent. The minimum deposit for trading of the VIP Account that is required is two thousand dollars. The minimum amount is set to one dollar and the maximum is set to five thousand dollars. The clients who acquired the VIP Accounts benefit from faster withdrawals, and they get the assistance of a VIP consultant, financial analysts, and various trading instruments. The other trading account provided by Olymp Trade is the Standard Account.
VIP Account.
Pros Cons Faster withdrawals High minimum deposit amount VIP Consultant Not suitable for novice traders Suitable for elite traders Accommodating for large investment traders Free Demo Account available.
The trading account that is used by most traders is the Standard Account, which is available for any prospective client that wants to open a live account or a free Demo Account. The account has a minimum amount to trade with, which is one dollar, and a maximum amount to trade with, which is two thousand dollars. There is a minimum of ten dollars, or its currency equivalent, that is required to open an account. The Standard Account allows the maximum possible profit of eighty percent when there is a successful trade. With the Standard Account, there is a minimum withdrawal fund of ten dollars, with no limit for any withdrawal. Withdrawals can take up to 24 hours, with a maximum waiting time of three days.
Standard Account.
Pros Cons Free Demo Account available Long withdrawal process Low trading fees Low minimum deposit account Maximum possible profit of 80% for each successful trade Low minimum withdrawal amount.
How To Verify My Olymp Account Step By Step Guide.
Trading Platforms of Olymp Trade.
The current trade platform for Olymp Trade is an in-house trading-platform that is established and developed by Olymp Trade's software developers. The trading platform operates on both Android and iOS software, as a mobile application. This means that all clients of Olymp Trade can trade anytime, anywhere. According to client reviews and feedback, the trading platform is user-friendly and it has a sense of direction when it comes to the client's trading strategies. Olymp Trade and its mobile application is considered to be one of the best binary applications that are available in the financial market.
The trading platform for Olymp Trade is self-sufficient and very easy to comprehend; it contains technical indicators and analysis instruments that facilitate traders find the best trading strategy. The in-house Olymp Trade trading platform also provides a history section at the bottom of the page, allowing traders to stay updated on a specific asset and track its progress. On the left side of the page, there is a trading chart and on the right side of the page is an icon where the trader is allowed to define the duration of the trade, the amount for trading, and to place a Put or Call option.
You will also find that there is a MetaTrader4 trading platform available for you. MT4 is one of the most common and most effective trading platforms in the world, and most traders are familiar with it.
Web Trading Platform.
Pros Cons Available on Windows and MT4 No alerts and notifications Multi-functional charting tools Easy access and user friendly Customizable 200+ financial markets available.
There are two types of trading orders with Olymp Trade, price orders and time orders. With price orders, you can place an order, depending on the price you have limited to. As for the time orders, you can place an order at a specific time, which will be automatically executed at the time requested.
You may not be able to activate alerts and notifications for your Olymp Trade trading platform account, but you will be able to view all of your past and pending orders. You will also have the option to look through your past traders, along with a detailed report of those trades. This will help you keep track of your trades, and what your next could be.
With Olymp Trade platform, the interface is very simple and easy to use. You will not find any issue with finding the indicators, tools, and financial markets. The web trading platform is a multi-chart platform, which means that you can operate several charts at once.
The desktop trading platform is similar to the Olymp Trade web trading platform, but the desktop trading platform must be downloaded as an add-on to your device, Windows or Mac.
Mobile Trading Platform.
Pros Cons Trading 24/7 No two-step login process User friendly Fingerprint recognition for login available 200+ financial markets available Multi-charts feature available.
There are two types of trading orders with Olymp Trade mobile application, price orders and time orders. With price orders, you can place an order, depending on the price you have limited to. As for the time orders, you can place an order at a specific time, which will be automatically executed at the time requested.
With Olymp Trade mobile application, you are able to use your fingerprint as a form of logging in to your trading account. The fingerprint recognition feature is very rare to find, since it requires advanced technology. Despite not having a two-step login process, the fingerprint recognition is a better alternative.
With the mobile application platform, you are able to activate alerts and notifications through your mobile settings. You will see it in the form of a push notification found in your device's settings.
