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Magic Square introduces its hot SQR token. What’s WTR?

Started by PocketOption, Sep 14, 2022, 05:27 am

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Magic Square introduces its hot SQR token. What's WTR?

Magic Square introduces its hot SQR token. What's WTR?

Magic Square introduces its hot SQR token. What's WTR?


Magic Square offers a great platform where users can discover crypto apps. This unified, integrated, and interoperable space offers only community-vetted applications that are trustworthy and secure to use. Moreover, thanks to this project, crypto app developers will have the opportunity to market and monetize their products.

The company ensured that its platform covered all the UX bases. Magic Square is well-diversified, providing various services. For example, there's the Magic Store that enables customers to find the highest quality cryptocurrency apps. The latter comes with built-in integrated Defi, which is a huge benefit. Besides, people will be able to sign in to all of their apps easily. They will only need an SSI-secured Magic Connect to gain access to their personalized Magic Spaces.

In addition, Magic Square boasts a strong community. Thus, developers and creates will have the opportunity to discuss their ideas and collaborate. They may create exciting new apps together or exchange their opinions about the potential of existing ones.  

The company also created the platform's native utility token, SQR. It will launch the ICO sale on September 26, 2022. SQR is an ERC20 token. Its price will be 0.075 USD during the initial coin offering. The total supply of tokens is 1,000,000,000, but only 15,5% is available for purchase at this stage. The team wants to raise $80,000 and will accept USDT in exchange.

Moreover, the company offers the Magic Store, which is one of the most important elements of the project. According to the team, there will be multiple working elements dictating the communication between lots of moving parts within this store, the chief elements being app developers, users, and validators. The latter will vote on the entrance of new applications into the Magic Store.


What services will the Magic Store offer? 

The Magic Square team noted that its app store would provide two independent services. These are a gateway service and an application download service. The latter will be responsible for storing and managing various apps, while the first will receive requests from the users and passes them to customer service. The company wanted to make sure that the platform won’t suffer any crashes due to a large number of users. So, it decided to run the app download and gateway on two separate servers. Thanks to such an approach, the store will work faster, without any hindrances that are usually annoying. 

While using this platform is quite simple, users will still need to take several steps if they want to list their app on Magic Square. First of all, they must send the request. The HTTP server will receive it (it’s running on node-1 - first server). Then it will forward the incoming request to the gateway service. The latter does the processing and matching. It also translates the customer’s request into the listApps action.

Afterward, the request will go to NATS, at last successfully reaching node-2 (the second server) in the app’s service. The latter will then execute the listApps action, returning a list of all available applications for the end-user to receive a response.


What about Magic Square’s security system? 

The company created a strong security system for the platform to ensure its users’ safety. The team connected all services of the project to the password-protected message queue (also called NATS). Moreover, each service automatically encrypts data by using its own asynchronous key. The service will process only encrypted messages. And the company included the public keys necessary for the service to communicate with others from the start; thus, they won’t need transmission over the network.

Thanks to all these measures, there’s a minimal risk of data theft or falsification by scammers or criminals. Even if an attacker manages to find the message queue login data (NATS), they will only see the data in its encrypted form. Thus, they won’t be able to falsify it and use it for shady purposes.

Furthermore, the platform boasts an advanced interface that includes three main components. Those are the Magic Store, Magic Connect, and Magic Spaces. The team intended Magic Square for three types of users: crypto app developers, users, and validators, and three components answer to the needs of those three types of customers. Each of them plays an equally important role in the development of this project and its ecosystem.


What about Magic Square's security system? 

Re:water also provides interesting services and its token is hot

Re:water is a competitive platform that offers various services. The team designed it to help users revive their tokens and gain more with them. Besides, this project will help people add their token’s utility. And it works for every kind of cryptos.

The company created Re: water’s decentralized apps on a private blockchain network. It aims those applications to serve millions of users. The platform will actually provide a second life to people’s assets. Moreover, the Re:water ecosystem stands out among other Defi projects with its unique concepts. These include universal multitasking - users don’t need to worry about the type of their tokens; they can stake any crypto in the Re:water platform; and Social and Competitive platform - the team will use advanced features to build and develop crypto communities.  

Re:water had an interesting vision - it decided to create a virtual alternative of our planet and make each land plot into NFTs. The team calls these plots Tiles, and it offers only 516,000 of them. That’s not all, though. There’s also the Cloud. This shared repository of Water coins will serve the customers, offering them various benefits and utilities. In fact, WTR is the platform’s main token. The company plans to leave 84,77% of its supply undistributed. No one will control these tokens, though.

Re:water will launch the ICO sale on September 21, 2022. WTR is an ERC20 token. Its price will be 0.00091 USD during the initial coin offering. The company’s fundraising goal is 1,107,600,000, and it will accept USDT in exchange. The total supply of tokens is 156,000,000,000.

The team believes that its second layer platform, created for all Decentralized industries, will achieve great success. After all, the WTR token has the ability to provide utility value for every existing coin in the crypto market.


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