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Bit Mining Sells’s Mining Operations for $5 Million 

Started by Bitcoin, Dec 31, 2023, 09:37 am

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Bit Mining Sells's Mining Operations for $5 Million 

Bit Mining Sells's Mining Operations for $5 Million 

On Friday, Bit Mining Limited declared it had sold the mining pool operations of to a Hong Kong limited liability company for $5 million. This transaction is anticipated to bolster the total equity of Bit Mining’s shareholders, contingent upon certain concluding conditions.

BTCM Offloads Mining Pool for $5 Million

Bit Mining (NYSE: BTCM) has revealed that it divested its mining pool division related to for a sum of $5 million. The sale was made to Esport-Win Limited, a firm based in Hong Kong. The company, listed on the NYSE and engaged in mining and blockchain infrastructure, reported that while the pool had generated $593.2 million in yearly revenue, it incurred a net operating loss of $2.6 million over the full year.

BTCM expressed anticipation that the divestiture would lead to heightened profitability and a more robust cash standing. Originally known as Ltd and operating as a sports lottery firm, BTCM shifted focus towards bitcoin mining in 2021, acquiring from Bitmain. BTCM’s chief, Xianfeng Yang, is optimistic that the disposal will augment the firm’s prevailing operations.

"By selling the loss-making mining pool business, we will be more resilient with our core resources focused on advancing the research and development of our existing businesses," Yang said. "Meanwhile, the cash proceeds from the transaction and our company's enhanced profitability outlook will further strengthen our position to explore new areas with greater potential and room for future expansion."

When initially acquired,’s pool was a significant player in the bitcoin mining industry, commanding over 10% of the total hashrate at the time and ranking among the top five globally. However, as of Dec. 30, 2023, its hashrate share has dwindled to just 1% of the network’s hashrate, positioning it as the 15th largest mining pool. While BTCM sold the pool venture, it did not sell the internet domain or blockchain explorer services.

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Source: Bit Mining Sells's Mining Operations for $5 Million