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GetKicks’ native token, KICKS, is available. Don’t miss it

Started by PocketOption, Oct 08, 2022, 05:51 am

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GetKicks' native token, KICKS, is available. Don't miss it

GetKicks' native token, KICKS, is available. Don't miss it

GetKicks' native token, KICKS, is available. Don't miss it


GetKicks offers an exciting platform that will enable people to earn money easily. The app has already attracted attention on the market. Customers only need to have a smart device to start using it. Moreover, owning cryptocurrencies isn't necessary. The company aims to bring sneakerheads to the Web3 era. Thanks to this platform, crypto enthusiasts can connect through their shared interests and gain money together. 

The team created Club Mode, which enables players to be active together. They can also use Solo Mode, though. Moreover, the company plans to host Marathon Tournaments. Their participants will be able to get high points on the leaderboards. As a result, they will earn nice prizes, including tokens, KickBoxes, Kicks, or other accessories.

Players can challenge each other directly, but for that, they must use PvP mode. After that, they will also be able to stake tokens against each other. GetKicks also aims to introduce a background mode in the near future. The latter will allow users to earn when they are not actively using the application.

The company wants to offer its customers the best utility and benefits. It will enable players to upgrade their Kick NFTs. That will increase the users' stats and simultaneously give them various advantages, such as the ability to lease their Kick or add accessories to it.

According to the team, players can use the accessories to enhance the stats of their Kick. However, they can either obtain them on the marketplace or earn them via a KickBox. Each KickBox holds a Kick or accessories; in some cases, it offers both. Customers can mint these KickBoxes by using their own kicks.


What makes this platform stand out among others? 

There are many similar platforms, but most of them operate on Web2. GetKicks wants to change the Move 2 Earn space. To achieve that, it is creating a dual deflationary tokenomics model. In addition, the team is focusing on unique value propositions. While health and fitness are important, this platform also works to develop sneakerheads. It will do that in two ways: through the designs of its futuristic and fashionable Kick NFTs and through partnerships with existing sneaker and streetwear brands.

Moreover, GetKicks has two tokens – $KICKS, a native utility token of the platform, and $LACE, an in-game token. Both of them offer different benefits to their holders. The team tokenized the GetKicks ecosystem by using a precise interplay of these two native tokens. $KICKS and $LACE has a perfect balance.

The company plans to launch KICKS' ICO sale on October 10, 2022. It will end on October 13, 2022. The price of this ERC20 token will be 0.005 USD during the initial coin offering. The team aims to raise $375,000 with a sale. The total supply of tokens is 5,000,000,000, but only 9% will be available at this stage.

KICKS token holders will be able to purchase various boosts that amplify their $LACE earnings. That will increase their chance to win rarer NFTs when opening KickBoxes. Moreover, token holders can stake $KICKS and earn great rewards, including KickBoxes, Kick NFT allocations, and LACE tokens.

Players can use only $KICKS tokens on the GetKicks NFT marketplace. Besides, GetKicks is a decentralized platform. The community owns it. That means token holders can vote on governance proposals. They will determine how the GetKicks ecosystem evolves.

Meanwhile, $LACE plays the role of the deflationary game token. Users will be able to earn it by walking, jogging, and running.


How can players use the $KICKS tokens?

$KICKS has many utilities. Governance is only one of them. Customers can stake these tokens by using the synthetic staking model. It will be available in the near future. With this staking model, players will stake tokens for $KICKS rewards. In addition, they will receive an APY boost by holding the platform's non-fungible tokens in their wallet.

According to the company, burning $KICKS tokens is a key mechanism in maintaining its deflationary nature. Customers can also exchange the tokens. The marketplace has a fixed transaction fee, though, and the platform automatically burns a proportion of this fee. Users can burn their $KICKS to earn higher rarity sneaker NFTs.

As a governance token, KICKS must remain scarce. Earning these tokens is a privilege, and only the GetKicks Ecosystem's most dedicated users will be able to receive them. The company also announced that the earliest users of the GetKicks ecosystem would use an exclusive 2 move 2 earn mode that is temporarily free. They will be able to earn $KICKS per step in this mode. However, players need to be highly engaged in the GetKicks social channels to enter this mode. Afterward, they will receive an invite code.

Once players reach level 30, they will get exclusive M2E stamina. The latter will allow customers to earn $KICKS per step. Participants will also be able to boost these earnings by spending the $LACE tokens.



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