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Digital Energy Currency is available. What about ELU?

Started by PocketOption, Mar 17, 2022, 04:54 pm

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Digital Energy Currency is available. What about ELU?

Digital Energy Currency is already available. What about ELU? 

Digital Energy Currency is available. What about ELU? 


PermianChain Technologies issued the Digital Energy Currency (DEC) as the flagship natural resource token (NRT). The company is currently utilizing DEC as a smart off-take agreement. It aims to enable peer-to-peer trading on a decentralized energy exchange for crypto miners to secure low-cost sustainable electricity from PermianChain’s energy pool. This token unlocks liquidity to fund sustainable energy projects for low-cost power generation and carbon-neutral bitcoin mining, as well as power the blockchain economy.

The team launched the ICO sale on March 1, 2022. It will end on April 30, 2022. The token price is 0.035 USD per DEC. The total supply of the tokens is 1500000000, but only some percentage will be available for purchase at the first stage. The platform accepts ETH, USDC, and USDT in exchange for its native coins.

Members of the PermianChain Miner platform will be able to access Mining Sites on energy projects listed on PermianChain. Furthermore, they can stake DEC to earn sustainable power in the form of $DEC. Afterward, users can utilize the DEC holdings as energy credit to keep mining equipment running on power sites registered on the PermianChain.


What are this platform’s advantages? 

The DEC will be very simple to use for the crypto miners that need the energy. Customers will also easily implement it for the energy companies that have the power capacity to offer. Currently, DEC is funding the development of energy projects from natural gas that would otherwise have been wasted or stranded. The project offers two key benefits to the current situation.

First of all, it stops crypto activities competing with existing businesses or individual investors for power, thus, taking away the pressure on national grids. Users will reduce the risk of a government clampdown by removing the risk of blackouts. Secondly, the platform also reduces the impact that both the crypto and the oil and gas sectors have on the environment. Users will enhance perceptions of the sector and potentially attract more liquidity by improving the way that crypto uses energy.

DEC token is high ranked on several ICO listing platforms. The company has an experienced team and a well-developed roadmap. It has already attracted Defi investors’ attention. However, the token’s price will increase over time after the ICO sale ends.


AGD LAB is still trending. Why’s that? 

AgroDeal Pro is a new blockchain-based agricultural market created specifically for trading goods and assets of the agricultural industry. The team launched the pre-sale of its native token AGD LAB on January 1, 2022. Since then, this token has been trending. The company plans to start its initial coin offering on June 1, 2022. The sale will end on August 1, 2022. During the ICO, AGD LAB will trade for 0.005 USD per token. The total supply of the coins is 1 500 000 000, and the platform accepts ETH, BTC, BNB, USDT, and BUSD in exchange.

This company unites a group of dynamic young people. Its community members are mostly young people interested in technologies, whose skills and hard work bring continuous innovation to agriculture.

Furthermore, the team based Agro Deal Lab platform on the blockchain aims to solve various global problems related to the agricultural sector. Meanwhile, the AGD lab token is based on Binance Chaine technology, defined by the Binance Smart Chaine smart contract. Thus, the company uses its token to introduce blockchain technology into agricultural subsidies and insurance, as well.

Even though this platform is relatively new on the market, AgroDeal Lab is already making significant progress in building a comprehensive system. The team believes that through its hard work and technology advancement, it will be able to overcome various agricultural challenges. And to do that, it will use the latest Blockchain technology. Moreover, the company looks forward to being recognized around the world as a Leader in providing agricultural insurance and subsidy technology solutions.


What about the Legends of Elumia’s ICO?

Why did the team choose blockchain technology? 

Blockchain provides reliability and transparency, as well as high-level security for its users. That’s why AgroDeal Lab decided to incorporate it. The team designed the platform specifically for structured sales of various categories of agricultural commodities. As a result, the platform will enable direct agreements between sellers/producers of agricultural products and end consumers. In addition, the platform will act as an intermediary to ensure a secure transaction for both parties.

According to the company, the AgroDeal Pro platform will automate work in agribusiness, enable users accounting and control of the execution of orders, and control of the timing of orders. Besides, it will allow monitoring the schedule of equipment occupancy, as well as equipment position on the map, thus, guaranteeing timely payments for rented equipment. Lastly, the platform will ensure the return of rented equipment in its original form in the agreed terms.

The company aims to enable customers to use this platform for structured sales of different categories of agricultural products. The platform will allow concluding direct contracts between product sellers and end-users. In fact, it will act as an intermediary to ensure a secure transaction for both parties.

Besides, the team designed AgroDeal Pro in such a way that it enables automating work in agribusiness, control of deadlines, accounting, and control of orders, control of loading schedule and equipment on the map, ensuring the return of leased equipment in its original form within the agreed time, ensuring timely payment of leased equipment, etc. 


What about the Legends of Elumia’s ICO? 

A Massively Multiplayer Online RPG (MMORPG), Legends of Elumia is very popular. Developed by a large, experienced team of game developers, this next-generation Play to Earn game has already attracted many players. Elumia stands out among similar games thanks to its high-quality graphics and feature-rich, fun gameplay. Gamers can earn income directly through online play while immersing themselves in world zones, as well as engaging in multiplayer dungeons, quests, and fierce player battles.

Users will also have full NFT ownership of their characters, land, equipment, and buildings through this metaverse. They will get multiple fun opportunities to earn by winning battles against other players or completing dungeons and defeating the enemies in the world.

The company plans to launch its native utility toke soon. 10,000,000 ELUs will be available for purchase for $0.050000 per token.

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