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5 Stocks Warren Buffett and Bill Gates Agree On

Started by Bitcoin, Nov 09, 2022, 06:14 am

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5 Stocks Warren Buffett and Bill Gates Agree On

Again, if you are trading for clients, you will need a much more comprehensive business plan. What will you do with binary option working very slow in lap profits from trading? Will you take them out and use them to pay for expenses? The trick is that most people DO NOT need a ton of money to live on in retirement. The notion that you will need $80k or $100k is kind of ridiculous, and short-sighted. With proper planning, you should have no debt whatsoever, and only need to cover basic necessities, fun money, and healthcare.

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imageFirst, the draw rate does not have to be constant. I will semi-retire at age 56. My life expectancy is 96. So I need at least 40 years worth of income. But the income I need is not constant. My wife and I view retirement as phases (active, passive, and declining), based on what we have seen happen how to trade binary options online the elderly in our own families (we all get old and die). Active is roughly age 56 - 70. Passive is roughly 70 - 80. Declining is 80+. During active years you will travel, spend money on your kids and the grandkids, and just have fun.

In passive years you are hopefully still able to get around, but let's fact it, things are going to get pretty slow. In the declining years. you will sit around and watch TV, hopefully healthy enough to stay out of assisted living. So your draw rates are going to vary quite a bit based on what your needs are during these phases of old age. I've done spreadsheets on my portfolio and can easily handle a 5% active, 4% passive, and 2% declining drawdown profile. This post will answer the question, after I got my 'hand-wringing' done previously.

My only comment on the table is that it seems pretty severe.

Source: 5 Stocks Warren Buffett and Bill Gates Agree On

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