Overall, the Olymp Trade mobile application is very user friendly and it allows traders- on-the-go to never miss an essential opportunity to trade. The mobile application is available for traders with software, iOS and Android. With the Android, you can enable the fingerprint recognition feature, as another form of logging in.
Deposits and Withdrawals.
Olymp Trade offers their traders with various options on deposits and withdrawals. With deposits, traders can fund their accounts through different payment methods; these methods include the use of Visa and MasterCard, electronic payments, and Boleto. Boleto is an option available for all clients based in Brazil. Clients who prefer using e-wallets can apply through Web Money, Neteller, Skrill, Bitcoin, Qiwi, and Yandex Money. Withdrawals have the exact same options for payment, as well.
Pros Cons No deposit fee None Low minimum deposit amount Fast deposit process Various options for deposits Deposit Options Bank Wire Transfer Credit And Debit Cards Neteller Skrill WebMoney Qiwi Wallet Yandex FasaPay BitCoin.
With Olymp Trade, there is an option that traders can make a withdrawal, after completing the deposit. The maximum waiting time for a withdrawal request can take up to three days, but Olymp Trade attempts to finish the transaction as fast as possible. Any trader with the Standard Account, the average waiting time is twenty four hours. However, as a VIP Account holder, the average waiting time is only a few hours. There are no withdrawal fees and the minimum withdrawal amount is ten dollars. Along with that, all transaction fees are on Olymp Trade and they do not charge commissions to traders.
Pros Cons No withdrawal fee None Fast withdrawal process Low minimum withdrawal amount Withdrawal Options Bank Wire Transfer Credit And Debit Cards Neteller Skrill WebMoney Qiwi Wallet Yandex FasaPay BitCoin.
Customer Support.
With Olymp Trade, they provide a customer service support that is available 247. The customer support can be reached via email, phone support, or by contact form. Their phone support is available in South Africa and Argentina.
Pros Cons Available 24\7 PO customer service can be a slow process Various methods of customer support Relevant responses.
Means Of Communication.
Email Phone support PO Address.
Customer Reviews.
Many traders have been impressed by the trading experience of Olymp Trade, specifically in the customer service support and the withdrawal process. Traders who have requested withdrawals receive their funds in only 24 hours, while VIP Account holders receive it in a few hours. Many traders who have used the customer service were grateful of the fast and relevant answers they have received, but the PO customer support method has been considered slow compared to the other customer support options.
Learn Olymp Trade.
Olymp Trade provides potential traders, who want to become experienced traders, access to the trading experience without facing any financial loss, through a Demo Account. The Demo Account offers virtual funds of ten thousand of the currency of trader's choice, to give them the option to evaluate the benefits of their in-house trading platform.
The trading account that benefits all traders provided by Olymp Trade is the Demo Account, which is considered a trial-run for prospective clients. The Demo Account is a free account, which permits the prospective trader ten thousand virtual funds. You can access the Demo Account from the website and it is a very easy and convenient form of learning.
Demo Account.
Pros Cons Available for all traders VIP Account is not available Free for all traders Choose the base currency of your choice 10,000 virtual funds to trade with.
Means of Learning.
Strategies Webinar DO Webinar Forex Demo Account.
Resources of Olymp Trade.
Olymp Trade has an expanding range of educational materials and resources, allowing educating traders on everything they need to make good trading decisions and find the best trading strategies. These educational resources are: webinars, video tutorials, trend indicators, blog posts, and a social media platform presence.
Olymp Trade is considered one of the trendiest and most popular trading providers that utilize social media to their benefit. Social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube are used to disseminate educational resources to their traders. Any client who is interested in being educated in the trading industry has access to do so through a live stream via Facebook, or join the webinars available on YouTube.
The video tutorials available for traders consist of guidelines and how-to videos that articulate over any confusion traders might have over the website.
Pros Cons Uses social media as an educational tool No news feed with live updates Easy access for traders Visual aid on using the platform Free educational resources Daily and weekly reviews available on blog Interactive courses.
