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14 Best Crypto Trading Signals - Free & Paid Crypto Signal Groups in 2022.

Started by admin, Jun 01, 2022, 05:03 am

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14 Best Crypto Trading Signals - Free & Paid Crypto Signal Groups in 2022.
Crypto Trading Signals are trading ideas used for the analysis and tracking of a particular currency. Trading signals indicate the right time to buy or sell a cryptocurrency at a specific price. The crypto market is flooding with crypto trading signal providers. Therefore, choosing one of the best signal provider is the key to better trade in the crypto market.
There is no guarantee of success but a good trading signal provider will contribute to your financial security. One of the key benefits of trading signals is that they will provide valuable trading data to you. This will help you manage your investment in a better way. Signal providers help you learn how to make use of stop losses, set targets at the right time and the suitable time of entry and exit to maximize profits.
There are a few crucial parameters that you as an investor should look into before selecting a signal provider. These parameters are listed below:
Financial - They are both free ad paid signal providers. You can choose according to your requirement. With free signal providers there is always a chance that you are not dealing with an expert. And investing your money upon their advice is risk you are taking with your money. Using paid crypto signal provider is highly recommended. Time frame - Trade takes place at four different time frames during the day: day traders, position traders, resellers, and swing traders. Performance - By comparing average profit pips with lost pipes on you can get an idea about the overall performance of the signal provider Moreover, also look out for the crypto trading signal issuance ratio and actual transactions taking place. Trading strategy - Different signal providers use different kinds of strategies, so choose according to your need. The best crypto trading signal service generally uses fundamental and technical analysis. Win Rate - Always choose a signal provider with a reasonable win rate. A signal provides claiming a perfect win rate is surely fake and we would suggest you stay away from them Reputation - Always check reviews and do your research to understand the reputation of crypto signal providers. You can also look at the history and note the signal provider's monthly pip profit and other metrics.
We have compiled a list of Crypto Signal Providers that can help you in selecting the best ones for your portfolio:
0.75 ETH for 6 months.
1. Elliott Wave Forecast.
Elliott Wave Forecast is a very popular name in the crypto world. It is known for using blue boxes for trading. Blue Boxes are high-frequency and high probability inflection areas that are based on a relationship of sequences, cycles and calculated using Fibonacci extensions. In a blue box, both buyers and sellers agree in direction of the next move for 3 swings at least. These provide great entry points with a well-defined risk to enter the market in accordance with the ongoing trend.
The key features of Elliott Wave Forecast Trade Signal include:
Frequent chart updates. 1 Hour charts updated 4 times a day. 4 Hour charts updated 5 times a week. Daily and weekly charts updated over the weekend. Live analysis sessions Daily / Weekly videos Signals based on High probability / Low risk blue box trading areas. Live chat room support Educational videos.
2. Signals Blue.
Signals Blue is one of the best crypto signal providers in the market. This platform is an excellent option for traders. Even if you are new to the crypto world and use any trading and crypto broker, this platform will give you access to the trading system for both veteran traders and mentors. This means you can not only use Signals Blue to buy and sell but also gain an advantage by getting training with proposed trainers.
Below is a sneak peek of its signal chatbox:
Key features of Signals Blue:
Flexible working hours of the team as the team operates from different time zones - Europe and North America AI-based tools used for tracking the cryptocurrency market and capture all the potential anomalies Signals published is supported by analysis and expert advice The service is tailored for beginners and experts, both Dedicated Support from the team.
The success of Signals Blue can be identified from the fact that they have an accuracy rate of 91.07%, as of March 2021. This impressive success rate qualifies Signals Blue amongst the best-paid crypto signals provider. Give a read to a list of the Best NFT Stocks that can earn you great returns if you invest in them today.
3. Crypto Alarm.
Crypto Alarm is a Telegram crypto signal provider. Their team of 11 analysts is tracking the performance of cryptocurrencies. The analysis of cryptocurrency by the Crypto alarm team is based on:
Chances of development of the digital currency Investment risk Forecasted/expected growth or decline.
A trade signal takes just about 5 minutes to reach potential investors. This time frame includes the analysis of the cryptocurrency and the analysts researching the probability of an improvement. Crypto Alarm stands out because of its fast-paced work and is amongst the best crypto signal provider.
