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ZEBEDEE Adds Lightning Off-Ramp For Bitcoin Gaming Rewards in Brazil

Started by Bitcoin, Mar 17, 2022, 04:54 pm

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ZEBEDEE Adds Lightning Off-Ramp For Bitcoin Gaming Rewards in Brazil

The Bitcoin-only fintech gaming company, ZEBEDEE, has partnered with bitcoin exchange Bipa to allow instant conversion off-ramps for Brazilian real through Lightning.

  • ZEBEDEE partners with Lightning-enabled bitcoin exchange Bipa allowing players to instantly convert earned BTC into Brazil's national currency.
  • Brazil makes up 30% of ZEBEDEE activity, making it the obvious choice for launching this new integration allowing users to convert earned BTC instantaneously.
  • Bipa is a Brazilian mobile application that allows users to buy and sell bitcoin leveraging the Lightning network for withdrawals.

ZEBEDEE, a Bitcoin-only gaming fintech company, has announced a new integration with Bipa - a Brazilian bitcoin exchange with Lightning Network support - which allows users to easily convert bitcoin earned from gaming to on-ramps of the Brazilian banking system in seconds, according to a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine.

"Being able to move and exchange Bitcoin quickly and affordably is critical for users who wish to use their digital assets in the real world," said founder of Bipa, Luiz Parreira, in the release. "ZEBEDEE is focused on leveraging Bitcoin to provide novel functionality for the gaming industry with the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, and I'm excited to see the value they are creating for gamers in Brazil."

ZEBEDEE said in the release that the Brazilian real (BRL) has a high conversion rate from BTC, and the company already possesses a strong user base of players who are regularly use this increased conversion rate as a way to fund both virtual purchases for skins (in-game cosmetics) and for real-world purchases like paying for rent and groceries. With an established customer base invested into the system, ZEBEDEE allowing efficient on-ramp access for the Brazilian Real is a no-brainer.

Parreira continued, "Making sure these users can make good use of their earned Bitcoin is a major part of empowering gamers, and I'm glad that Bipa can provide this capability to help close the loop."

Brazil accounts for 30% of ZEBEDEE gaming activity, the company said, which becomes even more impressive when we take into account that Brazil also only makes up 9% of the total ZEBEDEE accounts. ZBD infuse is an app that allows users to play CS:GO - a highly-competitive first-person shooter (FPS) game - for bitcoin. According to the release, Brazilians control the top 100 leaderboard on a consistent basis, leading to top players earning up to 100,000 sats (roughly $40), which goes a long way in Brazil.

"Our popularity in Brazil is really a testament to the value that Bitcoin already has as a truly global currency, and how games are an intuitive way to reach a young, enthusiastic community of people who can make good use of it," André Neves, CTO and co-founder of ZEBEDEE, said in the release.

Neves grew up gaming in Brazil, and being able to watch the impact ZEBEDEE can make on the Brazilian economy while simultaneously allowing a new generation of players to earn bitcoin through their passions continues to drive his initiatives and those of ZEBEDEE forward, he said.

"Bipa's involvement is now making this model even more accessible in Brazil. It's a perfect match. And what we're seeing here is just the start," he added.

Source: ZEBEDEE Adds Lightning Off-Ramp For Bitcoin Gaming Rewards in Brazil