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Best Forex Affiliate Programs - XBT Affiliate

Started by admin, Aug 07, 2022, 09:28 am

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Best [url=""]Forex Affiliate Programs[/url].
Forex Affiliate programs are among the highest paying affiliate programs in the world. However, you need to promote the right brokers in order to maximize your earnings, as not all brokers and affiliate programs are equal. With over 10 years of experience in this dynamic industry, we know all major forex brokers and their affiliate programs, and we know which are the truly reliable affiliate programs that any Forex Affiliate must be a part of.
Top 3 Forex Affiliate Programs.
1. Hot Forex Partners - This is an affiliate program that every forex marketer must be a part of. While the interface is very basic, HotForex Partners delivers in what matters most: it converts your traffic and it generates reliable commissions. Hot Forex is a very good broker that traders love, and this is why your conversion rate with this broker will be amazing. The commissions for partners are very high, and payments are made weekly into your trader account, so there is zero delay in withdrawing your earnings.
2. XM Partners - If you are a Forex Affiliate, you must have heard of the broker XM Group. It is one of the most popular brokers worldwide, and this is because it has the most reliable affiliate program in the forex industry, and all the major forex websites are promoting it. XM Partners is the perfect Forex Affiliate program, because it has everything: a high converting and trusted broker to promote, very good affiliate interface and reporting and weekly payments. It is no wonder why every serious affiliate promotes XM Group.
3. Ava Partners - This is another high profile affiliate program because it offers very high and reliable commissions, and it's been doing so for many years without any issues. Ava Partner has paid over 250 million dollars to affiliates and it is known to be one of the highest paying affiliate programs of all times. Promoting AVA Trade can be very rewarding because the affiliate program is very generous and the broker you are promoting has a solid reputation and a decent conversion rate.
Forex Affiliate Common Mistakes.
Many Forex Affiliates fall prey to deceptive marketing from forex brokers and promote bad brokers, or brokers with very bad affiliate programs. The most common mistake of Forex Affiliates is to promote brokers offering sky high CPA rates, hoping for a quick buck. This never ends well.
The brokers advertising very high CPA rates have many hidden terms that will greatly reduce your affiliate earnings:
- The high CPA rates will be paid only for traders from specific countries.
- In order for a trader to qualify for a CPA, there are very high trading requirements that most traders will not meet.
- In case you refer a very small number of qualified CPA traders, you may end up not being paid because you may be wrongly accused of CPA fraud.
Such practices make those High CPA Forex Affiliate Programs nothing more than scams, and many Forex Affiliates have seen their work go in vain because they have referred many traders to a broker that will simply not pay you. This is why we recommend you to use only the most reliable affiliate programs that will pay you for ALL the traders you refer.
CPA vs Revenue Share.
Many affiliates go for the CPA plan because it sounds too good compared to revenue share. However, our experience in the forex field has shown us times and times again that you will make more money promoting a revenue share broker instead of a CPA deal. The reason is simple: the top brokers will not offer CPA deals. They know the quality of their product, and they are honest with their affiliates. In order to attract the most clients possible and to have a high conversion rate, the best brokers will have very low minimum deposit requirements. Since it is impossible to pay a CPA for a trader that deposits only $10, the honest brokers will not offer a CPA program with absurd conditions. They will offer you a revenue share affiliate program that pays for every active trader, which is the honest thing to do.
It is always better to have a honest partnership. As an affiliate, you will always make more money working with honest and reliable partners instead of working with the liars.
We made this list of the top three Forex Affiliate programs because we know how hard it is for a Forex Affiliate to navigate between the many offers available. We know how frustrating it is to promote a broker and send clients just to find out that you will not get paid because of some absurd terms changes, or because the broker doesn't convert at all. Since we worked with tens of Forex Affiliate programs over the years, we know who are the reliable partners that make us money on a constant basis, and we want you to profit from this information too. If you register to the Forex Affiliate programs presented on this site by clicking our links, we will earn a small master affiliate commission for referring new affiliates to the programs, but this will happen only when you will make money. This means that we are in the same boat with you. We make money only when you make money. This is why we want to recommend only reliable affiliate programs that will give you the chance to succeed as a Forex Affiliate, since your success is our success. Good luck!