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Meta Futures|Crypto Future Bot Binance|Best Trading Robot|Future Trading AI

Started by cryptocurrencyexchanges, Aug 20, 2022, 08:55 am

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MetaFutures Crypto Future Bot Binance : the best crypto copy trading platform to earn money online safely!
Social trading. Passive income 2.0 Crypto Future Bot Binance.
A matching platform where you can copy best traders on Binance 24/7 automatically. It is Future Trading AI .Demo accounts with $10,000 virtual portfolio are available.
Copy best traders as an investor.
Tools and Features description:
Best Trading Robot Automate trading 24/7. Copy Trading with Top traders. Spot and futures trading. Trade both short and long strategies. Opening and closing deals at best entry and exit prices. Automate averaging the entry price by placing safety orders. Automate stop-loss; trailing; martingale and other features. Trade unlimited coin pairs. Demo APP.
Join as a trader - allow others to copy you.
Create TOP bots and allow users to follow Yoi Crease trading pools and allow other to join on a profit-share basis model Charge users from 5% profit which they made with you Use unique MetaFutures platform trading instruments to trade more efficiently and profitable Use advantages of Trade Settings.
Join as a marketing or affiliate partner.
Use all advantages of MetaFutures referral program.
invite traders and investors and earn from both up to 50% referral fees from users payments are allocated for referral program 10 levels crypto referral program life-time payments: earn from your users as long as they are using This Bot instant payouts upon your request marketing and financial support for your promotion campaigns.
Live trading chat Online 24/7!
- Users communicate with each other and sharing their experiences, they are always ready to answer your questions. - You can get support and guidance from the MetaFutures team members. - Check the latest updates and important news. - See the most impressive trading results and, of course, start trading by yourself. Create your own strategies and compare profits.
Join a community of MetaFutures users, experienced traders who collaborate with us as Top-Trader, and share valuable insights.
CoinPayments Rating.
MetaFutures got a 100% rating at CoinPayments website according to 700+ users feedbacks.
6k+ Customers Love MetaFutures.
People use the platform, earn passive income and spread the word. Don't miss the chance. Try it on your own.
Total profit is 3043.27 USD I started spot bot on 5th Jan. In 25 days I earned more than 3K in spot without a single loss and without fear of liquidation. Thanks a lot Meta Futures to create a such a great Bot for us.
My capital is 2k. If i get 10 usdt daily then in a month i earn 300 usdt. That means 15% per month which is more enough for me. View @Xponse comment in Telegram.
I earned almost +47% profit for last month with my own settigns. Robert gave key hints regarding settings optimization. Best Bot of all time. Thanks Team, much appreciated it feels we are all together, MetaFutures all the way!
How to start using a copy trading on MetaFutures.
4 easy steps to set up your MetaFutures account.
Create an Account.
Start your free 3-days trial. No KYC/credit card required.
Connect exchange API keys.
Just insert your API keys from your Binance exchange account.
Choose a trader.
Check out top traders rating and choose best traders whose deals you would like to copy trade.
Your copy trading is launched.
Just relax and start to earn your passive income on your crypto with MetaFutures.
An authorized broker of the Binance exchange.
Metafuture is Crypto Spot Bot Binance . MetaFutures is an authorized official broker of the Binance exchange. It provides MetaFutures users with multiple advantages, like higher API synch speed and an ability to create a Binance account through MetaFutures platform just in 1 click.


