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Pirate One EA (Updated) – Cost $990 - For FREE - ForexCracked

Started by PocketOption, Nov 11, 2022, 12:06 pm

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Pirate One EA (Updated) - Cost $990 - For FREE - ForexCracked

Pirate One EA 1.6V (Updated) - [Cost $990]- For FREE.
The Pirate One EA trades during small market volatility, after the end of our session, tracking the price levels on several indicators. After that, it opens positions and monitors them until they are closed with a profit or, if possible, with a small loss.
It does not use the martingale strategy, averaging positions, waiting for loss, etc. Positions can be opened with fixed TakeProfit and virtual. It is possible to use a dynamic lot to increase the volume of positions with successful trading.
The size of Risk, TakeProfit, and Stoploss, only for average testing, for each currency pair to select separately!.
Work Best On EURCHF, EURGBP, GBPUSD . Possible currency pairs for testing: CHFJPY, EURAUD, USDCAD. I do not recommend a bet on all pairs at once! especially if they are correlated with each other. It is better to put first on one tested and optimized pair with a small risk, or a fixed lot, to get acquainted with the trading process. Once the trading results are satisfactory, you can add risk and pairs.
Min Deposit of 100$ Simple and easy to use.
Levergae up to 1:400.
Min Deposit of 5$ Allow Cent Acount Levergae up to 1:888.
Min Deposit of 20$ Allow USA Traders Levergae up to 1:500.
Input Parameters.
USING – Select whether to trade risk or fixed lot RISK – Use risk, % of available funds LOT – Use fixed lot RISK/LOT – risk or fixed lot Size WHAT_TP_TO_USE – the Choice of which to use TakeProfit VIRTUAL – Virtual REAL – Real TAKE_PROFIT – Set profit STOP_LOSS – Set loss MAX_SPREAD_OPEN – Maximum possible (spread) to open positions MAGIC_NUMBER – Magic number of the positions SLIPPAGE – Slippage rates F ILTER_SWAP – Filter (swap) * DISABLED – Disabled TRIPLE – Triple FULL – Permanent DEALS_ON_THE_BAR – is to Trade multiple times on the bar TIME_PERIOD_BAR – bar Period USE_A_SOUND – Sound notification S TART_TRADING – Hour to start trading expert STOP_TRADING – End of expert Advisor trading Hour.
If true and the position is not closed by TP for a long time, the expert Advisor decides how to close it. If false, positions are closed only by TP and SL.
Read More FXStabilizer PRO EA -[Cost $739]- For FREE.
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can this be used on live account.
it works on live accounts still, recommend testing on a demo account for a few days at least.
Will it expire after some time?
What the Fuck!!  oyeah!
It’s Didn’t Open Any Trade In Demo Account ! It is Really Work .
didn’t work in demo account, does this work on real account .
dude this bot is insane wtf.
What do u mean by its insane.. is the E.A good or bad??
insane is very good.
you using default setting?
yes, i just change the lot size based on how much money i have.
how do you decide the lot size? how you calculate lot size according to the money you have.
you on live wit it bro? If so how has it been.
this doesnt take orders, it shows no errors on why is not taking orders. on live and demo. only works in back test.
you have to change start hour to 1 and end hour to 0.
Thanks for your comment, very helpful!
when I change the Hour to 1 and end hour to 0 it losses , please help.
It’s the opposite. Start time is zero. End is 1.
be careful bocz you must work out the correct times…it is designed to trade ONLY after NY look at your broker time, and compare to 5pm new york…it must only trade after NY “worldtimebuddy” and yhis will help.
i thought start hour is default 0?
start with 0 and end with 1…
the bot only runs one hour every night… it reduces the risk.
that’s why the bot works… if you increase the hours, it will blow your account…
Is there a chance to update it? It’s a really good EA.
Hey guys. I want my lotto be 0.01 and not change at all but even if i put that in lot size it opens order with bigger and different lot . How do i do so that i have 0.01 as fixed lot. thank you all.
You have to change your risk %. Change it to 1% and look what happens.
how to change risk %?
Have someone tested it on live account?
The pirate one ea to me it says not permitted.
easy to backtest..but use DL dukascopy data or the test is useless.
This bot does not open stop loss and take profit although I set up SL 30, TP 20.
It does TP and SL virtually.
can we start with a 100$ account?
I started with just 200 and made $48 in 7 hours at 0.01 not bad for just doing nothing just letting it do what it needs to. just think about how much it can make with a bigger lot size.
Hi, which pair did you apply it on because I have tried the ones specified but some weren’t that great.
How did you even start it? It doesn’t take any trades when I run it.
for me trades are not even openning.
It will never make a trade.. The Spread is very high during this time its around 100.
any set or setting?
I tested from 2 days in demo Ecn account : first day 40% , second day 0 . Is normal if doesn't open any trade during day ?
could you help me, the bot is not taking orders on demo account ?
Can this work on a standard account too? Or it has to be ECN?
it shows a grey box next to the ea in the ea list when i searched there’s .mql4 is missing, anyone could help.
Anyone has the new version od Pirate ea Its demo version is as attached Thanks.
what version of pirate is it?
Hi ForexCracked, is the latest V1.9 of this EA available?
did you get the latest version?
Is it for ECN only can i use in in micro account thank you sir.
any one answer me please.
It can work on micro account.
Good in backtest. But during the time this robot makes trades, brokers make the spread very high. Which is why robot will find it hard to make a profit.
This is why many robots that have Asian session strategy fail.
Can it still work on real accounts?
0 hour to 1 hour refer to which time exactly? GMT 0 (London time)? Because if the broker is at 1 hour before GMT or 1 hour after GMT it make a difference and we need to adjust time to start in consequence. Backtest will trade by default GMT 0. So we need to apply proper GMT time offset I think. Because start 0 are in fact midnight and stop are 1 AM in London. Here in New-York time we have 5 hour difference with GMT 0 and we see spread get wider, much wider at 5 PM until 6 PM Est time which is 10 PM to 11 PM in London. And 2 hour after it’s midnight in London and spread get back to normal usually at that moment. So my conclusion is that spread should not be a problem as far you adjust your broker time to fit with midnight in London and stop one hour after. To switch start to 1 hour and close to 0 result will be that EA trade almost all day long (23 hours) which is not the based strategy, be carefull. I think it require ECN or Pro account where broker charge commission with low spread. In my case I’m with FXChoice Pro account.
I almost forgot to tell. Apparently that EA require to be safe a news filter. You need to enable WebRequest : Tools/Options/ExpertAdvisor and add that following web URL.,exc_importance&importance=1,2,3&calType=week&timeZone=15&lang=1.
It’s important otherwise you may get a huge drawdown at major news event.
Hello thank you for everything. How does it work ? Once i added the web URL it will auto detect the news impact?

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