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ProBot Review 2022 | Is ProBot a Scam?

Started by PocketOption, Jan 29, 2023, 03:05 pm

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ProBot Review 2022 | Is ProBot a Scam?

ProBot Review.

We have tested this software and, besides their claim that software is free, the trader is obligated to deposit with a broker to start placing trades through ProBot. This is not odd since most binary products claim the same thing. Our story begins on ProBot website where we had experienced very exhausting video which explains why to trade ProBot.

* does not recommend using this trading software. You can trade binary options for free with tested software - Binary Options Robot!

At the end, we have stopped the video because it lasts forever and tells nothing except you will travel the world and feel like "Wolf of the Wall Street" and similar naive stories about how to become rich in just one day. We didn't like this since our goal is to find most trustful products and recommend them to traders.

Their website is visually nicely done but without much information on it. Traders can watch the video and read some of the alleged profits by traders who registered with binary options ProBot. The registration form is placed at the beginning of the page and you only need to provide your name, last name, email and phone. We couldn't make the registration with ProBot. The reason for this issue is still unfamiliar, but probably it is because the page is slow or has some technical issues. After several times, we have managed to register with ProBot, we are not sure how.

ProBot has only one available broker you can register with, at least we don't see others on the trading platform. Maybe this is not so bad when you a are a beginner, one broker is enough for you to trade basic trading options. Advanced traders will find this very limiting since there are less trading opportunities for them. ProBot offers to trade with Banc de Binary, one of the best brokers in the binary industry.

It is known as a trustworthy brand which is licensed by CySEC regulator. To start trading with ProBot, you first need to make the first deposit with Banc de Binary. Minimum deposit with Banc de Binary is $250. Traders need to register with Banc de Binary through ProBot form.

According to our ProBot review, traders are able to trade both manually and automatically. Automated trading can easily be turned off when traders decide to trade manually. ProBot is very limited product when we speak about profile customization or additional features. We are in a specific industry where traders search for advanced and additional services from brokers and automated robots. The more tools you offer, the bigger competitor you are. We want to mention that ProBot is a free software which is a positive fact, but with very few features it doesn't offer much to their customers, which will bring them a negative impression.

Binary auto trading has become more sophisticated, where traders like to be more professional in order to allocate their investments. ProBot trading platform offers information about other traders results and asset they were trading with. Besides good platform appearance, binary options ProBot trading software lacks copy trading and social tools that are now attractive to traders. The trading platform is available in more languages including English, German, Italian, French and *******. Also, during our review, we have encountered unresponsive ProBot page, which brings a negative reputation for the owner of this product. The appearance of ProBot platform can be viewed on the screenshot below.

During our ProBot review, we have tried to find any contact that will help us during registration issue we had. The website doesn't have any contact form or live chat feature. This is unusual since most binary robots support their traders with customer support. All binary brokers also have this service available since it makes registration process and payment procedure much easier. This is another negative fact we don't like with this software. Most traders are trading newbies in the binary industry and they need a professional to help them make first steps with their software.

Another important thing we have to point out is Terms and Conditions, which are not available until trader register with ProBot. This practice is not supported by and as with other products, traders always have to know what kind of risk are they taking with ProBot registration or any other trading product. Think about this before you start trading with ProBot. Traders are giving their personal information on during the signup, but they don't know anything about their responsibilities.

After we have finally managed to register with binary options ProBot, we wanted to see what Terms and Conditions say about our commitments. We can only say that the information they are trying to send their clients is pretty vague which makes them irresponsible and a little bit scammy. tries to protect traders from products like this, so we kindly recommend to trade with verified products such as Binary Options Robot.

We don't like fake promises where products like ProBot ensures their success rate is 89%. Traders who are already familiar with binary options know that winning ratio depends on many factors, and there isn't such software that can guarantee fix success rate. ProBot website claims that traders need only 15 minutes to set their accounts and start making money. Because of this claims, trading newbies get in trouble because they think the only thing they need to do is register and deposit.

Well, it is not that simple to make big profits. Like for everything in life, you have to make more effort to get something in return. If you still decide to trade with ProBot, be aware that this product doesn't have anyone who could support you while you trade. Traders are basically without customer support, so for any issues or doubts, they will have to google for an answer or contact their broker who will only support him for questions that are strictly connected with a broker.


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