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Wonderman Nation’s super-hot WNDR’s available along with DRE

Started by PocketOption, May 03, 2022, 04:48 am

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Wonderman Nation's super-hot WNDR's available along with DRE

Wonderman Nation's super-hot WNDR's available along with DRE

Wonderman Nation's super-hot WNDR's available along with DRE


Wonderman Nation is an innovative platform that combines the ecosystem of Axie Infinity, the breeding of CryptoKitties and the battle mechanics of Final Fantasy in its Play to Earn game. The company launched its very high-ranking native token WNDR on April 21, 2022. WNDR is an ERC20 token, and it's trading for 0.099 USD during the initial coin offering. However, the price will increase after the sale ends. The team aims to raise 13,000,000 with the sale. The total supply of coins is 500,000,000, but not all of them are available at this stage.

Still, players will be able to earn tokens through skilled gameplay and participation in this ecosystem. They will breed, battle, explore and discover to advance their supremacy in Wonderman Nation. There are several ways to win WNDR coins. Participants can gain tokens by competing in PvP battles, breeding creatures and selling them on the marketplace, discovering spaceship parts during battles and selling them on the marketplace, launching explorations to new planets and moons, as well as discovering new breeds which can be cross-bred with Arcadian creatures, discovering the essential food needed to breed creatures during battles and selling it on the marketplace, collecting and speculating on rare breeds, and winning tournaments and prizes.

Wonderman offers a cross-play metaverse to bring its users the next generation play-to-earn game. It will also reward gamers for the time and effort they spend both playing the game and growing its ecosystem.


What makes this platform stand out among other similar ones? 

Besides exciting gameplay and advanced features, Wonderman boasts a 100% player-owned, real money economy. Instead of selling game items or copies, the game's developers focus on growing the player to the player economy. They only take small fees to monetize.

Players create Arcadians by using in-game resources (NFT food & NKTR) and selling them to other gamers. The holders of the WNDR token are the governing force, and they receive tax revenues. The inventors and builders of the game hold approximately 20% of all WNDR tokens. Moreover, the company tokenized game resources and items, meaning they can be sold to anyone, anywhere on open peer-to-peer markets.

According to the team, Arcadian population growth is a major factor within its ecosystem. At any given moment, there exists some ideal inflation rate that allows the game to grow to its maximum potential. Too slow, and Arcadian prices will be too high for everyday people to join especially competitive Arcadians. Too fast, and users will get unhealthy inflation. Thus, the company tries to achieve some balance and make Wonderman available for every user worldwide.

Currently, long term Arcadian population management relies on adding vertical rather than purely horizontal progression. That means people expand the size of their collection in order to progress. However, this dynamic is not optimal long term. In the long run, the company will offer upgrades of Arcadians, Discovery and breeding that will require crafting with food.

In addition, the team will provide additional utility to Arcadians through new experiences, like mini-games and cross-play in the Wonderman metaverse. It wants to add additional utility to Arcadians beyond their effectiveness in metas.


Wonderman is the game for all, and its tokens are real rewards 

Anyone can play this game. The company announced that non-transferable and non-NFT Arcadians would be available to all players to take into battles. That will allow anyone to compete and have fun. Besides, earning potential for these non-NFT Arcadians should be close to zero or even zero, meaning that demand will remain for minted Arcadians. After all, demand for Arcadians ultimately drives demand for WNDR and NKTR tokens. Thus, creating compelling reasons to own Arcadians is important in a healthy economy.

The team aims to align the incentives between the players of the game and the developers in novel and exciting ways. And it will use Wonderman tokens to achieve that goal. Players can use WNDR tokens to buy creatures, and food NFTs, enter tournaments, rent creatures from the marketplace, or as fuel for their spaceship. Furthermore, they can stake WNDR tokens for NKTR rewards, precipitate in DAO voting on NKTR inflation, as well as DAO voting on game features and ecosystem partners.

On the other hand, they can acquire WNDR by winning tournaments, completing challenges, and staking creatures in the shared marketplace. In addition, creature owners will receive a share of winnings from tournaments where their creature is used.

The NKTR tokens are the equivalent to the SLP (Smooth Love Potion) in Axie. The player can use them for breeding Wonderman creatures in place of or as food NFTs. They will be able to earn NKTR through PvP matches, tournaments and exploration and trade the tokens with other players.


DreamLauncher's token is also trending. What does this platform offer? 

DreamLauncher is a permissionless DEX. It acts as a middleman between project owners and investors. Thanks to this platform, projects will be able to raise funds in a decentralized and interoperable Ethereum VM environment.

Furthermore, projects will be able to raise and exchange funds in a secure and convenient form on DreamLauncher. The system provides a safe environment for customers to engage and create using the existing ERC20 standard.

The company launched its hot native utility token DRE on December 1, 2021. The ICO sale will end on December 1, 2022. DRE has a high ranking on various ICO listing platforms. The total supply of tokens is 1,000,000,000, but only some percentage is available at this stage.


DreamLauncher's token is also trending. What does this platform offer?


The team created this platform specifically for decentralized crowdfunding and Initial Distribution Offerings (IDOs). Its goal is to deliver superior crypto asset liquidity, along with open, quicker, and fair trading on a promising network with a cheap staking rate.

The company aims to be a pioneer in new promising network chains, especially Cardano (ADA). Moreover, DreamLauncher will create an opportunity for project owners to establish their projects to investors in a secure and fair manner through public sales and private funding. The team offers a great platform with low transaction fees, user-friendly design, ultra-fast swaps, and the ability to buy and move assets between blockchains.


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