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NSFW.App Announces Brand Overhaul To Give All NSFW Content A Safe And Censorship-Resistant Home

Started by Bitcoin, Mar 11, 2022, 07:45 pm

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NSFW.App Announces Brand Overhaul To Give All NSFW Content A Safe And Censorship-Resistant Home

Adult content creation is a booming business. Although big studios dominate the landscape, individual creators have found a home on OnlyFans and similar platforms. Unfortunately, those platforms can easily prevent creators from distributing their content, and they charge exuberant fees on top.

Adult Content Remains Booming Business

One cannot deny the appeal of platforms like OnlyFans. Content creators can custom-tailored content packages for their fans and explore revenue streams. Moreover, it enhances the interaction level between creator and fans, which would not be possible otherwise. However, the downside of such platforms is how they charge up to 40% per transaction, reducing the amount of money going back to the creators.

Additionally, OnlyFans shocked the world by trying to move away from adult content in 2021. It was a very curious decision – which was ultimately reversed – but it also highlights how these platforms can censor content on a whim’s notice. That poses a significant threat to adult content creators. For now, OnlyFans still allows this type of content, but nothing prevents them from changing their mind yet again.

Despite the threat, OnlyFans was valued at nearly $6 billion in 2021. A significant amount for a company that can shut down specific content creation in a heartbeat. Additionally, it also confirms the need for such platforms by both content creators and fans, as people are passionate about supporting their favorite creations. Thankfully, there are some alternatives available today, removing the need to rely on centralized platforms.

Content should always be accessible by anyone in any region without compromises. Unfortunately, that is not always possible when dealing with platforms like OnlyFans. However, solutions like offer a welcome alternative with the help of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Decentralized Content Distribution Is Key

The approach by introduces a decentralized way of sharing content, be it adult-oriented or otherwise. Its beta launch in December 2201 attracted much attention and brought over some well-respected content creators to the new platform. More importantly, content creators pay no fees, ensuring they can continually increase their production value by reinvesting their earnings.

Using major cryptocurrencies and PornRocket as a payment method ensures users remain pseudonymous at all times. Moreover, financial institutions have no option to prevent transactions from completing. In addition, the platform will enable support for credit and debit card payments in a future version, giving fans more options to support their favorite creators.

The platform will soon exit its beta phase and become a fully-launched service. That transition introduces many updates to the UX and UI, together with a brand overhaul. Additionally, the team introduces a cross-chain bridge between BNB Chain and Ethereum to enhance the platform’s sustainability and growth potential. The global rollout of this application will focus on fostering talent across EMEA and North America first.

Moreover, the platform will gain more momentum beyond the adult content industry. Any content in the “not safe for work” category can find a home on New verticals to be explored include gaming, illustration, sports, music, and more. All creatives are welcome to submit their content to the platform and tap into a global audience.

Closing Thoughts

There is a growing need for platforms and services that offer resistance to censorship. Creatives should express themselves without constraints, as everyone deserves a fair chance at finding their audience. Moreover, platforms like OnlyFans are a typical Web2 construct: centralization of data and control at the user’s expense. That situation is no longer sustainable, especially on the cusp of unlocking Web3 potential.

Solutions like confirm there is a bright future ahead for all types of content creators. Not dealing with centralized entities telling one what to do or not do is a big step forward. Furthermore, the zero-fee structure for content creators ensures those who make content are in a strong financial position. Revenue can be sued to up the production quality, explore new content niches, and empower the users, as it should be.

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