There are also trading tools that traders will find very helpful during their trading sessions. The most common trading tool is the economic calendar, which set up alerts of the most important trading events that are taking place at a specific time and date. The trading signals also allows you to move in a certain direction, through analytics and in-depth data, so you can profit from your trading as efficiently as possible and not face major financial loss.
Trading Tools.
There are many trading tools provided by Olymp Trade, which are easily accessed for all traders. The trading tools include fundamental analysis, cryptocurrency support, and other tools that can be found on their in-house trading platform.
Olymp Trading Tools Economic calendar Cryptocurrency support Trade cancellation tool Pending trade Trading signals.
The economic calendar is a calendar that has all of the most important trading events taking place all over the world set up for you to be reminded of. As for the Olymp Trade cryptocurrency support, this trading services provider is very encouraging to trading crypto-assets. They provide a support service for all traders who are interested in trading with cryptocurrencies, andor are already trading with crypto-assets. The trade cancellation tool allows you to cancel a previous trade, which is a rare tool to find in a broker.
The pending trade tool allows you to trade in advance by choosing from a list of order types that will be automatically activated at a later point. As for the trading signals, you will be able to look at different indicators that are catered to your trading strategy and build your trading decision, with the proper data and analytical insight of the trading signals.
Pros Cons Available for all traders Trading signals available for only VIP Account holders Easy access and user friendly Accurate trading tools Available on web trading platform, desktop trading platform, and mobile application.
Olymp Trade is a trading services provider that was created in 2014 in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. It currently has 25,000+ active users, using either their Standard Account or their VIP Account. Olymp Trade is regulated by being a member of the renowned International Financial Commission (IFC), which is a mediator between the trader and the broker. The members of the IFC are required to hand in an annual report as a form of Monitoring and Evaluating, along with a 20,000USD financial compensation if there was any financial misconduct caused by the broker.
Olymp Trade is one of the most famous binary option brokers, since binary options are a rare trading asset. However, they do not accept clients from various countries, including but not limited to the US, UK, and Japan. They are also one of the very few brokers who have a strong social media presence, using social media as an educational tool for traders to learn through.
Is Olymp Trade Safe?
Olymp Trade is a financial services provider that is regulated and part of the International Financial Commission (IFC). The IFC guarantees that if any financial loss takes place that was not caused by the trader, then they will be financially compensated with 20,000USD.
What Is Olymp Trade And How It Works?
Olymp Trade is a well-known online trading platform, which was established in 2014. There are many different assets, including binary options which are a rare trading asset in brokers that have helped keep Olymp Trade afloat and surrounded by loyal clientele.
Can I Earn Money From Olymp Trade?
You can earn money by trading with Olymp Trade through the trading sessions of these trading assets: Currency Pairs; Cryptocurrencies; Commodities; Stocks; Indices; ETFs; and Binary Option.
How Much Can You Withdraw From Olymp Trade?
You can withdraw funds from Olymp Trade through these following withdrawal options: Bank Wire Transfer; Credit and Debit Cards; Neteller; Skrill; WebMoney; Qiwi Wallet; Yandex; FasaPay; or BitCoin.
How Legit Is Olymp Trade?
Olymp Trade is a financial services provider that is regulated and part of the International Financial Commission (IFC). The IFC guarantees that if any financial loss takes place that was not caused by the trader, then they will be financially compensated with 20,000USD.
What Is Risk Free Trade In Olymp Trade?
A risk-free trade in Olymp Trade means that whatever amount you traded with will automatically be returned to your account if your trade was unsuccessful. Thus, you will never be at risk of losing all your money during unsuccessful trades.
Is Olymp Trade A Broker?
Olymp Trade is a broker that was founded in 2014 and it is now one of the most famous binary options brokers. They currently have over 25,000 active users, which grows with each day.
Does Olymp Trade Accept MasterCard?
Yes, they accept Credit and Debit Cards for deposits and withdrawals. However, you can only deposit and withdraw funds that hold the same account name as your Olymp Trade account.
Is Olymp Trade A Forex Trader?
Yes, Olymp Trade is a Forex trading service provider, among 70+ other trading instruments.
Where Is Olymp Trade Located?
Olymp Trade is located and headquartered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.