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JPM Dimon: US recession likely 6-9 months from now

Started by forex4you, Oct 11, 2022, 02:01 am

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JPM Dimon: US recession likely 6-9 months from now

<p>JPMorgans Jamie Dimon during an interview on CNBC in Europe says:</p><ul><li>There is likely to be a recession in 6-9 months.</li><li>The crack that would tip the scales would likely be in the credit markets</li><li>Markets could become disorderly soon</li><li>Says if you need money, go raise it. </li><li>Could see S&P easily go down another 20% but depends on soft landing/hard landing</li><li>The next move could be more painful</li><li>Negative rates when it all said and done will be viewed as a complete failure.</li><li>Fed should have started to tighten sooner</li><li>Currently the US economy is still doing well</li><li>Companies are still doing well.</li><li>What the problems are include rates going up more than expected.  QT is an issue. The war is a big issue. </li><li>We are going to have volatile markets</li><li>The Fed is catching up</li></ul><p>US stocks are lower and trading to new session lows. </p><p>The S&P traded to 2599.11, that took the price just below the 200 week MA near 2599.50.  Move and close below that level this week would be more bearish technically. </p><p>The Dow and the Nasdaq are already trading below their 200 week MAs. </p><ul><li>For the Dow, it's 200 week MA is at 29817.69  (trades at 29120.21 currently - down -0.61% on the day). </li><li>The Nasdaq 200 week MA is at 11147.48. The current price is at 10490.68 (down -1.52% on the day) .</li></ul><p>/inflation</p>

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Source: JPM Dimon: US recession likely 6-9 months from now
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