4. Fat Pig Signals.
Fat Pig Signals is a crypto trading Telegram group. This name has been part of the trading world for quite a while and has managed to stay on the top till today. Fat Pig Signals base their trading signal on pure analysis. They do a detailed analysis of the cryptocurrency market and then issue reports which are sent via telegram. Based on the signals send via telegram, investors/users make their trading decisions.
The analysts at Fat Pig Signals stress upon the fact " Never put all your eggs in one basket ". Hence their signals help traders diversify their portfolio which further assists them in reducing the risk of losing huge amounts of money. Their service aims to offer the best cryptocurrency market studies, technical analysis, and signals.
Fat Pig Signals Telegram VIP channel is for all paid users. The type of signals shared here includes Altcoin signals and Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, BCash, and BTC signals. These signals are backed by detailed analysis reports which tell what positions they occupy and why.
Here is a snapshot of the trading signals Fat Pig Signals issue:
The above results show the maximum variation of the specified digital currency. The percentages reflect the maximum possible potential gain.
5. Universal Crypto signals.
Universal Crypto signals were founded in 2018. After a successful launch of the free crypto trading telegram channel, they created the paid premium channel. Universal Crypto Signals have a dedicated premium channel for Altcoins trading and Margin/Leveraged trading along with other top cryptocurrencies. In addition to it, their premium channel comes with a premium TRollbox where investors/users can post/discuss trade ideas and queries. The analysts at Universal Crypto Signal have their trading strategy. This self-developed strategy is their key to success and their USP. Their strategy is to give accurate trade signals with precision in all kinds of market conditions. Universal Crypto Signals no doubt is amongst the best crypto signal channel.
The key features of Universal Trading Signals are:
Well experienced team Own developed trading strategy Easily understandable setup Fully automated trading signals which use the Cornix Trading Bot No compromise on quality Well known for their Unique Cryptomarketcap Analysis Provide the trade setup with the best perfect entry.
6. Verified Crypto Traders.
Verified Crypto Traders is a very prominent name in the Crypto world. They are well known for their astonishingly accurate crypto signals. Their reports about the bearish and/or bullish trend in the market are very valuable for traders/investors in understanding the market and what to expect in near future.
The team of Verified Crypto Traders uses 2 main strategies in all their analysis:
Breakout Strategy - This strategy is focused upon quicker scalp trading in shorter periods. It comes in handy for rapid-fire breakout trades. DCA strategy - This strategy is focused upon stable and safe growth for trading accounts. It is mainly used for swing trades with select targeting of entry/exit points.
The key features of Verified Crypto Traders are:
All plans come with FREE Auto-Trading Technical Analysis and trade ideas shared and updated weekly Extreme valuable and informative coin recommendations. These recommendations are backed by fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and market sentiment Short, medium, and long-term buy signals Provide tracking with Cornix audit log Diamond Reports - These are also called undervalued crypto gems.
7. 4C Trading.
4C Trading is a team of cryptocurrency pioneers. They aim to be the world leader in crypto bot trading, therefore, 4C Trading plans to build the best automated crypto trading platform technology can develop. 4C Trading is one of the best crypto signal providers in the market. It will not only assist you in growing your money but will also help you increase your knowledge about the crypto world along with trading courses.
4C Trading offers its users/investors simple yet very important thing:
Transparent & User-friendly Crypto Trading Customer-Centric Education aimed at better trading Latest AI algorithms for High Net Worth Trading Customizable Bots trading crypto.
In addition to the above feature, 4C Trading also offers the below services to its users/traders:
Trading courses that educate you upon how to build your wealth Automated SMART Bots that trade BTC, ETH, and LINK on the Binance exchange Webinars and streams with market leaders and experts Secure dashboard for your portfolio, protected by the latest encryption technologies Direct communication with traders and experts.
8. Crypto Classics.
Crypto Classics is one of the prominent names in the Crypto World which provides the best crypto trading signals. It originated in the Forex world before the start of Bitcoin but quickly adapted to the new market. It has a network of more than 3000 users today.
Their USP is their communication. In today's digital world where communication is limited to messaging, the team of Crypto Classics welcomes phone calls from all users and is readily available to solve all queries through phone calls. Crypto Classics is amongst the best crypto signal provider based on its history and USP.
