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How The Cardano Foundation Supported Launch Of This Hybrid NFT Project

Started by Bitcoin, Oct 08, 2022, 05:51 am

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How The Cardano Foundation Supported Launch Of This Hybrid NFT Project

The Cardano Foundation announced its support for the launch of a new non-fungible token (NFT) collection that will bridge the physical world with the digital. Created by Christian Etter and Alexander Brunner, the collection is called Etter Edition 01 NFTs.

The collection will be hosted on the Cardano blockchain, and minted Web3 infrastructure provider based in Switzerland NMKR, according to a press release by the Cardano Foundation. One of the unique features of this collection is the option to trade digital assets for physical pieces.

In that sense, buyers of the Etter Edition 01 will be able to hold the NFT hosted by the Cardano blockchain or the generative motion graphics of the physical piece. Unlike other popular NFT collections, the Etter Edition 01 will be something their collectors can store with traditional pieces of art.

Christian Etter, one of the minds behind this collection and a renowned artist in Switzerland and abroad for their work on the intersection of the digital world with society, said the following on the NFT collection on how the Cardano blockchain can support the connection between art and technology:

This limited series of artwork shows the enormous benefits that decentralization can bring to the creative world. Through this project I've become truly awed by how art can be revolutionized and enhanced through technology. After many months of studying, prototyping, and developing new algorithms and hardware for this project, my eyes are truly open to the possibilities.

Cardano Foundation Celebrates Bridge Between Digital And Real World

The pieces in this NFT collection, the Cardano Foundation clarified, will be supported by "advanced metadata features". Thus, the digital piece will be created by decentralized software with the capacity to constantly change the digital painting over time.

In that sense, the qualities of each art piece will be unique. The Cardano Foundation claims this feature guarantees that the collect owns an "authentic and unaltered" piece of art that combines digital code as a major element. This combination represents the bridge between the digital and physical worlds.

Alexander Brunner, the co-creator of the collection and an advisor to the Swiss Government on blockchain and digital assets, added:

Etter Edition 01 project showcases the wide range of projects utilizing blockchain stemming from the Swiss Crypto Valley. It is particularly pleasing to see a Zurich local, Christian, demonstrate the enormous potential of the technology through this project and capture the imagination of the public while doing so (...).

The Cardano Foundation has been strengthening its ties with the community in Europe, and with key institutions to promote and develop blockchain-based initiatives. In late September, this organization announced a partnership with the University of Zurich to sponsor a Ph.D. position in Blockchain Analytics.

Its cooperation with Etter, Brunner, and NMKR is another step into growing this cooperation while expanding the applications of NFTs on the Cardano blockchain. Frederik Gregaard, CEO of the Cardano foundation, concluded:

The launch of the Etter Edition 01 project on the Cardano Blockchain demonstrates the enormous potential of the Cardano blockchain. This project also highlights Cardano Foundation's focus to facilitate innovation and solve real-world problems across global industries (...).

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Source: How The Cardano Foundation Supported Launch Of This Hybrid NFT Project