Copy Trading 24/7 operation.
Copy-Trading allows you to follow the Top-Trader deals and earn profits 24/7 without any efforts or issues for you.
Spot and Futures bots trading.
MetaFutures copy trading platform supports both spot and futures bots trading on Binance.
Demo trading account.
Want to try MetaFutures without risking any capital? Try it in a demo mode. Every MetaFutures account includes a free $100,000 virtual portfolio.
Auto opening/closing deals.
Launch your bot for trading with preset configuration or set up your unique bot with custom settings.
High profit every day.
Every deal shows good performance in bull and in bear markets by using long and short strategies at the same time.
Available in Telegram.
Create bots, change settings and receive trading reports both in the web-platform and via Telegram.
MetaFutures in numbers.
We've taken our beginning as the closed beta in Mid-2019 and our numbers are just the first step 'to the Moon'.
You can start your journey right now with Only 150 USDT!
Have Questions? Look Here.
We've collected for you the most popular questions about MetaFutures, its services and available features for bots and strategies. In case you didn't find any answers you need please contact us by sending the request to the support team.
About MetaFutures.
MetaFuturea is Crypto Future Bot Binance and it is Future Trading AI . MetaFutures is an official broker of the Binance crypto exchange. MetaFutures is a matching platform where investors and traders can find each other. MetaFutures offers: - for investors: a cryptocurrency copy trading bots platform - for traders: a cloud-based cryptocurrency trading software to create your own bots with your custom strategy Investors can earn by copying professional traders and traders can earn a share of profit made by investors who are copying them. It allows users to automate crypto trading and optimize trading process in time and focus on the more important things in your life. MetaFutures has Best Trading Robot .
What does MetaFutures offer for investors?
Meta Futures Binance Copy trading Bot allows investors to copy all deals of professional traders on the Binance exchange. A copy trading service was launched in June 2019. Since the launch more then 8 copy trading bots were available for a copy trading to MetaFutures users. During all the time all bots showed positive trading performance each month. The average monthly profit is +21%/month. Copy trading works on users personal Binance accounts without any need of transferring funds to any 3rd parties.
What does MetaFutures offer for traders?
a) Wide range of strategies and indicators to build your perfect bot b) Use multiple strategies and pairs simultaneously c) Track your trading process any time and feel the total control on the trading process without spending your time for operations.
Should I transfer my funds to MetaFutures?
No, you don't need to transfer funds to the platform. You hold your crypto in your own personal Binance account. Binance is the most secured worldwide crypto exchange. You can connect your Binance account to Meta Futures platform via secure Binance API connection. This type of connection supports and provides the trading access to your account. And it doesn't provide any privileges to transfer or withdraw funds from your account. So you can use Meta Futures as a copy trading platform or as a trading automation software without any risks of funds theft.
What is a copy trading trading?
A copy trading is an option to mirror (copy) all trading operations of successful traders in your own Binance exchange account. This option of passive crypto income is available for your on Meta Futures platform.
Creating the MetaFutures Account.
Please follow our "Start free trial" header button to register your MetaFutures account. Enter your email and password or sign up with Google/Facebook. Please don't forget to verify your email address during next 48 hours after your account registration.
Is it safe? Are my funds protected? Which security guarantees do I have?
You don't need to deposit any funds to the MetaFutures platform directly. You can create a limited rights API connection between MetaFutures platform and your exchange account using API keys from your exchange account. It means that MetaFutures will not have the access to the withdrawal function of your exchange account. But API connections will allow MetaFutures to manage trading in your exchange account. So you can set up your bot and launch automate trading on your exchange account using MetaFutures auto trading bot service.
How to connect your exchange account using API?
Log in to your exchange account, create and copy API keys. Log in your MetaFutures account and click "Step 1. Exchange" link in the left-side menu bar. Choose the exchange and enter the name for the exchange connection. After that enter copied API keys and click "Connect to Exchange" button. Now your MetaFutures and your exchange accounts are connected and you can proceed with setting up your first bot!
How to create a bot?
Click the "Step 2. Bots" in the left-side menu bar. Enter the bot name and select the exchange connection. After that you need to choose the trading pair, long or short strategy and you need to enter amounts of the start and safety orders. You also can edit other bot settings or you can use default presets settings. On the final step you need to save settings and launch your bot. After the launch the bot will start to analyze the market and look for the best entry price for opening the deal. As soon as the best entry price will be found the bot starts a deal. It could take from several minutes up to several hours depending on current market trend and market fluctuations.