The key features of Crypto Classics:
Friendly and responsible team Transparency regarding your payments and trades Up to 80% in the signals provides Simple and easy to use platform for both pro traders and beginners.
9. Crypto Rand.
Crypto Rand Group is a paid professional group with a huge number of traders who seek expert advice and crypto signals. Crypto Rand analysts also provide detailed analyses on various crypto instruments and currencies. The popularity of Crypto Rand has increased to the level that the capacity of accommodating traders is always full. Often traders are put on waiting list when they show interest in becoming a member.
Crypto Rand services include:
Team of 8 people ready to help and guide traders Frequent market analysis updates all along the day Public signals with the best trading setups and opportunities Articles and news filtered and commented daily by experts Content and lessons adapted according to the trader's level of knowledge.
Crypto Rand offers multiple plans, for investors which are tailored to provide a new degree of assistance as they grow through them. Plans are as follows.
At $19.95/ month you get three updates per week which include: Full review of Bitcoin Big and mid-caps altcoin index Lessons and examples Leverage setups News At $200/month you get everything you need: Lessons Technical Analysis Newsletter/Recap Investment Opportunities Leverage Setups Discussion Channels Job Offers Access Teacher Room Access Signals Leverage Setups On Demand Direct Support Line Coin Calls.
Crypto Rand also conducts live session to inform its members about the market situation, with the potential scenarios while highlighting all the major moves/news in the crypto and stock markets. In addition to it also provides one-to-one mentorship which is about custom-tailored tuition about technical analysis. Crypto Rand has earned immense popularity in the crypto world and is undoubtedly one of the best crypto signal providers.
10. Rocket Wallet.
Rocket Wallet is another popular crypto signal provider which is knows for the way its VIP members are treated. Its VIP member base get detailed insights about the current market situation. Rocket Wallet provides a moderated VIP Chat group for discussions about ongoing signals, trends, or general questions about cryptocurrencies and the moderator team tries to leave no questions unanswered.
The VIP service of Rocket Wallet consists of 3 different channels:
The VIP Signals Channel : It contains all signals posted by the trading team The VIP Updates Channel : It provides regular updates on open signals and the current market trends. The VIP Insights/Tips Channel : It allows members to learn about trading techniques.
The free telegram group of Rocket Wallet signals currently holds 35,000 members. Around 1-3 signals are posted every day which can even increase to 5. Since the focus is on providing information and knowledge that is useful and practical, it is possible that some days might go without any signal. A monthly report is issued at the month end which verifies the past performances of the crypto signal provider.
The crypto signal provider has the following subscription services:
Lifetime membership for $1300 One year membership for $700 Six-month membership for $390 Three-month membership for $220 One month membership for $90.
In order to evaluate their services, investors can purchase the one-month subscription at $90. Rocket Wallet has earned its name as one of the best crypto signal providers and has reached 1000 VIP members by April 2021. This gives all the more reasons to invest in their subscription services.
11. Blockchain Sparrow Signals.
Blockchain Sparrows Signals uses both machine learning algorithms and human expertise to send crypto signals to traders through an AI-based platform. The goal of the developers of this crypto signal provider is to take down the barriers in global finance by using new crypto technologies powered by AI. Through artificial intelligence, subscribers of this signal provider can make successful trades.
The Crypto signal provider is using multiple scalping strategies which include Elite Waves, Harmonic, VSA, Volume Profile, and AI to provide free signals to its members.
Blockchain Sparrows BCS Features:
Reliable and safe trade Artificial intelligence algorithm that determines the percentage of entry into the deal and the appropriate entry time. 24/7 technical support. Monitor positions by professional analysts and successful traders. Users have control for positions size, positions no. etc. Capital protection in case the market fluctuates. Trading pairs BTC & USDT.
They have recently succeeded to close 4493 signals in profit which are 94.85% signals using AI algorithm. The subscription package starts from $15 and its is a great deal for a service that provides AI based crypto signals.
12. is a team of highly trained traders that have been trading the cryptocurrency market since 2014. Through a combination of in-depth technical analysis, AI algorithms, and fundamental research - is constantly looking for trading opportunities for its members. provides three VIP signals every week to its members which are equipped with complete technical analysis.
