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Scalping Robot v3.0

Started by admin, Oct 14, 2019, 06:07 pm

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 Out performed both other scalping bots in the test period. The Forex Scalping Robot v3.0 wins the test as the best performing cheapest solution. The other robots also faired well but not as well as FSR 3.0. 2. AlgoTradeSoft. Great scalping robot but very expensive coming in at $30000.00. Impressive volume management system based on likelihood of trade succeeding. Free test on demo through MQL5. Live Account Verified on Myfxbook. Broker Sensitive because of the revolutionary time trailing stop loss. High Profit Factor. Poor when slippage is added. AlgoTradeSoft's Scalping Robot is a great piece of software for professionals. It is extremely effective and profitable under the right trading conditions. When conditions change however so does the performance. You need a professional ECN Account for this robot to work properly. If you have all this it is a great bot to go for. 3. Everex FX Scalping Robot. Well priced at $299. Demo Account Verified on Myfxbook. Trades 2 Pairs : EURUSD and GBPUSD. Time trailing stop loss similar to ATS. Limited amount of Lots (7 per trade) Scores very well under backtests and forward demo tests. Long term profits. Everex is a great scalping robot. We are surprised they do not have live trading data as we have had great results on a live account. One more pair than the other 2 bots and we must say it performs exceptionally well on GBPUSD. We are also surprised with the limited lot size, you have to pay more to trade more lots. All round very stable good Forex scalping robot. We hope you have enjoyed our comparison between these 3 Forex robots. If you have the money we recommend you buy all 3. If you only have enough money for one we recommend buying FSR 3.0 - سعيد للتجارة! The Best Forex Scalping EA. So we claim to have the best Forex scalping ea , many people claim many things, why should you believe us? Well quite plainly we actually did a lot of research and testing before even coming up with the philosophy of our scalping bot. Here is a list of the tests we performed: 1. MT4 Broker with the best trading conditions for scalping. 2. Best times for scalping. 3. Best Entry points for Scalping. 4. Best trailing stop configuration. 5. Best timeframe. 6. Best combination of Trading Pairs. 7. Lowest Draw Down. MT4 Broker Test. The desired outcome for this test was to identify the MT4 retail broker with the best conditions for automated scalping on a live account. We tested a total of 20 MT4 brokers in this test. The areas we tested were execution time, latency, slippage and of course spread. We tested these factors in low and high volatility and at random market times over all majors. We immediately eliminated 16 of these brokers due to slippage which averaged over 1 pip per trade. On the remaining brokers we ran a high frequency EA over 30 days to gather further slippage and execution data. We crunched all the figures and one broker came out tops. We found that TradeView Forex was the best all-round option for scalping. The only issue that some people did have was their regulation which is in the Seychelles. From our tests however they out-performed all other brokers. This was on their Innovative Liquidity Connector Account. Best Scalping Times. In order to create the best Forex scalping EA we had to come up with the best execution time. There are a number of factors which affect execution i. e. liquidity, volatility, volumes etc. These are all connected to time. At certain times of the day there is more liquidity which increases execution speed. Execution speed is essential for success in scalping. We used the data from our brokers test to see if there were certain optimal times and days for scalping. What we found was very significant. We found the best time range which was from 06h00 GMT to 14h00 GMT. This increases our success ratio by more than 10%. Further we found that if we eliminated Mondays totally from our trading it had another 2% affect. Thus we concluded that the best time to scalp is Tuesday - Friday 06h00 GMT - 14h00 GMT. Best Entry Points. For this test we used a variety of known entry strategies for scalping including different crossovers, market cycles, Fibonacci Retracements, Volatility Indicators etc. The Entries with the most success however proved to be old reliable Support and Resistance levels. Contrary to the belief most people have these areas act as a instigator for volatility and often spikes occur at these levels. This makes it a perfect entry strategy for scalping. Best Trailing Stop Configuration. As this is our secret sauce we will not reveal the specifics but the general philosophy behind our trailing stop and essentially our exit strategy. We are strong believers of low risk, both in business and in trading. If you can limit your downside risk and have infinite upside exposure you are in a great place. Our initial stoploss is set at 2 pips which allows us to use high volumes when trading. Our trailing stop kicks in when we are 4 pips into the trade and our trade is secured by moving the stoploss to +1 pip. from this point our intellegent trailing stop "measures" various factors to determine when to trail and how many pips to trail by. There needs to be a balance between securing profit and leaving room for retracements. We believe we have found the perfect balance and our results agree. Best Timeframe. We had to establish which timeframe would be best to trade on. What we found is the higher the timeframe the more accurate the system. This however does lead to a slight problem. The Daily timeframe gives great results but doesn't trade enough. The M5 timeframes trades a lot but is not very accurate. We found the best balance for scalping was the S & R levels on the Hourly Timeframe. Best Combination of Trading Pairs. We tested all the majors. We only tested a number of pairs because the spreads on the other pairs were too high for scalping. We found that the USDJPY, EURJPY, GBPUSD and EURUSD on TradeView Forex were the best pairs to trade the Forex scalping EA. This continued into our testing on a demo account where all these pairs performed very well. When we moved to a live account there was a clear difference in execution speed. We expected this as it is impossible to replicate live execution conditions on a demo account where orders are not really filled in the market. The only pair that remained consistently profitable ... yes you guessed it .... اليورو مقابل الدولار الأميركي. We did not restrict our EA to EURUSD only as some clients may have access to a broker that offers great conditions on certain trading pairs. EURUSD is by far the best pair for scalping that we could find. Lowest Draw Down. Draw down is the biggest killer of a Forex scalping EA. We combined all the factors above to realise our goal of minimal risk and maximum reward. As mentioned earlier we use a very tight stop loss of only 2 pips. With our brokers test we were able to eliminate excessive slippage. Our intellegent trailing stop makes sure that we do not limit our profit to just a few pips, in fact our largest live trade thus far has been 35 pips. That give a risk reward ratio of 1: 17.5. we believe that this is the reason our scalping robot is trully the best and will stand the test of time. If you would like to follow our live account feel free to do so here : myfxbook/members/safxsignals/mt4-210546/1784233. So have we created the best Forex Scalping EA ? Well we certainly believe so. If you compare our robot to other Forex scalping robots we usually come out tops trade for trade. The largest single reason for this is that we use an intelligent stop system which allows us to completely manage our risk. Small risk high reward combined with a higher than normal win ratio for a scalping bot. You have a recipe for success. Try our bot free for 7 days. Enjoy !