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Aviator: raise up to $100 per day

Started by PocketOption, Jan 29, 2023, 03:04 pm

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Aviator: raise up to $100 per day

Aviator: raise up to $100 per day.

A new game called Aviator is gaining popularity online. Everything would be fine, but so far no one has done reviews, has not written reviews. I decided to test the game personally. And that's what happened!

What is important to know?

The developers guarantee that the game excludes third-party interference in the results of the game. The reason is the use of Provably Fair cryptographic technology. The result of each round is transparent for its players and is protected from outside influence - it does not get to the company's server.

The formation of the outcome of the round depends on 4 participants - the game operator and the first three users who made bets.

In one round, the player can open two panels of the site at once and make two bets at the same time.

The technology is really working and is used in all cryptographic algorithms, providing anonymity and randomization.

How is the game going?

The game takes place on the platform ( PokerDom ) After pressing the "Take off" button, the trajectory of the taking off aircraft appears:

2. You must stop before the plane leaves. Sometimes it's 20x, 30x, 100x. For example, as in this screenshot:

That is, by placing 25 rubles and fixing it at 20x, you can earn 500 rubles. But let's not be under the illusion that everything is so simple. Very often the plane leaves early. Now let's talk about strategies.

How to make money on the game?

There are 2 strategies: fast and slow.

Fast: All bets close at 1 win.1-1.5x. If you look at the history of the Aviator game for money (open), then very rarely the plane flies before these indicators. So you can safely close in the early stages. Is it possible to earn serious money, I think so.

Slow: A pattern in the game has been identified. Either odds are below 2 in a row, or  1 Sieg consistently higher. It is necessary to wait for this moment and play as follows.

We place 2 bets of the same size. The first one closes at 2x, thus covering the second bet. And we close the second one with a factor of 10x and  aviator game for  Aviator game for money money higher.

The second strategy is much better both in terms of money and in terms of game logic. Here's what it looks like:

Thus, the first bet outbids the second and you can safely expect 10-20x.

But what can happen if you play for more serious amounts:

The second bet closed at 1 win.5x, thus repulsing the first bet in the amount of 2000 rubles. And the first one closed at 7-8x, net profit was about 14,000 rubles.

Watch the video on how to work with this strategy:

Checking the channel admin Hacker's Corner.

I post on the channel only those schemes that can really be applied, so I decided to check it out especially for you.

Registered on the platform - Replenished the account for 800 rubles.

What will I say? I played for about an hour, following the strategy. Earned 1400 rubles from above:

The scheme is quite working and  Fliegerspiel für Geld you can earn money on it, so I can recommend it to all subscribers. I will continue to test various schemes and strategies for you. All the best, friends!

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