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Binance Affiliate Program Guide.

Started by Affiliate, Aug 15, 2022, 08:13 am

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Binance Affiliate Program Guide.
Are you looking for more ways to generate income with Binance? As a Binance Affiliate, you'll have the chance to earn a steady stream of passive income and up to $72,000 in bonuses per month for introducing the world to Binance.
The Binance Affiliate Program is divided between Spot and Futures trading. The program allows you to create unique standard referral links that invite your audience to register and trade on Binance. If anyone clicks the link and registers, they'll be automatically attributed as your referee. You'll receive a commission on every trade they make, whether it's on Binance Spot, Futures, or Margin trading, or even Binance Pool. All of this through the same link.
YouTubers, crypto community leaders, writers in media, and other content creators who are interested in becoming Binance affiliate partners and meet the following criteria:
Social media accounts with 5000+ followers Communities with 500+ members Businesses and organizations with 2000+ user base All media publishing sites.
How does the Binance Affiliate Program work?
Submit your application by filling this form . Once our team evaluates your application and ensures you meet the above criteria, your application will be approved.
Visit the Standard Referral Mode page , create and manage your standard referral links right from your Binance Account. You can track the performance for each referral link you share. These can be customized for each channel and for various discounts you would like to share with your community.
When someone signs up or registers an account on Binance with your standard referral link , you can get up to 50% commission every time they complete a trade. What are you waiting for? Join the program now.
Binance Affiliate Program Benefits : Payout Structure for Affiliates.
*Total referred traders: the number of users who registered with your standard referral link and made a Spot, Margin, or Futures transaction.
All of our approved spot affiliate partners receive a 41% commission rate (increased from 20% default for regular partners) on Spot trading. On top of that, those who invite more than 500 traders are eligible to apply and receive an increased commission of 50%. Once you earn an increased Spot commission rate and pass each quarterly review, it's for life. Yes, lifetime commissions--no caps, no time limits, just a stream of immediate payouts after each trade completed which only grows the more users you invite.
You will get a 40% base referral bonus when joining the program. This means you get 30% of trading fees from the friends you invite and your friends get a 10% discount on trading fees, the 10% "kickback" rate shared by the inviter will last for 30 days from the date of Futures account activation .
*The referral commission for the Futures market is limited to one year starting from the time the invitee opens their futures account.
As a Binance Affiliate, you automatically receive a $50 sign-up bonus package to offer your community. New users who sign-up with your standard referral link will receive three tasks to complete in the Task Center. Each new user will receive a Spot cashback voucher for every task completed as a reward. Our cashback task incentives include:
$5 Spot cashback voucher for making a deposit of ≥ $100 within 5 days. $20 Spot cashback voucher for making a Spot trade of ≥ $1,000. $25 Spot cashback voucher for making a Spot trade of ≥ $20,000.
Create a Binance account using your standard referral link . Locate the sign-up bonus tasks in their Task Center. Complete the tasks according to the task description to receive the sign-up bonus.
How will your Binance Affiliate Program membership be evaluated?
For each Affiliate, the referral commission rate will be adjusted first for 3 months (that is, 90 days after the adjustment date), and upon the completion of 90 days, only affiliates that meet the below-mentioned criteria will continue to receive standard referral commission benefits . Upon successfully meeting the minimum requirements, affiliates will receive a further 90 days extension at which time the next assessment will be conducted.
For Spot (41%) and Futures (30%): Onboard 10 new traders and achieve a new trader volume of at least 50 BTC.
For Spot (50%) and Futures (30%): Onboard 100 new traders and achieve a new trader volume of at least 500 BTC.
To be eligible to apply for a 50% Spot standard referral commission rate for the first time, the affiliate must have onboarded at least 500 total traders. Please contact your account manager or customer service to apply for a 50% Spot standard referral commission rate after you have invited a total of 500 traders. The minimum requirements of quarterly evaluation are based on the affiliate's Spot standard referral commission rate . Affiliates with a 50% Spot referral commission rate require more traders and a higher trading volume for new traders. If the affiliate who currently enjoys 50% Spot standard referral commission rate , fails to pass the quarterly review for onboarding 100 new traders and achieving a new trader volume of at least 500 BTC, but onboarded at least 10 new traders and achieved a new trader volume of at least 50 BTC in one quarter, the affiliate's Spot standard referral commission rate will be reduced from 50% to 41%. If the affiliate whose Spot standard referral commission rate is deducted to 41%, onboards 100 new traders who achieve at least 500 BTC of total trading volume in one quarter, then the affiliate's Spot standard referral commission rate can be increased from 41% to 50% again.
In addition to earning 30% commission and providing an initial 10% discount to your referrals, Binance Futures Affiliates can now earn a bonus of up to 72,000 USDT based on the fees paid by their referrals over a period of 1 calendar month.
The bonus process is actually very simple and all Binance Futures Affiliates are eligible for the Bonus Program by default!
For example, if your referrals generate the equivalent of 15,000 USDT in trading fees between 2020-04-01 and 2020-04-30, then in addition to your standard referral commission, you will receive a bonus of 1,500 USDT!
Bonuses will be distributed in USDT directly to the affiliates registered Binance Futures account before the 10th day of every respective month.