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Traders are Talking!

Started by admin, Oct 13, 2019, 09:20 am

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Forex Trading System.
The foreign exchange market is the largest and most liquid market in the world, with an average daily trading volume of 5.3 trillion dollars. Whether you are a new trader or an experienced investor, foreign exchange market is attractive to all investors globally. With our Rubix Prime Broker account, Rubix FX is able to provide clients with extremely competitive pricing and liquidity in the markets.
Indices are the most popular form of CFDs. At Rubix FX, we provide competitive pricing, as well as trusting stability and liquidity to indices traders globally. Our cutting edge CFD trading technology allows clients to utilize market volatility for their advantage.
Commodity trading.
At Rubix FX, clients are not required to buy physical goods to trade commodities.Instead, we combine tight pricing and flexible conditions in one product. Rubix FX offers clients the opportunities to trade energy and metal commodities, with high leverages and transparent pricing model.
Trading Products.
Rubix FX offers our clients the opportunity to trade on the award-winning MetaTrader 4 platform. MetaTrader 4 is the world's most popular trading platform for foreign exchange and CFD contracts. MetaTrader 4 provides retail clients with a variety of management tools, financial information and transaction reliability. Its built-in technical indicators and coding functions supports professional users to achieve and upgrade their automated trading strategies.


The Best Forex Trading Platforms.
Ally Invest Learn More ATC Brokers Learn More OANDA Learn More.
How We Found the Best Forex Trading Platforms.
65 Forex platforms.
50 hours of research.
4 standout providers.
By Anne Dennon Technology and Finance Writer.
Anne has written for for two years. She's interested in the digital transformations of home and money and in tech ethics.
The Best Forex Trading Platforms.
The sheer size of the Forex, or foreign exchange, market dominates all others -- even the stock market. Every payment that crosses currencies contributes to its fluctuations and momentum. And without a centralized marketplace, Forex activity buzzes practically without cease, with traders waking up and doing business everywhere, in every time zone. To get a piece of the action, you need a Forex brokerage with best-in-class technology and stellar support.
How We Chose the Best Forex Trading Brokers.
Enduring features.
We gathered a list of 65 Forex trading brokers and narrowed it down to the best five by analyzing research features, customizability options, and trading platforms. While introductory incentives (special offers, free demos, referral programs) can make brokerages attractive for the short term, we looked for standard practices that keep you happily trading for the long term. Responsive client support, for example, earned a company more points than first-time perks.
Flexible and interactive tech.
All good Forex brokers update account information in real time, display balances, and provide history reports and statements. But exceptional brokers offer trading technology that boasts a broader spectrum of features, from alerts to automated trading, cooperatively helping you execute strategic trades. Specifically, we prioritized Forex brokers with trading tech that offers customizable interfaces and interactive charts.
Mobile capabilities.
We also wanted technology that's not desktop-bound. As mobile trading continues to grow, the best brokerages make high-performance, on-the-go research and trading tools as powerful as traditional platforms. We prioritized brokers staying ahead of the curve with dedicated, well-functioning apps that are compatible with a variety of devices.
Forex brokers provide clients with resources to understand market activity and make fast, informed choices. These resources should include third-party research, research reports, and market commentary, alongside venues for sharing knowledge (community forums) and receiving advice and confirmation (live chat, email, and phone support). Exceptional brokers also include access to historical data, so traders can back-test strategies before allocating real money. (Experimenting with virtual trading is also a good way of getting your feet wet.) Alongside research options, we wanted to see education: opportunities to learn more about Forex trading and platform navigation via articles, videos, and webinars.