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Binance Trains e’s Cyberpolice and Security Service

Started by Bitcoin, Mar 13, 2023, 08:32 am

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Binance Trains e's Cyberpolice and Security Service

Binance Trains e's Cyberpolice and Security Service

Crypto exchange Binance has organized training courses for representatives of law enforcement authorities in e. The leading coin trading platform has been involved in dozens of similar initiatives over the past year, in a number of countries.

Binance Provides Crypto Training to Security Officials in e

The world's largest digital asset exchange, Binance, has provided training to ian law enforcement agencies and regulatory bodies in the form of online seminars for their staff devoted to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

A representative of the crypto trading platform informed the participants about Binance's anti-money laundering policy, the crypto news outlet Forklog reported. Methods developed by the exchange to detect and prevent fraud were also presented.

Employees of the ian Cyberpolice, which is the cybercrime combatting unit of the National Police of e (NPU), the Security Service of e (SBU), and the Asset Recovery and Management Agency (ARMA) attended the classes.

e, which is fighting a bitter war with , responds to various challenges on a daily basis, noted Kiril Khomyakov, Binance general manager for e and Central Europe. "Among them are financial crimes that threaten the stability and security of the country's financial ecosystem. Our goal is to unite efforts to prevent cybercrime and, in particular, the financing of terrorism," he added.

e's law enforcement agencies are involved in operations against crypto-related crime. In November, the Cyberpolice force hit a fraud scheme making €200 million a year by luring investors through call centers across Europe. The unit has in the past voiced support for the legalization of cryptocurrencies in the country and in March, last year, started accepting crypto donations.

The Eastern European nation is a leader in crypto adoption and has been taking steps to regulate the market in cooperation with its participants. Since, November, ARMA is exchanging information with major crypto trading platforms about the ownership of wallets as part of criminal proceedings.

Binance's Investigations team has hosted and participated in over 30 workshops on cybercrime and financial crime over the past year, the report noted. These have been attended by representatives of law enforcement agencies from various nations.

The exchange has been engaged in educational projects in the region, too. In February, it agreed to support Georgia in developing its crypto sector through education and crypto-focused events. In December, Binance launched a blockchain education program in Kazakhstan and offered to support Azerbaijan's regulatory efforts.

Do you know of other crypto exchanges conducting training courses for law enforcement agencies? Tell us in the comments section below.

Source: Binance Trains e's Cyberpolice and Security Service