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BTV, OJA, and FRA tokens are in the spotlight. Why’s that?

Started by PocketOption, Feb 10, 2022, 09:43 am

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BTV, OJA, and FRA tokens are in the spotlight. Why's that?

BTV, OJA, and FRA tokens are in the spotlight. Why's that? 

BTV, OJA, and FRA tokens are in the spotlight. Why’s that? 

BitValve plans to create a P2P Exchange platform with key advantages that will change the way people trade Peer to Peer. The company will combine all the advantages of the current exchanges. It will also address the disadvantages that keep the market from reaching its full potential.

Moreover, BitValve aims to target not only professional traders but also normal Defi users who just want to exchange their crypto coins for fiat or for other digital currencies in a quick, cheap, and efficient way. The Platform will utilize the benefits of decentralized exchanges, and at the same time, eliminate the drawbacks of the current decentralized exchanges.

BitValve offers many advantages, including almost 50% fewer fees compared to the leading P2P Exchange in the market; Crypto to crypto trading - users can trade instantly and securely their favorite crypto for another coin. The platform supports various digital coins, such as BTC, ETH, XRP, XMR, XLM, LTC, BCH, and many more. It also has official mobile phones. Users can download custom-built iOS and Android applications for an enhanced trading experience.

The company wants its platform to be among the world’s largest P2P cryptocurrency exchange platforms. The team outlined three major goals to achieve that. It will make the global exchange of cryptos fast, affordable, accessible, easy, and secure; It will increase the trust in exchanging cryptos through P2P technologies, and it will provide crypto traders with a “one-stop-shop” solution that will allow them to trade with digital coins in the most efficient way.


What about the BTV token? 

BitValve launched its native BTV token’s pre-sale on January 02, 2019, and it ended in March 2019. After that, the company began ICO sales, which will end on February 19, 2022. BTV is an ERC20 token. Its total supply is 23,148,214. However, only 16,203,750 BTVs (70%) are available for purchase. The token price is 0.2 USD per BTV during the initial coin offering. The platform will accept BTC, ETH, LTC, and BCH in exchange for its native tokens.

BTV token is very trending. It is high-ranked on various ICO listing platforms, along with the OJA coin. The latter is also available for purchase currently. OJA is a crypto trading platform that has exciting features. It enables anyone to instantly buy, earn, sell, and pay with cryptos. What’s more important, customers can use this platform without deep knowledge of technical and financial details.


What are the OJA token’s advantages? 

OJA token makes it very easy to start investing in Defi, especially now, as so many people want to learn more about crypto and its many advantages. This token is fully decentralized, and it allows anyone to make payments instantly with almost zero transaction fees.

Thanks to the OJA Coin, users will be able to spend, earn, mine, trade, integrate digital coins. Furthermore, they can join the platform’s community of people or businesses. The latter provide products or services for humanity, aiming to make the world better. People have already begun to switch to digital transactions, and OJA is one of the right alternatives for average users’ crypto choices.

Besides, the cryptos’ growth in society will likely support users in conducting Peer-To-Peer transactions. Traders can use OJA Coin for their goals and simultaneously support good-hearted people to make the world a better place.

The company launched its Pre-sale on October 1, 2021. However, it began the ICO sale on January 1, 2022. The latter will end on February 28, 2022. Considering that OJA is very trending, investors have little time left to purchase these tokens.

The total supply of OJA is 720,000,000, but the company is trading only 50,000,000 OJA (7%) at this stage. The ICO price of the tokens is $0.10, and the platform accepts both fiat (USD/EUR/IDR) and digital coins (BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC, DAI, DOGE) in exchange.


FRAGMA is also offering its Hot native token 

Fragma blockchain metaverse is a global decentralized application. It provides content creators with the universal platform for social mining, NFT Marketplace, GameFi, and DAOs.

The team aims to build a world where users will get rewards for scrolling down through the news feed or posting today’s breakfast. Everything they have done for free before now gets them money with this platform. Besides, this system is very simple to use. The company’s goal is to make users’ experience not only profitable but easy too.


BTV, OJA, and FRA tokens are in the spotlight. Why's that? 


Fragma is the first and only platform worldwide that offers social mining. Blockchain-based smart systems will enable to profit both the most popular and the most active users. The company will reward likes, comments, sharing posts, etc., with tokens that users can then convert into tangible money.

Moreover, this Metaverse provides an NFT marketplace, as well as AR technologies for product placement ads. It also offers private and public collections for users’ content and NFT artifacts. GameFi user experience and decentralized site administration ( DAO ) are other advantages.


What is Fragma’s mission? 

The company aims to change the paradigm of the Internet advertising market. It will distribute the budget in favor of users of the Fragma Metaverse instead. The team also aims to become the largest and most popular blockchain metaverse worldwide. On this platform, every user will have the right to vote and participate in the platform’s management.

The team plans to launch the initial coin offering on March 4, 2022. The sale will end on March 11, 2022. FRA tokens are very popular. These TRC20 tokens will be trading for 0.75 USD during the ICO sale. The company will accept USDT, USDC, ETH, and BTC in exchange.

The Fragma team is very trustworthy. It consists of the most driven and motivated people, aiming to change the system of monopolistic social media giants that rule what people see, say, and think. The team will keep all income from ads inside the company. It believes that this income should be divided between all content creators.

Furthermore, this company aspires to become a new global social media platform leader. It will reward users for the efforts and time they put into the project’s growth.


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