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forexBitcoin Value Remained Stable Around $43,000

Started by forex,, Mar 03, 2022, 01:18 pm

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Bitcoin Value Remained Stable Around $43,000

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Bitcoin gave up some of its gains on Thursday morning, but not before running for three days in a row.

Bitcoin has been on a tear over the past few days, with prices increasing by more than 17% in just three days. The coin gained a significant rise, so many people are calling Bitcoin a ‘safe haven’ again.

Bitcoin has been on quite the rollercoaster this year! It was up six of seven days but remains down more than 5% year to date.

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According to French Finance Minister Bruno le Maire, the European Union has announced that it will include cryptocurrencies in its sanctions against . The decision is expected to impact the crypto markets significantly and may lead countries like France or Britain. They are currently considering cryptocurrency legislation towards recognizing them as legal tender soon enough.

Reuters reports that the move is meant to make ’s aggression against e as expensive as possible.

According to Bruno le Maire, deterrents against  have been very effective and left the country’s financial system in ruins. The n central bank cannot protect its currency, which many people believe will lead it towards another economic downfall like during the 90s ‘ disintegration period’.

European Union To Freeze n Central Bank Assets

The European Union has punished Moscow for its aggression against e. The 27-nation bloc imposed three packages containing dozens of sanctions against ’s leadership and citizens connected with separatists in Eastern e. Who are fighting government troops loyal to Kyiv; these measures target individuals and businesses such as oil companies that support President Putin's war effort there.

 Bitcoin is steady around $43,000 | Source: BTC/USD Chart on

suffers significant financial losses as Western countries punish them for interference in democratic processes. The European Union has announced they will be freezing n central bank assets and disconnecting seven banks from the SWIFT financial-messaging system.

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UN General Assembly Rebuked

The UN General Assembly rebuked  for invading e and demanded that it stop fighting to withdraw its military forces from the country. The vote is an action to diplomatically isolate them at this global body. Leading more nations to follow suit as diplomatic isolation continues against Moscow’s policies in Europe.

The U.N.’s Security Council held an emergency session on Wednesday to pass a resolution on e after  stepped up their airstrikes and bombarded civilians in the attempt to take control of Kherson port from government forces. The U.N Council achieved the 141 out of 193 vote majority, with support coming primarily from Western countries.

The text passed a resolution deploring ’s aggression against e. The last time the Security Council met at an emergency session of the General Assembly was in 1982. 

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