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SuperWalk will launch its hot token soon. What about XTER?

Started by PocketOption, Sep 05, 2022, 08:39 pm

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SuperWalk will launch its hot token soon. What about XTER?

SuperWalk will launch its hot token soon. What about XTER?

SuperWalk will launch its hot token soon. What about XTER?


SuperWalk is a new Move-To-Earn app that offers a great service. It also enables its users to profit handsomely in the process. This platform is based on blockchain and has two native tokens, the first one - WALK - is for utility, and the second one – GRND – is a governance token.

The SuperWalk team has created an app service called - Proground. The company created exercise routines for customers based on their different characteristics and goals. SuperWalk wants to find a way to encourage more people to move. Physical activity is vital for both our mental and physical health. However, people in big cities tend to move less due to their office lifestyle. This project aims to offer users the opportunity to earn tokens by simply walking. They can afterward convert these tokens into cash.

There are lots of similar apps out there. So, what makes SuperWalk stand out among them? This Web 3.0 fitness platform offers some interesting features, and it works without any glitches. Its customers can easily earn token rewards every day. They just need to walk or run. However, the team pointed out that the reward amount depends on several factors, such as mode, grade, stats, shoe type, etc.

Moreover, token holders will be able to use both $WALK and $GRND in-app tokens to repair their shoes, level up, synthesize, purchase items, and build. The team plans to add more utility over time. The app’s collections of Shoes NFT will expand, as well.


When will the GRND token’s ICO start? 

The company will launch the GRND token’s ICO sale on September 6, 2022. It will end on September 7, 2022, though. The price of this ERC20 token will be 0.06 USD. The total supply is 1,000,000,000, but only 6% will be available for sale at this stage. The team aims to raise $100,000 during the initial coin offering, and it will accept USDT in exchange for GRND.

SuperWalk team is experienced and motivated to offer the best service to its users. It has studied and analyzed more than 100k user data to learn about people’s running patterns and demands and build its app accordingly. The company decided to combine its research results with Web 3.0 technology, aiming to build a more active and value-creating fitness platform.

According to the team, its main goal is to create a decentralized ecosystem to help users build long-lasting exercise habits. To achieve that goal, though, the company will use token rewards, as well as Game-fi and Social-fi factors. These incentives will encourage customers to continue exercising daily. As a result, more people will maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Building SuperWalk’s app wasn’t easy. The team worked very hard to create products and reward systems that would entice various types of users. Besides, it wanted to offer a transparent reward system so that the customers would have no doubts about the company’s fairness. However, the team managed to overcome these problems. Its reward system works flawlessly.

The app will distribute tokens according to how much customers have contributed to the growth and development of the SuperWalk platform. In addition, the team wants to add stable tokenomics in the future, as well as create its own decentralized marketplace and unique NFTs.


What is Xterio, and what does it offer? 

What is Xterio, and what does it offer? 

Xterio is a relatively new play-and-earn gaming platform. It offers a GameFi-as-a-service (also called dGaaS) solution that is very important, as it serves as an onboarding catalyst to web3. Moreover, this platform plans to deploy titles for competitive players around the world.

Xterio will leverage its extensive global network, as well as its substantial experience in building games to finance, develop, publish, distribute, and acquire games. The team will partner with best-in-class studios to offer the best quality product. It mainly focuses on Play-and-Earn games that will enable users to profit along with enjoy playing.

This platform will ultimately become the one-stop shop where users discover and play high-quality free games. Meanwhile, the play-and-earn system will enable them to gain various rewards. Xterio will give players access to game galleries, a decentralized identity system, on-chain operations, and wallets. In addition, they will be able to use an NFT market and community applications. Users will be able to deliver Xterio titles on all game platforms due to the company's extensive wallet connections.

This company is the exclusive partner of FunPlus, which is a global gaming leader. As a result, it has the permission to mint and deploy all of FunPlus' non-fungible tokens. FunPlus provides Xterio with its technological stack. It also allows the company access to its central services.

Xterio aims to build interoperable intellectual properties (IPs). It will form the latter around flourishing digital communities. As a result, this platform will become one of the most trusted Web3.0 global interactive entertainment portals worldwide.


How will the developers benefit from this platform? 

Xterio offers great opportunities to developers. They will be able to create various games on this platform. The company provides an end-to-end and chain-agnostic solution for blockchain gaming which is easy to use. Furthermore, Xterio works with technology service providers to manage all on-chain operations for NFTs, tokens, and digital game assets. As a result, users will be able to mint and burn tokens, as well as deposit or withdraw them from their wallets.

According to the team, the company will also provide financial and publishing services. It will help partner games to maximize growth and profit with user acquisition, marketing, platform relationships, live operations, and data analytics.

Xterio wants to give its users consistent, high-quality gaming experiences. The players will enjoy the deep, rich, and immersive universes and advanced features. The company also offers its native utility token XTER, which is very trending. The total supply of these ERC20 tokens is 1,000,000,000. However, the team will distribute them gradually.

Xterio uses some of the most advanced technology and innovative designs. It is a great platform for players who value traditional, high-quality gaming experiences and, at the same time, want to own the game assets and profit from the platform. NFT interoperability and CPDM are also the company's advantages, along with multi-chain capabilities.


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