They offer four different subscription plans:
At £35/month (roughly $48) they offer 2-3 Signals Daily 82% Success Rate Entry, Take Profit & Stop Loss Amount To Risk Per Trade Risk Reward Ratio At £65/ quarter (roughly $90) they offer the same services as above but at a discounted rate At £95 semi-annually (roughly $132) they offer the same services as above but at a discounted rate At £175/ quarter (roughly $243) they offer the same services as above but at a discounted rate.
For beginners this is an excellent platform as it educates its members along the way. They have a three-step procedure:
Understand the market - They educate the member the craft of technical analysis which means advanced research on cryptocurrency pricing trends through a wide variety of indicators. Gain our skill set - They help traders of all skill-sets. Trade with profit - Through investors learn to trade in a risk-averse manner. is an excellent crypto signal provider with great views from its members. They have excellent free services for all and paid services for its members. At such an affordable price, members can learn to manage their finances better. Get to know the list of crypto mining companies that are leading the industry.
13. CQS Premium.
CQS premium is a paid platform for crypto trading signals. CQS premium provides qualified signals for trading.
Crypto Quality Signals offers two Premium packages:
CQS Premium Gold (Priced at $30/month) offers Exchanges BINANCE, BITTREX, BITMEX, HUOBI, KUCOIN, POLONIEX, OKEX, DERIBIT and BYBIT. Daily short term signals Daily mid term signals for great profit within a few weeks (depending on market) Portfolio advice and personal support Separate channels for each exchange Channel for resulting reports Channel for short term signals Channel for News and alerts Channel for BITCOIN and Technical Analysis Channel for Margin trading signals Premium chat group Integrated Cornix Telegram trading bot (free for two weeks, purchased separately later) Integrated ProfitTrading App for Android (purchased separately) Integration with other trading bots (CryptoHopper, Crypto-PHP, Zignaly, Nefertiti, Anny De Crypto and 3Commas) CQS Premium Silver (Priced at $10/month) offers Exchanges BINANCE, BITTREX, BITMEX and HUOBI Daily short term signals Daily mid term signals for great profit within a few weeks (depending on market) Channel for resulting reports Signals from Telegram bot Integrated Cornix Telegram trading bot (free for two weeks, purchased separately later) Integrated ProfitTrading App for Android (purchased separately) Integration with other trading bots (CryptoHopper, Crypto-PHP, Zignaly, Nefertiti, Anny De Crypto and 3Commas)
In addition to the above paid signals, CQS Premium offers free scalping for traders. CQS supports numerous trading bots and platforms such as Cryptohopper, Zignaly, Cornix, and 3 commas, to name a few. At such low price, CQS Premium is a great crypto signal provider.
14. HIRN Crypto.
HIRN Signals is run by a team of experienced, professional traders that share Crypto Trading Signals. They use artificial intelligence (AI) for better and more accurate predictions, to gain better profits. Moreover, their aim is to provide excellent customer service hence they continuously optimize their signals based on changing market conditions which benefits members by giving them better profits with less risk.
Their services start from $35 and offer a variety of signal and trade advices which include:
HIRN FTX Snipper shots HIRN Crypto Futures HIRN Premium BTC HIRN Crypto VVIP HIRN Premium USDT HIRN Crypto VIP.
HIRN has a very detailed blog section. It includes important updates about the crypto signals they issue. Some of the technical blogs are restricted to paid members. HIRN Crypto signal provider is a great investment at the mentioned price. The wide range of services enables investors to better manage the investments of their choice.
The above list of crypto signal providers, has been finalized after scrutinizing multiple factors. Each signal provider have their unique selling point. They are contributing something different hence they are amongst the top picks. Moreover, the criteria for the list of providers is based on independent review of customer support, value for money, availability, quality of service, customer happiness, trading strategy and other factors. The ease of use and support offered to investors make them the top choice of investors.
The list of providers were researched by Shayan who is an experienced freelance researcher on Financial Markets.. All products listed were reviewed based on the aforementioned criteria and solely based on his independent views and opinions.
Disclaimer: None of the information published in this article should be construed as investment advice. Article is based on author's independent research, we strongly advise our readers to always do their due diligence before investing.
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