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Schnorr batch validation speed statistics

Started by Bitcoin, Mar 12, 2022, 04:59 am

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Schnorr batch validation speed statistics

In this question What are the advantages of Schnorr vs ECDSA? I see in the Pieter Wuille's answer the following comment about Schnorr signature batch validation: "Improving verification speed, by supporting batch validation of all signatures in a block at once (for a fraction of the speed of validating them individually)."

However, looking at this chart (initially in BIP 340 but since removed) it seems that savings are actually closer to a factor of log(n). In other words, for about 10,000 signatures the time savings are about 2.5X. I know that technically that is a fraction, but it seemed that the implication was that the improvement was more dramatic.
Is there something I am missing? Also, what is the actual time in clock cycles that was a starting point for one Schnorr signature verification?
Thank you.

Source: Schnorr batch validation speed statistics